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Weekend Pipeline: 6/2/17 – Esports and Heroes

It’s the beginning of June, which means that Summer is right around the corner. This also means that the E3 Expo is getting nearer as well. For this week’s Weekend Pipeline, the convention scene is still pretty dang dry, but the sales are nice, and the esports are even better.

So if you’re not planning on basking in the warm weather sun, then prepare to get your game on, because this weekend, there’s more than enough to do. (more…)

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Weekend Pipeline: 5/19/17 – Steam Sales With a Shot of Overwatch

The weekend has arrived, and it’s about damn time! Things have been hectic in the real world, and if you’ve been busy adulting all week long, and keeping up with the world news cycle, then you my friend, deserve a fun-filled break from reality. That’s where we come in. We’ve got deals, betas, esports, and a convention. We’ve got everything but the greens, beans, potatoes, and tomatoes!

So pull up a chair, grab your planners, and pop open that glass of wine. Because we’ve got some intense weekend scheduling to do! (more…)

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Massive “May Madness” sale underway at Bundle Stars

In the spirit of Spring, Bundle Stars is currently offering big discounts on hundreds of games as part of their “May Madness” sale. For the frugal PC gamer, this is a sale that you won’t want to miss.

Select titles such as Alan Wake (which is disappearing from digital storefronts after today), and Explodemon have been marked down by 90%. Other games have also seen significant price cuts, with Mafia II, BioShock, Borderlands 2, and Mad Max (among others) all receiving a discount of at least 75%. Interestingly enough, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, which has yet to be released, has also been marked down by 12% as part of “May Madness.” It’s not a huge discount, but if you pre-order the game now, you’ll save a little bit more than $7 on your purchase. The recently-released Prey has also been discounted by 12%, and Sega’s Bayonetta has been marked down by 16%.

All of these deals are time-sensitive, and most will end this Friday, May 20. So if you’re looking to snag a good deal, you’ll want to do so sooner rather than later.

More games will be added to the sale throughout the week, so you’ll want to check back frequently, in case the game you’re looking for is not currently listed. However with more than 400 games currently on sale, there’s bound to be something that catches your interest.

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Weekend Pipeline: 5/12/17 – Flash Sales and Mother’s Day Celebrations

It’s Friday, and I couldn’t be happier. Between sales, free games, and celebrating Mother’s Day, there’s plenty to be excited about. If you’re looking for something special for the mommy gamer in your life, there are a few sales that you’ll likely want to check out. And if you’re up for traveling, there’s an amazing convention with a star-studded attendance list underway.

So without further ado, let’s start planning those weekend schedules! (more…)

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Weekend Pipeline: 5/5/17 – Cinco De Mayo and Pokemon Go

My fellow gamers, it’s that time again! The weekend has arrived, and if we want to make the most out of it, then we must plan accordingly. Undoubtedly, some of you will probably spend your Friday night celebrating the holiday, which may or may not lead to a serious hangover in the morning.

But Cinco De Mayo only lasts for one day, so you’ll want to map out the rest of your weekend activities in advance. Because let’s face it, if you find yourself slouched over a toilet in a dingy dive bar tonight, and with your head banging like the rhythm of a dancehall beat tomorrow morning, you’re likely not going to have the mental fortitude to effectively schedule in anything else. (more…)

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Korean horror game White Day: A Labyrinth Named School coming to PC and PS4 in August

If you’re looking for a unique horror game to send chills up and down your spine, then White Day: A Labyrinth Named School should be on your radar.

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is a remake of a “Cult Classic Korean Horror” game, which was originally released in 2001. In the game, players will find themselves placed in the shoes of Hui-min Lee, a new Yeondoo High School student. Upon arrival to Yeondoo High, Hui-Min immediately hears rumors of the school’s murderous past and alleged hauntings. Not long after, Hui-Min finds himself face to face with the school’s many resident ghosts, and a possessed janitor who’s driven by the desire to kill intruders.

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School looks to pull from old school horror classics, by utilizing a resource-based health and save system, tricky puzzles, and mind-boggling riddles. The game will also feature branching story paths dependent upon student interactions, plus nine different endings.

If any of this piqued your interest, you’ll want to mark your calendars for the month of August, when White Day: A Labyrinth Named School releases in Europe and North America for the PC and PlayStation 4.

In the meantime, check out the spooky new trailer above, and some equally disturbing screenshots after the break. (more…)

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Piece of Cake Studios will launch a Closed Beta for Hacktag on May 11

Hacktag is an online and local multiplayer stealth game, centered around an anthropomorphic mercenary in the year 2029. The game challenges players to complete missions by either physically infiltrating corporations, or by virtually hacking the level. Aside from cooperative gameplay, Hacktag also offers procedurally-generated levels, online rankings and leaderboards, character customization, a unique Story Mode, and multiple minigames.

These features have helped Hacktag win number awards for developer Piece of Cake Studios including the Indie Prize at Casual Connect 2017 and the Audience Choice Award at IndieCade Europe 2016.

But before Hacktag enters via Steam Early Access on May 18th, players will be able to sign up for a Closed Beta, which begins on Thursday, May 11. Interested players can sign up now at the game’s official website.

But in the meantime, why not enjoy a few awesome screenshots from Hacktag after the break… (more…)

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Grand Theft Auto IV: Nine Years Later

The highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV hit store shelves on April 29, 2008.

I was a sophomore in high school, and I remember it quite well. My mother totally disapproved, so if I wanted to play violent games, I’d have to ask my dad or grandfather to purchase them for me. In the months leading up to Grand Theft Auto IV’s release, I practically drooled over the latest news coverage and store ads (especially the Special Edition with its neat duffel bag, art book, soundtrack CD, and safe deposit box). I never did get the Special Edition, but my dad did purchase Grand Theft Auto IV for me.

My mother had relocated for work, so I had moved in with my father and grandfather in order to finish out the school year. A few months prior, my dad had made the jump from PlayStation 2 to Xbox 360. So on most days, I’d spend the evenings holed up in my grandfather’s basement, with an extra large bag of Peanut M&M’s in my lap, a bottle of Coke at my feet, and a bulky white Xbox 360 controller nestled between my slender teenaged hands. I’d sift through my dad’s video games, randomly popping in anything that appeared interesting, playing until either my dad came home from the NIH Power Plant, or my grandfather yelled down the stairs for me to turn off the TV and go to bed.

But on that Tuesday in April, my dad came home with a surprise… he’d purchased Grand Theft Auto IV! I finished my dinner, grabbed my go-to gaming snacks, and headed for the basement. I’ll never forget those opening scenes of Niko Bellic stepping off of the Platypus, waiting for his cousin Roman to arrive and indoctrinate him into the American way of life. (more…)

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