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Nicole Kline is Warp Zoned's Senior Editor. She first began preparing for the job by climbing a milk crate to play Centipede in an arcade. You can find her on PSN under the name toitle or you can email her at nicole AT warpzoned DOT com.

Daily Scoop: February 27, 2015 – Almost March!

Friends, it’s almost March, and you know what that means – it’s almost my birthday! If you want to get me something, just back my Kickstarter when it goes live. That’s all I want for my birthday!

Anyway, let’s check out the last of this week’s – and this month’s – deals! Over at the Humble Sale, you can pick up Movie Studio Boss for $4.99, Tulpa for $3.74, and Tristoy for $7.49, among others.

Over at Steam, the Free Weekend is Europa Universalis IV. You can play it free all weekend and buy it at a discounted price of $9.99. You can also get the Extreme Edition for just $11.24. The Daily Deal is Train Fever, which is on sale for $11.89.

There are five shirts for sale today! Hit the jump to check them out. (more…)

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Daily Scoop: February 26, 2015 – New Humble Weekly Bundle

There’s a brand new Humble Weekly Bundle, and this theme is Made in Japan! Pay what you want for Cherry Tree High Complete Pack, Fairy Blossom Freesia, and Influent + Language Pack. Beat the average to get Magical Battle Festa, Revolver 360 Re:Actor, and The Tale of ALLTYNEX. Pay $10 or more to unlock Rime Berta and Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming.

The Weekend Deal over at Steam is on Galactic Civilizations III, which you can get for $24.99. They’re also running deals on the other games in the series as well. The Daily Deal is Emergency 5 – Deluxe Edition, which you can get for $24.99.

You’ve still got over a week to get in on the Kill Screen Bundle over at Story Bundle! You can get eight issues of Kill Screen as well as two awesome games for one low price.

Let’s check out today’s t-shirts! (more…)

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Daily Scoop: February 25, 2015 – New Indie Royale Bundle

There’s a brand new bundle at Indie Royale today – the Kiss Bundle! Beat the average to get N.P.P.D. Rush: The Milk of Ultra Violet, Canyon Capers, Cobi Treasure Deluxe, Glacier 3: The Meltdown, Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising, Hyper Fighters, Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi, Numba Deluxe, Racer 8, Radical Roach, and The Tribloos 2. Whew. That’s a lot of games!

At Steam, there’s a brand new Daily Deal. You can grab Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise of the Owlverlord for $1.24. And don’t forget about the Humble Store – the Just Cause Collection is $4.74, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is $17.99, and there are two versions of Hotline Miami 2 you can pre-order – the regular one for $13.49, or the Remix EP version, which comes with 6 remixed tracks from the soundtrack.

Just three t-shirts today! (more…)

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Daily Scoop: February 24, 2015 – All quiet on the sale front

Well, it isn’t all quiet, but it’s pretty quiet. There’s not much going on right now. Which I’m assuming means next month is going to get bananas. But we’ll just have to wait and see!

Let’s start over at Steam first. The Midweek Madness deal is early access to The Long Dark for $11.99. Their Daily Deal is Hexcells, which is on sale for just $0.89.

Over at the Humble Store, you can nab some deals as well. Anoxemia is $6.79, UFHO2 is $4.99, and Apotheon is $13.49. That’s just a few of the games on sale – there are lots more!

I’ve got a few t-shirts for you today, as usual… (more…)

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Daily Scoop: February 23, 2015 – RESISTOR_ in the Indie Megabooth at PAX East!

As John Scalzo already mentioned, the Indie Megabooth list is live, and mine and Anthony Amato’s RESISTOR_ is in the Tabletop Area! We’re really excited and there’s so much more to do and aaagh!! So many things happening!

Anyway, let’s talk about deals! There are some new sales happening at the Humble Store right now. Hot Tin Roof: The Cat that Wore a Fedora is $13.49, Ys Origin is $14.99, and Sword Coast Legends is $34.99, among others. Check out the full list!

Over at Steam, there are 84 new games on sale in their Weeklong Deals section! Get Shattered Planet for $3.74, The Novelist for $8.99, and Rise of the Triad for $3.74, among plenty others. Today’s Daily Deal is Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, which is on sale for $4.99.

And now: t-shirts! (more…)

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Daily Scoop: February 20, 2015 – Jazzpunk on sale now!

At Philly Dev Night, one of the things we do is a monthly Game Club – it’s sort of like a book club, but we all play the same game and talk about it. The next game we’re discussing is Jazzpunk, which is the Daily Deal at Steam! It’s just $3.74, which is a whopping 75% off. Scoop it up while you can!

Over at the Humble Store, you can pick up the Dead Island Franchise Pack for $7.49, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon for $3.74, and Eidolon for $7.50.

The Debut 24 Bundle is brand new at Indie Royale. Beat the average to pick up Shutter, Atonement: Scourge of Time, 500 Years Act 1, Alarameth TD, PING 1.5+, Pixel Star, Hare in the Hat, Red Goblin: Cursed Forest, and Witches, Heroes, and Magic.

Let’s wrap this up with some t-shirts! (more…)

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Nicole’s IndieCade East 2015 Diary


Last weekend, IndieCade East was held once again at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City. For three (extremely cold) days, I spent my time attending talks, playing games, and, of course, interacting with some amazing indie talent. Promoted as “IndieCade Festival’s sarcastic, all-black-wearing cousin,” IndieCade East had keynotes, talks, panels, workshops, an eSports showcase, Show & Tell, a curated showcase (entitled “Love & Rejection, Gesture, and Horizons”), and my personal favorite, Night Games. There was so much to do that even after three days, I hadn’t done it all. (more…)

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Daily Scoop: February 19, 2015 – New Humble Weekly Bundle encourages co-op

There’s an absurdly awesome new bundle at Humble – the Humble Weekly Bundle Co-op 2! Pay what you want for Shadow Puppeteer, ibb & obb – Best Friends Forever Double Pack, and Hero Siege. Beat the average to get Hammerwatch and Damned. Pay $10 or more to unlock FORCED and Contagion. But the two craziest levels? You can pay $17 for two bundles, OR pay $30 for FOUR BUNDLES. That’s a lot of bundles!

Over at Steam, they have their Free Weekend, which is early access to Space Engineers. If you like it and decide you want to buy it, it’s just $14.99. The Daily Deal is Planet Explorers, which is on sale for $12.49.

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s go to what you’re really here to see – the t-shirts! (more…)

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