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Nicole Kline is Warp Zoned's Senior Editor. She first began preparing for the job by climbing a milk crate to play Centipede in an arcade. You can find her on PSN under the name toitle or you can email her at nicole AT warpzoned DOT com.

Daily Scoop: September 22, 2014 – Humble Flash Sale

Humble has been having a Flash Sale every Monday, and this week’s is called Yesteryear! Pay what you want for Gold Rush! Classic, Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble, and The Ship – Complete Pack. Pay $6 or more to unlock 1954 Alcatrax and 1894. And you’ve got less than a day to grab the Humble Indie Bundle 12, which is so full of amazing games it’s almost absurd. Seriously, you need to snag it right now.

Steam has loads of deals as well. Their Weeklong Deals include Dyad for $4.94, Pac-Man Museum for $7.99, and Toki Tori for $0.49, among others. Their Daily Deal is The Last Federation for $9.99. Scoop ‘em up!

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Final Fantasy XV gets a TGS 2014 trailer; Tetsuya Nomura steps down as director

Square Enix showed a trailer for Final Fantasy XV yesterday at the Tokyo Game Show and… what is happening, are they driving a car? The prince is sleeping? What am I even watching? I don’t even know what’s going on, and I’m still excited anyway. The game will be released for PS4 and Xbox One, and while there’s no release date, there will be a playable demo packaged with Final Fantasy Type-0 when it comes out on March 17, 2015.

Square Enix also announced that director Tetsuya Nomura will be replaced by Hajime Tabata, allowing Nomura to “focus his full efforts as the director of other highly anticipated titles, including Kingdom Hearts III.” That’s a lot of serious announcements for one day. Thanks, Square Enix!

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Daily Scoop: September 18, 2014 – New Humble Weekly Bundle

A brand new Humble Weekly Bundle has launched, and, unsurprisingly, it’s loaded with games! Pay what you want for Lexica, Deadly 30, Bridge Constructor Medieval, and Battle Group 2. Pay $6 or more to unlock Commandos Collection, The Book of Legends, and Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut. Pay $9 or more to unlock early access to Meridian: New World. And don’t forget to poke around the Humble Store to catch the latest flash sales!

The Weekend Deal on Steam is Age of Wonders II – you can get it for $19.99, get the Deluxe Edition for $22.49, or get the Trilogy Pack for $9.99. The brand new Daily Deal at Steam is Just Cause 2, which is marked down to $2.99. Scoop ‘em up!

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Daily Scoop: September 17, 2014 – The French Indie Sale

There’s a big sale on Steam today that is full of French Indies! The sale includes Ethan: Meteor Hunter for $1.99, QuestRun for $2.69, and Mechanic Escape for $1.49, among many others. They’ve also got Shadowrun Returns on sale for $3.74 as their Midweek Madness deal.

The Summer Sale is still going over at the Humble Store. Metal Dead is $0.99, Teslagrad is $6.69, Metro 2033 is $2.99, and Luftrausers is $4.99, among lots of other deals, some of which are flash sales. Scoop ‘em up!

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Daily Scoop: September 16, 2014 – Tons of bundles

There are so many bundles you can pick up today, so get ready to make your backlog cry!

First up is the Humble Weekly Bundle, which is almost finished. Pay what you want for Grand Ages: Rome – Gold Edition, Imperium Romanum – Gold Edition, Airline Tycoon 2, and Disciples III: Gold Edition. Pay more than the average to unlock Tank Operations: European Campaign, Patrician III, and Patrician IV. Pay $9 or more to unlock Omerta: City of Gangsters and Port Royale 3.

There’s a brand new bundle over at Indie Royale, and this one’s called the Parachute Bundle. Beat the average and get Ground Pounders, Vangers, Burning Cars, 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, Super Trench Attack, and STARTAG.

Finally, there are the Steam deals! They’re having a massive sale on both RPG Maker and a bunch of games made with it, so check that sale out. The Daily Deal is DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 on sale for $11.99.

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Daily Scoop: September 15, 2014 – Back again!

We’re home from Boston Festival of Indie Games, and super tired! But we won’t be going anywhere for a while after this. Hopefully this means I can finally catch up on gaming!

There are some straight-up outrageous things happening at the Humble Store today! Receiver is completely free, while Hitman: Absolution, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, and Typing of the Dead: Overkill are all just $4.99, among many other sales. Go check it out for yourself!

$4.99 seems to be the magic number. Over at Steam, their Daily Deal is Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut, and their Week Long Deal is Sakura Spirit, both just $4.99.

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Daily Scoop: September 11, 2014 – Humble Store sales

Quick note: I won’t be scooping tomorrow, as Anthony Amato and I will be showcasing RESISTOR_ at the Boston Festival of Indie Games on Saturday. Come stop by if you’re in the area!

The Humble Store is having a big End of Summer Sale! Batman: Arkham Origins is $9.99, Xenonauts is $16.64, and Dead Island: Riptide – Complete Edition is $4.99, among many, many others. Go check it out for yourself!

They’ve also got a shiny new Humble Mobile Bundle that is worth looking into as well – that is, if you’re an Android user. Pay what you want for Tiny Bang Story, Color Zen Premium, and Heroes of Loot. Beat the average to unlock Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Horn, and Sorcery!

Steam’s having some good deals right now as well. Their Weekend Deal is all about Skyrim, which is on sale for the ludicrously low price of $4.99! They also have a Daily Deal, which is Natural Selection 2 for $6.24.

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Daily Scoop: September 10, 2014 – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is 50% off

In case you’re like me, and you haven’t had time to catch up on the latest in the Belmont family series, Steam has Castlevania 2: Lords of Shadow on sale for 50% off. This Daily Deal marks the game down to $19.99 and actually lasts a full 48 hours, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hop on it right away!

You’ve still got time to get the latest Humble Weekly Bundle, which is the Rock, Paper, Shotgun edition. Pay what you want for World of Goo, Dungeons of Dredmor, Audiosurf, and Armageddon Empires. Pay $6 or more to unlock Amnesia: The Dark Descent, At War: Fleet Command (plus 3 DLCs), and Teleglitch: Die More Edition with the Guns and Tunes DLC. This is a great deal!

There are also some games up at Indie Royale in their brand new Debut 18 Bundle. Meet the current minimum to get In Exilium, Dungeon of Gain, Drew and the Floating Labyrinth, Crunch Time!, Guy vs The Wicked and Nefarious Land, Inside the Gear, Voyage to Farland, and Survivalist.

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