Author: Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan is a Staff Writer who has been playing video games ever since the Atari 2600. He loves fighting games, survival horror, and he sure plays a mean pinball.

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Review: Dirty Deeds


When one hears the word “bully,” the archetypal image that usually comes to mind is that of a hulking brute. A dimwitted, slack-jawed, pit-stained-t-shirt-wearing oaf that couldn’t tell what a rhombus is, let alone be able to spell it. Not often do you hear of the nerdy kid with glasses being the jerk in the bunch. But I tell you this – I got my ass kicked by this bespectacled geek more times than I would by any bully. And these were brutal beatings, causing me great pain, uncompromising fury, and the occasional tear. Cruelly mocking me with every blow. Unrelenting. But you know what? I was totally cool with it. (more…)

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The Games of May 2016


There are some great games coming out this month, but it looks like there are only a few we agree on here at Warp Zoned! Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the no-brainer, but we’re pretty hype for Shadow Complex Remastered as well. Hit the jump to see what else we’re excited to play in May! (more…)

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Warpback: What We Played in April 2016


April showers keep us indoor playing games! At least, that’s the excuse I’m giving for all the time we spent gaming last month. We hit up some old games, but also played lots of games that aren’t out yet at the PAX East Expo. Read on to find out what the Warp Zoned crew was busy with this month of April! (more…)

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The Games of April 2016


There are some excited games coming out in April, and Warp Zoned is ready to play them! It seems the biggest focus here is Dark Souls III, but Star Fox Zero has more than a few staffers ready to take flight in an Arwing. Read on to find out what our plans our for the month of April! (more…)

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Warpback: What We Played in March 2016


Here at Warp Zoned, it looks like we all just tapped our backlogs this cold month of March! There were a few minor exceptions, of course, like Salt and Sanctuary and Hyper Light Drifter, but for the most part, we were just tapping into old favorites or finally taking the shrink wrap off games we’ve had forever. Read on to see which systems we were playing games on as ol’ Mother Nature snowed most of us in. (more…)

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Resident Evil Reflections: 20 Years With Capcom’s Frightening Franchise


March 22, 2016 marked a true milestone. For it was 20 years ago this week that a groundbreaking video game franchise was born. A game that not only became an instant classic, but also helped create an entirely new genre, spawned several sequels and spinoffs, and launched a successful series of movies. That game was Resident Evil.

Few games have had the long lasting appeal that Capcom’s survival horror series provides, and despite a few bumps in the road, the Resident Evil series is still widely popular after all these years. (more…)

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Street Fighter V Review: Here Comes A (Mostly) New Challenger


In 1991, my friends and I habitually visited Fielder’s Choice, a sports card shop in the Chicagoland area. There, we bought and traded cards with fellow card aficionados. My poison of choice were the baseball cards from Topps. I even think I still have my Roberto Alomar Desert Shield card still laying around somewhere. Sorry, I’m getting off-base here. The reason I mention this shop is because one day, we strolled into Fielder’s Choice and saw that the owner had put up a Street Fighter II arcade machine. That day, we ended up spending all our card money on this new, amazing game.

For months after that, we ditched the card-collecting scene and joined in on the fun, fast-paced world of beating the crap out of each other. Later, my buddy Andy got the console version for his Super Nintendo. A few months after that, Fielders Choice went under. I’m not saying it’s a direct correlation, but yeah. Point being, I grew up with the Street Fighter franchise. But as the years went by, we grew in two different directions. The fighting system became way too sophisticated, and just I couldn’t keep up. When I finally got into Street Fighter IV, I wasn’t able to last thirty seconds in an online match. Expecting more of the same, I came into Street Fighter V with some trepidation. But now, I’m feeling a lot like I did 25 years ago. (more…)

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The Games of March 2016


For the most part, we here at Warp Zoned are all pretty excited about some Nintendo game or another coming out this month! But that’s not all. Read on to find out what we’re excited to play this March! (more…)

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