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The PAXpocalypse List: The Best of PAX East 2015


Most of the big publishers chose to skip the 2015 edition of PAX East and even those that did attend (like Nintendo and Microsoft) kept their most anticipated projects home. But that didn’t stop a wide variety of indie developers from setting up shop in the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center to wow the assembled masses. These developers set the tone for this year’s expo, which featured a heavy focus on games that attempted to reinterpret classic gameplay concepts for a new generation of players. And the crazy thing is that many of the developers hyping these games looked like they would have been in diapers the first time I fired up an SNES.

It was a welcome sight with the rest of the industry pivoting away from those types of games and towards a competition to see who can push the most polygons. So if you were a fan of gaming in the NES, Super NES, and Genesis days, this PAXpocalypse List is for you. Because these are the games we would have played over and over again if some horrible snow storm had trapped us inside the convention center beyond the last day of the expo. (more…)

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The Games of March 2015


March is a crazy month. Some of us are excited about the new releases, while others are not very impressed at all. How do you feel about March? Read on to see if you agree with the Warp Zoned crew as they talk about what they want to play this month! (more…)

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Warpback: What We Played in February 2015


The Warp Zoned crew was all over the place in February! The only thing we could agree on was how much we love Pokemon. Well, two of us, at least. It was a good month to dip into backlogs, though, because most of us were pretty snowed in. We’re looking forward to the Spring thaw, but until then, read on to see what we played in this icy month! (more…)

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The Games of February 2015


I think Warp Zoned’s staff can agree on one thing: Evolve looks pretty amazing. Other than that, there’s not much happening, except for The Order: 1886, obviously. Read on to find out what we plan to spend our money and time on in this short month! (more…)

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Warpback: What We Played in January 2015


One thing is certain: there was a lot of mileage put on Wii Us here at Warp Zoned in the month of January. We played a little bit of Toad, a little bit of Kart, and a whole lot of Smash! There was also some Pokemon, and a bunch of iOS gaming. Read on to find out the full list of what we played in January! (more…)

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Warp Zoned’s 2014 Golden Pixel Awards: Honoring Our Favorite Games


With the PS4 and Xbox One entering their first full year on store shelves, 2014 turned out to be a bit of a transition year. A lot of games were delayed into 2015 and a few others were delayed even further. With the other two consolemakers taking a step back in 2014, it was Nintendo’s time to shine and the wizards behind the Wii U responded with nearly a dozen major titles. But that doesn’t mean the PS4 and the Xbox One (or the PS3 and Xbox 360, for that matter) went hungry in 2014.

There were plenty of great games to go around last year and you can read all about them as we hand out our annual Golden Pixel Awards… (more…)

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The Games of January 2015


Happy New Year, readers! As we all settle in to getting used to writing new numbers at the end of every date, we’ve also been thinking about what games we want to play this month. It looks like, for the most part, we’ll either be digging into our backlog or regretting all those games we got for Christmas, which have now extended that backlog. Either way, we’re going to be busy! Read on to see what our plans are for the first month of 2015. (more…)

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Warpback: What We Played in December 2014


Welcome to another exciting Warpback! The Warp Zoned staff found a bunch of different games under the Christmas Tree this year, so we were all over the map in December, playing everything from RPGs, to twin-stick shooters, to… well… a lot of Wii U games. Read on to see all of the crazy games we were catching up on during the holidays (and before)! (more…)

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