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The Games of December 2016


There aren’t many games coming out this month, but we at Warp Zoned are passionate about the few that are! The Last Guardian and Super Mario Run are two we can agree on, though there are also a few others we’re looking forward to as well. Hit the jump to see what we’ll be playing for the month of December! (more…)

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Warpback: What We Played in November 2016


I don’t think any of us were playing the same games during November! We were all over the map, hitting up our backlogs, playing brand new games, and continuing to play popular games that just won’t quit. Hit the jump to see everything the Warp Zoned staff played last month! (more…)

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Kickstart This! Ariel

If you didn’t notice, there hasn’t been a new Kickstart This! in over a month, mostly because John works us all far too hard (joke), but largely because the column was becoming a bit hum-drum. Kickstarter has started to feel less like a creative space for games that could not find life with a traditional publisher, and more like a graveyard for great ideas poorly sold, or a junkyard for half-baked ideas that had not been given time to mature.

I had heard Kickstarter was also going to be updating the crowdfunding platform in a “major” way. This turned out to be more than a lick of paint, which, as an aside, the site has received – it runs a lot smoother and the and the options are much clearer now.

The big change turned out to be Kickstarter Live, which launched on the 1st of November. It allows creators to host a live broadcast, and to field questions from potential backers in the comments section. The benefits of this should not be underplayed. Audience engagement is one of the toughest nuts to crack when raising funds via crowdfunding. While project updates offer people news, being able to interact with backers on the same platform, instead of hosting an AMA on Reddit or a Facebook Live broadcast, especially in the early days of a campaign, means that you can rally your troops and harness that momentum more easily.

kickstarterhomepageSpeaking of rallying the troops, the world has change quite a bit over the last few weeks, and Kickstarter is no different. With a wave of protests and a renewed sense of charity sweeping the globe in response to recent world events, Kickstarter temporarily changed their front page in support.

And in honor of Kickstarter’s expansion into Mexico, we’re looking at Ariel, a video game developed south of the border, this week. (more…)

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The Games of November 2016


October is over, and it’s almost time for the mad holiday rush! We here at Warp Zoned are still planning on trying as many games as we can. At the top of our gaming lists for this November are Pokemon Sun and Moon and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but we are into so much more than that. Hit the jump to see all the games we’re excited to try this month! (more…)

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Warpback: What We Played in October 2016


October was almost exclusively about our backlogs here at Warp Zoned! With the exception of the few new games, we were busy playing those games we’ve been trying to get to for months and months. In some cases, it’s been years! Read on to see what video games we dug into this spooky month! (more…)

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It’s In Your Blood: A History of Horror Games (Part Five)


The survival horror genre has traveled a long road since its infancy. What began with a frantic retreat from a pursuing dinosaur eventually gave way to ghosts, mutants, beasts, and countless hordes of zombies. Alas, the genre’s fiercest foes may have been those it relied on most: the developers overly reliant on sequels and spinoffs, and the gamers who would soon lose interest.

For those who’ve been following this series from the beginning, we’ve previously reached back to the birth of survival horror, charted its rise in popularity and a sudden onslaught of sequels, as well as its golden age. So now, join us for a look at survival horror’s last gasp in the spotlight… before it’s currently-ongoing resurrection, of course. (more…)

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It Came From 19XX: Silent Hill


Horror games have changed in recent years. As “walking simulators” like Layers of Fear and hide-and-seek tributes such as Outlast have risen in popularity, old-school survival horror titles have become increasingly scarce. So join us, zombies and ghouls, as we revisit one of horror gaming’s classics in time for Halloween. (more…)

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The Big List of Nintendo Switch Games


It’s time to retire the “Big List of Nintendo NX Games” name and say hello to “The Big List of Nintendo Switch Games.” While I’m sure you’ve spent the last few hours analyzing and re-analyzing the “First Glimpse” trailer for Nintendo’s new console/handheld hybrid, let’s take a deeper look at some of the games we know are in development for the Switch, and some we suspect might be. (more…)

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