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10 Actors We Think Could Play Link in The Legend of Zelda TV Series


Marvel must have thought they had the gong for news of year all sewn up when they announced their deal with Sony to finally allow Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And then rumours started swirling that two mighty Ns, Netflix and Nintendo, were possibly going to collaborate on a TV adaptation of Nintendo’s long-running RPG series, The Legend of Zelda. Suddenly, Spider-Man was yesterday’s news. After all, we have already had two versions of the wallcrawler spanning five movies. But ever since the trainwreck that was the Super Mario Bros. movie, Nintendo has been hesitant to allow its characters to star in a live-action film.

Until now. Hopefully. Though there has been no official statement from either party, so the news that set the Internet aflame is currently nothing more than rumour and conjecture. Yet, it has not stopped many, including myself, from wondering what shape or form it may take – a more family friendly Game of Thrones? Or Lord of the Rings for the streaming masses?

Before we go spending our rupees on a Netflix membership, let us have a look at which actors and actresses would be best suited for the trio of main characters, starting with the hero, Link. Will they cast an adult in the role, a boy, or maybe even both, as Link has appeared as many different ages throughout the years (sometimes even in the same game). Given the age we live in, where everything is reimagined with gritty realism, I imagine Link will be a teenager/young man, at least for the majority of the series. (more…)

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This parody is yours… watch 8-Bit Scarface now

First you collect the coins, then you get the power-ups, then you rescue the princess.

The most recent 8-Bit Cinema short features the classic 1983 film Scarface, which starred the once-amazing and now-terrifying Al Pacino as iconic drug lord Tony Montana. Fans of 8-Bit Cinema’s other works will know what to expect… Awesomeness. For everyone else, these shorts retell movies with 8-bit stylized graphics, appealing to both movie people and video game people, as well as lovers of cartoon violence everywhere.

“8-Bit Scarface” is modeled after the 1987 Tradewest game, Double Dragon, a side-scrolling beat ‘em up with Tony in place of the Lee twins. Viewers familiar with the live-action Scarface will not be disappointed with the illustrious scenes included in this portrayal.

So say hello to his little friend, as well as the infamous chainsaw scene, and never forget, the world is yours.

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Things get a little hairy in the first Hitman: Agent 47 film trailer

It hasn’t been an easy production for Hitman: Agent 47, the latest film adaptation of IO Interactive’s game franchise. Fast and the Furious actor Paul Walker was originally set to star as the titular assassin before his untimely death in 2013. 20th Century Fox continued their search for a new 47 (Timothy Olyphant first played the character in 2007’s Hitman) before settling on Homeland‘s Rupert Friend.

But filming seems to have gone smoothly and Hitman: Agent 47 is now on track for an August 28 opening. However, you should be warned, Agent 47 isn’t sporting his signature bald pate in the movie’s first trailer. Aside from that rather glaring error, Hitman: Agent 47 doesn’t look too bad. There’s some decent action and Zachary Quinto (Star Trek‘s Spock) is also along for the ride.

If you’re looking for a more authentic Hitman experience, you might need to wait for IO Interactive’s next game in the series. However, the untitled Hitman 6 is currently without a release date.

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Rumor: The Legend of Zelda TV series in development at Netflix

legendofzeldaThe Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo will team up with Netflix to produce a television series based on The Legend of Zelda.

Allow me to pause while you momentarily freak out. Ready? OK. The source of the rumor appears to be an insider within Netflix, who the Wall Street Journal quoted as saying that a Legend of Zelda adaptation would be like “Game of Thrones for a family audience.”

While there’s nothing impossible about Nintendo working with Netflix on a Legend of Zelda series, the game publisher has been notoriously protective of their characters ever since the Super Mario Bros. movie bombed back in 1993. Though this wouldn’t be the first television show based on The Legend of Zelda. DIC Entertainment produced an animated adaptation back in 1989 and I’m totally onboard with the Netflix show borrowing as much from the cartoon as they want (especially “Excuuuuuuse me, Princess!”)

Almost a year ago, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told investors that the company wwants to increase the amount of licensing deals they make for the use of their iconic characters. These deals would take Nintendo’s characters to areas the company has never worked with before and a live-action television show would certainly fit the bill.

Neither Nintendo nor Netflix had any comment on the Wall Street Journal’s report.

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Conan, Marshawn Lynch, and Gronk walk into “Clueless Gamer” to play Mortal Kombat X

“Gronk, use your bumblebees!”

Another segment of Conan O’Brien’s “Clueless Gamer” aired Thursday night, guest starring Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks and Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots. If you’re anything like me, you don’t really know who they are and don’t really care. Evidently, there’s some sort of important American Football match this weekend that their two teams are playing, and as sort of a preamble to such frivolities, Conan invited them to square off against each other playing the soon-to-be released Mortal Kombat X.

While not as amazing as some previous “Clueless Gamer” segments, this one had its moments. See what horrific thing made Lynch briefly walk off the set and which allegedly gave Conan “a sexual thrill”! See what made Conan curl up on the floor in the fetal position! See one female character punch another in her downstairs lady-nuts!

Mortal Kombat X is set to be released April 14. Until then, enjoy this clip featuring Ferra-Torr, Kano, Cassie Cage, D’Vorah, Quan Chi, Raiden, Scorpion, and Sub-Zero.

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Mythbusters will tackle a few myths from Doom on January 31

The Mythbusters will meet their Doom this weekend. On Saturday, January 31, the popular Discovery Channel show will devote an hour to several myths based on video games, or more specifically, questions related to Doom 3: 3 BFG Edition. Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage will receive an assist from id Software’s Tim Willits as they attempt to discover if it’s really possible for the Doomguy to carry all those “health packs, guns, and even a chainsaw.” I’m sure a few longtime Doom players already see a problem with this scenario (Hint: Doomguy never carries health packs).

The preview trailer above needs a bit more first-person action, but I’m thinking this will be a pretty fun hour of television. Here’s hoping we get to see a Gelatin Man Imp made out of ballistic gel.

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This is Bud Light’s “Real Life Pac-Man” Super Bowl XLIX commercial… and it is awesome

Budweiser isn’t waiting for Super Bowl XLIX to debut the next commercial in their “#UpForWhatever” series… and that’s alright with me. Titled “Real Life Pac-Man,” the commercial hands a giant quarter to a random Bud Light drinker and then drops it (and him) into the coin slot of life-sized simulation of the greatest arcade game of all time. There’s neon aplenty, pulsating techno music, and it looks like a good time was had by all.

I know it’s too early, but I think we may have already found the best commercial from this year’s Super Bowl.

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Dead Rising: Watchtower debuts on Crackle on March 27… here’s the first trailer

Capcom and Crackle have released the first trailer for Dead Rising: Watchtower, the first English-language film adaptation of the popular game series. Watchtower will star Rob Riggle as a more comedic version of journalist Frank West. He’ll be joined by Virginia Madsen as “Women Driving Away From Zombies,” Jesse Metcalfe as “Reporter Who Isn’t Frank West,” and Dennis Haysbert as “Army General Who Tells People Not to Panic.” I’m sure they’ll have actual names in the film, but that’s the best I can do from a few seconds of screen time in the trailer. More screen time was devoted to the makeshift weapons that the game series is known for, proving that the filmmakers have at least some idea what the fans want.

Dead Rising: Watchtower will be available to watch exclusively through the Crackle streaming service on March 27.

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