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InFamous: Second Son Review: New City, Same InFamous


The InFamous series, like many superhero simulations before it, is at its best when the player is made to feel like a 24-carat badass. InFamous: Second Son is possibly the epitome of this feeling. However, after experiencing that same feeling in the two (and a half) previous games in the series, alongside numerous other titles of their ilk, the effect is diminished. (more…)

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Earth Defense Force 2025 Review: Like A Caterpillar Transforming Into A Butterfly


Earth Defense Force 2017 didn’t win any awards when it was released in 2007. The low-budget shooter from developer Sandlot and small-time publisher D3 cultivated a cult following over the next few years, culminating in the release of a sequel/remake, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, in 2011. But Insect Armageddon was developed by an American team, Vicious Cycle, and fans clamored for the distinctly Japanese flavor of the original developers. Thankfully, D3 and Sandlot have obliged with Earth Defense Force 2025, another game that won’t win any awards, but is satisfying all the same. (more…)

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Batman: Arkham Origins Review: Arkham Awful


After the previous two installments in the Batman: Arkham franchise were critically lauded, the pressure was on new studio Warner Bros. Montreal to make a third title that hit the highs of Asylum and City and closed out the generation with an awesome action-adventure extravaganza. However, the pressure must have been too much for them to bear. What was actually released, in the form of Batman: Arkham Origins, was a twisted, soulless mess that feels like little more than a shameless cash-in. (more…)

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review: A Solid Opener


The most jaw-dropping thing about Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is its brevity. Despite all its brilliant stealth setpieces and plotting, the Metal Gear franchise is best known for the cinematic leanings of its creator, Hideo Kojima. It came to a head during Metal Gear Solid 4, which reached amazing highs in gameplay, narrative, and fanboyish nostalgia, but was laced with overly long interstitials crammed with far too much exposition. (more…)

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South Park: The Stick of Truth Review: Douchebag Saves the Day


Based on the long-standing truth that games based on already established properties are usually second-rate, and the fact that the development cycle was troublesome at best, It would be forgivable to assume that South Park: The Stick of Truth would release as a write off. A whole host of problems should have held back the release of this RPG; however, The Stick of Truth is surprisingly fantastic in almost every way. (more…)

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Yoshi’s New Island Review: Not Quite A Stroll Down Memory Lane


Yoshi’s New Island has been a long time coming. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, the first game in the series, was originally released in 1995. It was well-liked by gamers and critics and was even included in Nintendo’s 3DS Ambassadors program as a gift for the handheld’s early adopters. But where that one took me weeks to complete – replete with dozens of “Game Over” screens and more Mario tears than anyone could handle – Yoshi’s New Island took me just six hours. It was a fun six hours (spread out over four days), but the original had me dying more times than I knew I even could die in a platformer. While in the new game, I rarely died more than once per world. It was a breeze, and while I’m not surprised, I am just a tiny bit disappointed. (more…)

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Weapon Shop De Omasse Review: Tap Your Feet to this New RPG Beat


Level-5 recently released Weapon Shop De Omasse, the final game in their “Guild01″ collection, in America.Originally, the developer had no plans to release it here due to how much translation work would be required, seeing as the game is very heavy on text. But, three weeks ago, it finally came out here nearly two and half years after its Japanese release. The rhythm/fantasy RPG game is played from the point of view of the blacksmith who creates and sells weapons to adventurers. Except in Weapon Shop De Omasse, the master and his apprentice have decided to rent weapons instead of sell them, collecting their rental fee when the heroes return. With a quirky story and interesting mechanics, Weapon Shop De Omasse revisits the RPG genre from a different angle, bringing something fresh and fun to the table. (more…)

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The Walking Dead Season 2: A House Divided Review: Strength In Numbers


Telltale’s Walking Dead games can be tough to review. The series is so heavily focused on story that it becomes increasingly difficult to write a review without giving away some of the finer plot details. In the Walking Dead universe, characters you’ve grown attached to are taken away in the blink of an eye, and if you know what will happen beforehand, the emotional impact is greatly lessened. In that regard, I’ve opted to provide a separate, spoiler-free review of The Walking Dead Season 2: A House Divided. That way, those of you who haven’t played the game can read on, knowing that nothing will be ruined. I promise to avoid any specific information or plot points throughout the rest of the review, so you can still feel confident in reading the entire review without learning too much.

Spoiler-Free Review: The game is amazing – go buy it right now!

OK, now that we have that out of the way, on with the review. (more…)

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