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PictoParty Review: Drawing Up Good Times


To say that the Wii had a wealth of party games would be an understatement. Nintendo’s motion-controlled system stood out as as a veritable Mecca for games that required a large group of people to play. Unfortunately, as the Wii aged and software sales dried up, so did the party games. That, coupled with the rather unsatisfying sales of the Wii U, meant that those types of games became a rare commodity on the system. But a few party games, including the recently-released PictoParty, do still make it onto the Wii U through the eShop. It’s a lone survivor in a wasteland of long-forgotten party games, and a title billed as “fun for the whole family.” And after playing it with the family, I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. (more…)

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Knight Squad Review: Bomberman Goes Medieval


Let me tell you a story…

It’s 1993. You dust off an old Gauntlet cartridge and proceed to spend a few weeks marvelling at its overhead style and bashing monsters with your big barbarian’s sword. After that, someone hands you a copy of Super Bomberman and a Super Multitap, a small plastic brick with four controller ports. Gathering together three of your buddies, you blow each other up with bombs while laughing yourselves silly.

Now jump back to the present. Chainsawesome’s Knight Squad, which was released earlier this week on the PC and Xbox One, perfectly fuses those two games into a medieval-themed party game that drops up to eight players into its single-screen arena at the same time.

If it had been released in 1993, Knight Squad would have gone down as one of gaming’s classics. It doesn’t have the same impact 22 years later, but it’s still a ridiculously enjoyable romp. (more…)

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Kickstart This! The Nullpoint, Cold Blooded, Grey Night, Failsafe

Good day Warp Zoned readers young and old, and welcome to another re-launch of our Kickstart This! feature, where we direct your bedazzled eyes to our top picks currently duking it out on the crowdfunding platform for cash, credit, and respect.

“But didn’t you relaunch a short while ago?” I hear you cry. And yes, yes we did, but the weekly format felt forced and oversaturated by games picked simply because they had launched. Even though there are over 600 gaming projects currently live at the moment, we try and pick ones that we as gamers want to play. But we’re also journalists, so we want to highlight projects that have gone the extra mile. But there is no secret recipe that defines the term “extra” here. It could be a development team’s unbridled passion, a unique gaming experience, or something that just tickles our taste buds. Whatever it is, it gets us really excited, and, we won’t lie, there are simply not enough projects that do this to justify a weekly post.

So instead we’re switching to two posts a month, a happy medium between the old and new formats. (more…)

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Fallout 4 Review: There’s Just Something S.P.E.C.I.A.L. About It


Let’s not mince words, Fallout 4 is clearly the most anticipated title of 2015 for most gamers. Fans of Fallout are furiously intense about the game, though I was never one of those people. But I found myself carried along by the hype and excited to play the latest in the series. While I have to admit I haven’t finished it yet – mostly because who has that kind of time in their lives – I am immersed in this world, and find myself constantly checking the clock while I’m playing because it keeps lulling me into that false sense of “you won’t stay up until 1:00 AM.”

Spoiler alert… I haven’t gone to bed before 1:00 AM since I received it. (more…)

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The Games of November 2015


The Warp Zoned crew is all in agreement about one game for November, and that’s Fallout 4! We mention a few others, but let’s face it: we’re all excited to leave yet another vault. Read on to see what else we have to say about the coming month! (more…)

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Warpback: What We Played in October 2015


We were all over the map in the month of October here at Warp Zoned! We played everything from mobile games to major releases and had a blast along the way. From Alphabear to Shovel Knight, to Rocket League and Persona 4: Golden, we played it all. Read on to see our full list of gaming from last month! (more…)

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I Am Bread Review: Toasty!


Every year, video game companies spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars creating the next big title. Press conferences are held long before a launch date is announced, trailerss are produced showcasing the various features, and huge events are planned for the eventual midnight release. Fans cosplay as the game’s main character at conventions, while others upload artwork to their favorite forums. Downloadable content is planned to keep new content coming for years. Books are written expanding the universe, movies are released, and people take the day off of work just to buy the next exciting installment in the game’s story.

And then there’s the game where you play as a piece of bread. (more…)

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No Time To Explain Review: Laser Rifles, Time Travel, and Dancing


No Time To Explain is a fast-paced 2D platformer where your main mode of travel is a gun so powerful that it doubles as a jet pack. You start out by using your super-powered rifle to chase yourself through time and the game’s looping plot keeps getting more outlandish from there. So dig in, because I do have time to explain.

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