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Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Review: Ghost Train to Paradise


Nearly six years after Bandai Namco produced the nearly-perfect Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, the spinoff series returned a few weeks ago with the inexplicably named Pac-Man Championship Edition 2. As the third entry in the Championship Edition series, fans expect to see gorgeous neon-lit mazes and high-speed Dot chomping, and Bandai Namco delivers. But the publisher also added a few new moves to Pac-Man’s repertoire for CE2… along with boss battles. (more…)

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The Big List of Nintendo Switch Games


It’s time to retire the “Big List of Nintendo NX Games” name and say hello to “The Big List of Nintendo Switch Games.” While I’m sure you’ve spent the last few hours analyzing and re-analyzing the “First Glimpse” trailer for Nintendo’s new console/handheld hybrid, let’s take a deeper look at some of the games we know are in development for the Switch, and some we suspect might be. (more…)

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on PlayStation VR Hands-On Preview: A Resident Evil 20th Anniversary Tour Report


Surprisingly enough, Capcom’s Resident Evil 20th Anniversary Tour rolled into Cleveland, Ohio to mark the halfway point of its trip around the country. Intended to promote the upcoming Resident Evil 7 while also driving extra business to local GameStop locations, the tour promised to be a good time for fans to come and hang out. But did it live up to those expectations? (more…)

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The Big List of Nintendo NX Games: October 2016 Update


The calendar will turn over to March 31, 2017 in exactly 176 days, which is the last possible day for Nintendo to release the NX and still hit their planned March 2017 launch date for the console. And if that seems abnormally short, it should, no console in history has ever been released with such a small window of time between its public unveiling and its launch. It’s disappointing that we still don’t know anything about it yet (though yet another executive has hinted at the handheld/console hybrid concept), but it’s kind of exciting as well.

E3. Gamescom. PAX West. Tokyo Game Show. All of them have come and gone with nothing. Even though it was ultimately a bad idea for Sega to drop the Saturn on an unsuspecting public, this information blackout is almost enough to make me hope Nintendo pulls the same trick. And they just might be able to pull it off too, as the latest rumors around the NX say Nintendo performed a trial production run of their upcoming console in preparation for the beginning of full production.

But what about the games? Thankfully, we learned a lot more about the NX’s in-development lineup of games in recent weeks. (more…)

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Outlast II Hands-On Preview: Red Barrels Returns With More Unsettling Found Footage Horror


Outlast garnered a lot of attention and praise back when it was released in 2013. Inspired by what Penumbra: Black Plague and Amnesia: Dark Descent did so well, Outlast was basically a first-person hide and seek simulator set within an insane asylum. With no means of fighting off the deranged patients and mutants that hunted you, there was a lot of hiding inside lockers and under beds while eluding capture. Does the sequel hold true to that formula? I played the recently released demo to find out. (more…)

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The Games of October 2016


We’re all over the place in what we are looking forward to playing this month! From Dragon Quest Builders to Titanfall 2, it seems like we’re in love with everything. Hit the jump to see the diverse list we’ve come up with for the month of October! (more…)

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Kickstart This! Sulphur Nimbus: Hel’s Elixir

With the unfortunate cancellation of Arc Continuum, we’ve reached the last of our recent spurt of Kickstarter games, which hails from Norwegian developer Oddwarg, AKA Oddvar Hungnes, creator of indie hits like Eggman Hates Furries, Super Sawman, and Patapony. Hungnes has a distinguished and anime-like style that can be seen in all of his games, as well as on his Deviant Art page. And now he’s bringing his latest venture, Sulphur Nimbus: Hel’s Elixir, to the crowdfunding circuit.

Come fly with me! Lets fly! Lets fly away! (more…)

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Warpback: What We Played in September 2016


We here at Warp Zoned had a busy month of gaming this past September. For the most part, we dug into our backlogs, but with our Senior Editor at PAX West, there were a lot of newer games on the list as well! Hit the jump to see just what we were up to for the last few weeks. (more…)

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