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The PAXpocalypse List: The Best of PAX East 2014


PAX East 2014 was a different type of show than in years past. Some big publishers, such as Nintendo, skipped the show completely, while others, like Microsoft, only brought a handful of unreleased games. This shift in the show floor allowed the indies to take center stage, and the majority of our PAX East 2014 PAXpocalypse List reflects this year’s status quo. But that’s not to say the big publishers skipped PAX East 2014 altogether. Towering displays from 2K, Bethesda, and Ubisoft dominated the exhibition hall map, and we definitely had some fun with a few games that will demand your time during this Summer and Fall.

So if we were cut off from the outside and trapped within the walls of PAX East 2014, which games would we return to over and over again? Well… (more…)

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Daily Scoop: April 17, 2014 – Delicious game soundtracks

The big news for today is that there’s a brand new Game Music Bundle! This new bundle, number seven, has 17 albums in total for just $10! You can also get five albums for no more than $1. There’s some really great music here, including lots by Austin Wintory, so I highly recommend picking the bundle up.

Speaking of new bundles, there’s also a brand new Humble Weekly Bundle, this one called Oh Man You Should Totally Check That Game Out, presented by Devolver. Pay what you want for The Real Texas, Cryptic Sea EP, and Dungeon Hearts. Pay $6 or more to unlock Foul Play, Legend of Dungeon (a fantastic game!), and Krunch. Pay $10 to unlock Tower of Guns.

Finally, there are some new deals at Steam as well. The Weekend Deal is 80% off Frozen Synapse, marking it down to $4.99. It’s also free to play all weekend, so if you want to take it for a test drive first, now’s your chance! The Daily Deal is 50% off Beat Hazard, marking that down to $4.99 as well.

And now, time for t-shirts!


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Daily Scoop: April 16, 2014 – Never enough time

Things keep coming fast and furious for us over here at Warp Zoned. Anthony Amato and I are trying to get our games ready for another event this weekend, the South Jersey Geek Fest. If you want to try out Resistor and Kobolds, now’s your chance!

There are some good gaming deals happening today that you’ll want to know about. First up, there’s a new bundle over at Indie Royale, The Debut 12 Bundle. Pay whatever the current minimum is for Yrminsul, Selknam Defense, Luna’s Wandering Stars, Rot Gut, Storm over the Pacific, You Are Not a Banana: Chapter 1, Pester, and Gearcrack Arena.

There’s lots on sale at the Humble store, too. Velocity Ultra is $2.99, Poof vs. the Cursed Kitty is $3.49, Continue?9876543210 is $4.99, and Darksiders II is $7.49. And Steam’s Midweek Madness is Saints Row IV for $13.59, while the Daily Deal is System Shock 2 for $4.99. Whew! That’s a lot of games.

There are a couple of really great shirts today:


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Daily Scoop: April 15, 2014 – Post-PAX Coma

PAX East has come and gone, and I’m currently in a nice post-PAX coma! Right now I’m sitting at home, listening to the rain on the windows, totally exhausted and happy. I’ve been looking at pictures from PAX all day, so it’s almost like it’s not over yet!

But I haven’t forgotten about you, dear readers! I’ve got some deals for you, as always. There’s plenty happening over at the Humble site, for starters. There’s the Humble Mobile Bundle 5 – pay what you want for Bag It!, R-Type II, and Aralon: Sword and Shadow. Pay more than the average to unlock The Cave, The Room Two, Carcassonne, and some unannounced games. After that is the Pew Die Pie Saves the Children Humble Weekly sale. Pay what you want for Surgeon Simulator 2013, Guacamelee! Gold Edition, and QWOP for Android. Pay $6 or more for SpeedRunners and Garry’s Mod. Pay $10 for Probably Archery, and top out at $15 to get State of Decay.

Finally, Steam has some deals as well. The Midweek Madness is up to 75% off a giant pile of Lego games, including Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The Daily Deal is Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 for $9.99.

There aren’t many t-shirts, which is a good thing if you’ve just gotten back from PAX, because you’re probably swimming in them already…


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Daily Scoop: April 9, 2014 – Thank you, Gearbox

Those sneaky dudes at Gearbox have done it again. After saying they weren’t working on Borderlands 3, they go ahead and announce a Pre-Sequel, which is set to come out later this year. I went from disappointed to excited in no time flat!

Anyway, let’s talk about games you can get right now! Indie Royale has a new bundle up, the Atomic Bundle. Pay what you want for Humans Must Answer, Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love, The Chaos Engine, Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection, Fields of War, and Livalink. And the Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9 has just added a ton of unlockable games – in addition to Kingdom Rush and Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition, you can now also get The Shivah, Savant – Ascent, and Syder Arcade.

There are some deals over at Steam, too. Still in the Midweek Madness spotlight is Spelunky, which is on sale for $5.09. And the new Daily Deal for today is Alice: Madness Returns, which is 75% off at $4.99.

And now: t-shirts!


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Daily Scoop: April 8, 2014 – Making buttons is hard work

Anthony Amato and I decided that making pins would be a great way to promote our game this weekend, and so that’s how we spent last night. Behold the fruits of our labor! It may not seem like it, but that is 500 pins… well, give or take a few. I’m not perfect, OK?

There aren’t many deals today, but the ones that are available are great! There’s plenty of Midweek Madness to be found at Steam, where they have The Wolf Among Us on sale for $14.99 and the devilish Spelunky for just $5.09. There’s also a new Daily Deal, which is The Amazing Spider-Man for $16.99.

There are a few good deals happening at the Humble Store as well. You can get Ethan: Meteor Hunter for $4.99, The Novelist for $7.49, and Rehearsals and Returns for just $1.00. Scoop ‘em up!

There are even a few good t-shirts available today. Woo!


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Daily Scoop: April 7, 2014 – Lots of t-shirts!

I’ve been absent for a few days, mainly because I have been an insane amount of busy. Anthony Amato and I are getting ready for PAX East in so many ways – as members of Warp Zoned, as board and card game developers, and as gamers looking to have some fun! I can’t wait to see friends, play games, and introduce new people to our games. It’s going to be so exciting!

There are lots of great bundles to choose from today! You can grab the Florida Bundle at Indie Royale (which includes Marc Eckō’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure), the Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9 (with Type:Rider), or the Humble Weekly Sale hosted by Destructoid (with so many great games, including Super Hexagon and Hotline Miami). Actually, why not just get all three bundles? It would be under $20 and net you a total of 19 games. Whew! Add another $2.49 to that and get Evoland, Steam’s Daily Deal. Make it an even 20!

There are tons of amazing t-shirts today!


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The Simpsons did a Minecraft couch gag last night

If you’ve slipped away from The Simpsons, you might be unaware that the long-running show did a couch gag based on Minecraft last night. Swiping Minecraft’s logo font, last night the show was presented as “Simcraft: Parodies Are Easy!” A truncated version of the opening then followed the Simpson family past the statue of Jebediah Springfield, Lard Lad Donuts, and the tire fire until they’re greeted by Moe the Creeper. I’m sure you can imagine what happened next. The intro is available to view on YouTube (for now) thanks to “SuperNecocheaBros.” But if you’d prefer to wait for an official upload, the full episode will begin streaming on on April 11.

Someone who did see the opening last night was Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson, who has mixed emotions about The Simpsons using his creation:

Honestly, I’m not sure I know either. The couch gag was neat, but the blockiness of the characters and the world didn’t really resemble Minecraft. And YouTube is full of fan-made Simpsons/Minecraft mashups that take place within the actual game. Just take a look at this excellent version of the entire opening by 8lack7ight.

Or maybe I’m just one of those crotchety Simpsons fans who checked out a few seasons ago.

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