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Daily Scoop: October 8, 2015 – No Scoop tomorrow!

This is the last Scoop of the week, everyone! My sister is getting married tomorrow and I’m the officiant, so I will be busy all day. Don’t worry, though – I’ll leave you with lots of deals today!

I spoke too soon yesterday about the Humble Weekly Bundle – there’s a new one up today! It’s the Nordic Games 3 bundle. Pay $1 or more to unlock Silent Storm: Gold Edition, Chaser, Jagged Alliance 1: Gold Edition, and SuperPower 2: Steam Edition. Beat the average to unlock Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, Desperados 2: Cooper’s Revenge, MX vs. ATV Unleashed, Black Mirror, Black Mirror 2, Black Mirror III, and Red Faction Guerrilla: Steam Edition. Pay $10 or more to unlock The Book of Unwritten Tales 2.

The Weekend Deal at Steam is early access to Darkest Dungeon. Get your mind blown by this rad game for just $11.99, or get the game and the soundtrack for $16.49. The Daily Deal is early access to Call to Arms for $13.39, or get the deluxe edition for $20.09.

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Daily Scoop: October 7, 2015 – Books on games

Last night, we had a group of friends over to see if we could resurrect our old Blood Bowl board game league. It went really well, and afterwards, we played Codenames, which might be my favorite game right now. We went to bed late and I’m exhausted, but it was definitely worth it!

Speaking of worth it, there’s a brand new video game book bundle over at Story Bundle, called the Video Game Bundle 7.0. Pay what you want for Boss Fight Books: Baldur’s Gate II, Shooter, Video War, and Stay Awhile and Listen. Pay $12 or more to unlock Game Boy World 1989, HG101 Presents: The Unofficial Guide to Konami Shooters, Boss Fight Books: Metal Gear Solid, and both digital and audio versions of Mona.

There’s still no new Weekly Bundle at Humble, but the Humble Store has a few new deals. Pick up Kerbal Space Program for $26.79, Game Corp DX for $2.69, and get early access to Cryptark for $11.04.

The Midweek Madness at Steam is This War of Mine. The game is $7.99, and you can also pick up the DLC for $0.99. Today’s Daily Deal is Plug & Play, which you can get for just $1.49.

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Daily Scoop: October 6, 2015 – Nathan Drake is back!

Today’s the day – Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is out! [Ed. Note: Nicole got a little overeager, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection will be out on October 9] I didn’t pick it up – I mean, I want to, don’t get me wrong, but I have so many games in my backlog that I can’t in good conscience do it. So, I’m just going to watch from afar and try to get through some of these other games so that maybe, just maybe, when it goes on sale, I can pick it up and not feel guilty. Ha! Yeah right.

Speaking of buying more games, there are some good ones for sale at the Humble Store. Pick up Prison Architect for $19.99, Skyhill for $13.49, and Read Only Memories, which is also $13.49.

Over at Steam, the Midweek Madness is early access to Ark: Survival Evolved. Nab the game for just $20.09. The Daily Deal is for Kingdom Rush, which is just $2.49.

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Daily Scoop: October 5, 2015 – So many games

Internet, I played so many games this weekend! We had a blind playtest at our place on Friday, which was followed by more games. Then we spent all day Saturday gaming. Finally, yesterday, in between working, Anthony and I cuddled under our heated blanket and played a lot of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. It was amazing!

Let’s talk about deals, shall we? Humble has a brand new mobile bundle, and this one’s called Eye Candy. Pay $1 or more to unlock Deep Under the Sky, Botanicula, and Haunt the House: Terrortown. Beat the average to unlock Jelly Defense, Dark Echo, and Fearless Fantasy.

There are 166 new Weeklong Deals at Steam. Aliens Collection is $7.49, Chroma Squad is $9.74, and One Finger Death Punch is $2.49, among many others. The Daily Deal is the Movie Studio 13 Platinum Suite – Steam Powered by Sony, which is $49.99.

Just three shirts today! (more…)

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Daily Scoop: October 2, 2015 – Hurricane a go-go

It’s a miserable day here in Philadelphia! And the weekend is proving to be just as miserable. And yet no one has turned the heat on yet! I’ve got on two sweaters and a hoodie. Here’s hoping some gaming later will warm me right up!

The latest from the creators of The Stanley Parable, The Beginner’s Guide, is out today! Head to the Humble Store to pick it up for just $7.99. They’ve also got Dying Light on sale for $35.99, and The Walking Dead: Season 2 is just $6.24.

Steam’s Weekend Deal is all about Broken Age! Get the game for $8.49, the game and soundtrack for $10.20, or the game, soundtrack, and Double Fine documentary for $15.30. The Daily Deal is Trials Fusion, which is $4.99. Get the Awesome Max Edition for $9.99, or get it in the Ubi Arcade Pack (with Child of Light and Valiant Hearts: The Great War/Soldats Inconnus: Mémoires de la Grande Guerre) for $49.97.

There are only three shirts today, but they’re all great! (more…)

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Daily Scoop: October 1, 2015 – Goodbye, September!

I’m having a great gaming week, Internet! I got to play a bunch of TowerFall: Ascension last night, and it was an absolute blast. I never realize how acutely I miss that game until I play a few hours of it! Tonight is a board game testing night, but I might sneak in some video gaming as well. We’ll see!

Humble has started a brand new initiative – the Humble Monthly! For $12 a month, you get “PC games delivered digitally to you in a monthly subscription bundle.” And while you wait for games to get unlocked, they’ll start you off on a game – this month’s is Legend of Grimrock 2.

The Weekend Deal over at Steam is early access to SpeedRunners. You can play the game for free right now, and if you like it, you can pick it up for just $4.94, or nab a four-pack for $13.19. Today’s Daily Deal is Legends of Eisenwald, which you can get for $13.49.

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Daily Scoop: September 30, 2015 – Here comes the hurricane

It’s another dreary day in Philadelphia, and I hear we’ll soon have a visitor: Hurricane Joaquin! I’m really enjoying all the Joaquin Phoenix mashup images with hurricanes. Keep ’em coming, Internet!

Check out the sales this week at the Humble Store! The Silent Age is on sale for just $2.49, and you can also get Jotun for $13.49 and Nevermind for $17.99. Else Heart.Break() is on sale for $17.49, and you can grab The Escapists: The Walking Dead for $16.19, too.

At Steam, the Daily Deal is BioShock 2, which is on sale for just $9.99. You can also get the triple back, which includes this game, BioShock, and BioShock Infinite, for just $34.98.

There are some great shirts today! (more…)

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Daily Scoop: September 29, 2015 – Great games, great shirts

Sorry for missing a day yesterday, readers! We got back late from TopatoCon and I had a crash day yesterday. The weekend was wonderful! I got to meet Chris Hastings (of Dr. McNinja fame), hung out with wonderful friends, and made our first in-person sales of RESISTOR_! It was magical.

But now, it’s time to get back to real life – and deals! There’s a brand new bundle at Humble – the Humble Indie Bundle 15! Pay what you want for Sir, You Are Being Hunted, Q.U.B.E.: Director’s Cut, Goodbye Deponia, and a 66% off coupon for Planetary Annihilation: Titans at the Humble Store. Beat the average to unlock Skullgirls (with all DLC), Planetary Annihilation, and Xenonauts.

But wait, there’s more! Pay $10 or more to unlock early access to everyone’s favorite Gang Beasts. For $25 or more, you can get a DIY Gang Beasts figure! And for $75 or more, you get the DIY figure plus 7 more. This is madness!

Speaking of madness, The Midweek Madness at Steam is all about the Tomb Raider franchise. Get the collection for $15.99, which “includes the complete library of Tomb Raider titles ever released for PC, including the blockbuster reboot of 2013 and the celebrated multiplayer top-down shooter Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.” That is a buttload of Tomb Raider! The Daily Deal at Steam is The Secret World, which you can pick up for $14.99.

Let’s talk about t-shirts! (more…)

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