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Daily Scoop: July 9, 2014 – End of the Eye Candy Bundle

The Humble Eye Candy Bundle is about to end, so you should grab it! Pay what you want for 140, KAMI, and Ballpoint Universe – Infinite. Pay more than the average to unlock Secrets of Rætikon + Artbook, Antichamber, and Cinders. Pay $12 or more to unlock Mercenary Kings! You don’t have much time to get these, so scoop ‘em up while you can!

Indie Royale has a new bundle called the “Donut Bundle,” which says they are “nuts for donuts.” Hit the current minimum for Chronology, Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren’s Call, The Book of Legends, Guns n Zombies, and Quest of Dungeons.

Over at Steam, they’ve got two new deals as well – the Midweek Madness deal is Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 for $6.79, and the Daily Deal is Ys Origin for $4.99.

There are some pretty great t-shirts today, most of which are, once again, Pokemon-themed!


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Daily Scoop: July 8, 2014 – Humble 2K Bundle

There’s a brand-new Humble Bundle, and it’s the Humble 2K Bundle! Pay what you want for BioShock, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, and The Darkness II. Pay more than the average to unlock BioShock 2, Mafia II, and Spec Ops: The Line. Pay $20 or more to unlock XCOM: Enemy Unknown and BioShock Infinite. And if you hop over to the Humble Store, you can also snag Shadowrun Returns for $3.74, Monaco for $2.24, and Democracy 3 for $8.49.

Steam’s Daily Deal today is Stronghold Crusader HD for $3.39, and their Midweek Madness deal is The Wolf Among Us for just $12.49. The Internet is hype about the latter, and that is a great price for it, so hop on it!

There is a ridiculous number of Pokemon-themed shirts today!


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Daily Scoop: July 7, 2014 – So many fireworks

The Fourth of July has come and gone, and with it, more fireworks than I’ve seen in quite some time! I had a great time on Friday sitting out in a field and watching the show, all while getting eaten by bugs. It was pretty much how I remember all summer holidays being when I was a kid!

There aren’t too many deals going on today. Risen 2: Dark Waters is the Daily Deal at Steam, on sale for just $3.99 today. And at the Humble Store, you can get The Walking Dead: Season 2 for $16.74, Octodad: Dadliest Catch for $4.99, and Shadow Warrior for $7.99, among others. Scoop ‘em up!

Sonic fans are going to be happy about some of today’s t-shirts!


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Mighty No. 9 animated adaptation in the works

I don’t how this will impact the planned live-action adaptation, but Comcept and Digital Frontier have announced they’ve begun work on an animated adaptation of Mighty No. 9.

The project is still in the early stages, but Digital Frontier wants to create an “action-packed comedy aimed at kids 6-11″ that they hope will appeal to adults as well. If the teaser video above is any indication, I think they’ve got a shot at doing just that. Produced for this weekend’s Anime Expo in Los Angeles, the video is a neat little taste of things to come. However, according to an FAQ posted on the official Mighty No. 9 site, no one has officially signed on to the animated adaptation as of yet. Digital Frontier is still looking for writers, a director, and voice actors. Because of this, we don’t know when Mighty No. 9: The Animated Series will make its television debut.

But hopefully the announcer sticks around, he’s pretty awesome.

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Daily Scoop – July 3, 2014 – Bearzerkers funded!

Yay, Bearzerkers got funded! A huge congratulations to Wildgrass, and a great big thank you to everyone who contributed. Here’s a picture of us with one of the awesome Australian developers as your reward!

It’s about to be the holiday weekend, and I’ve got a great idea for you. Go onto Steam right now and buy their Daily Deal, which is Dead Space 2 for $4.99. Seriously, go buy it right now. It’s the best. You can also snag their Weekend Deal, which is Crysis 2: Maximum Edition for $7.49.

Don’t worry, if you don’t like those games, the Humble Store has a bunch of sales right now, too. You can get Cloudbuilt for $4.99, Broforce for $9.99, and Teslagrad for $4.99. So many great games to choose from!

Let’s wrap this up with some t-shirts.


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Daily Scoop: July 2, 2014 – Bearzerkers!

The Kickstarter for the amazing game Bearzerkers is coming to a close, and they still haven’t reached their goal! We included them on our PAXpocalypse list last year, back when they were called Pandamonium. You can get the game for just $10 AUS, and trust me – it’s worth it!

Indie Royale has a brand new bundle – the Mixer 6 Bundle. Beat the current minimum to get Lantern Forge, Volt, Bionic Dues, SOL: Exodus, Jazz, Trump’s Journey, Pineapple Smash Crew, Chime, and Knightshift.

There are a few deals at the Humble Store today. The Daily Deal is $13.32 for Space Engineers, and you can also get Quest of Dungeons for $3.24 and UFHO2 for $4.99. And over at Steam, the Daily Deal is Sacred 2 Gold for $3.99. Scoop ‘em up!

I’ve got a few great t-shirts for you today!


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Daily Scoop: July 1, 2014 – Canada Day Sale

Happy Canada Day, everyone! To celebrate, Steam is having a Canada Day sale. You can get They Bleed Pixels for $2.49, Rogue Legacy for $7.49, Fez for $4.99, and TowerFall Ascension for $10.04, among others.

The Midweek Madness sale at Steam is the Devolver Digital 5th anniversary sale, and that includes Shadow Warrior for $9.99, Hotline Miami for $3.99, and Defense Technica for $3.74. Scoop ‘em up!

And now, t-shirts!


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Daily Scoop: June 30, 2014 – Too Many Games edition

Hello and happy Monday, everyone! Anthony Amato and I spent the weekend at Too Many Games, an incredibly fun gaming convention out in Oaks, PA. We brought both RESISTOR_ and Kobolds and showed them off to a crowd that really loved them! So many people wanted to buy them then and there, which was very encouraging to us. Hopefully we’ll get our Kickstarter off the ground soon!

Anyway, I’m slowly coming back to reality, and that means bringing you the scoop on video game deals! The Steam Sale is over, but the deals there never end. Today’s Daily Deal is Talisman: Digital Edition, which is on sale for just $5.55. Over at the Humble Store, they have Metro: Last Light – Complete Edition on sale for $6.66. Not a bad deal!

Let’s check out today’s t-shirt offerings!


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