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Bad Boys 3 director Joe Carnahan is the latest to get a crack at the Uncharted movie script


The film adaptation of Uncharted is setting sail for uncharted waters once again, as Sony Pictures has revealed to Variety that Joe Carnahan will write a new version of the script.

Carnahan is currently working with Sony to write and direct Bad Boys 3, but the director established his action-adventure bona fides many years ago with Smokin’ Aces, The Grey, and The A-Team.

“Archaeology today is in itself an antiquity, but that world has always fascinated me. Especially when you go to a museum today and wonder how a piece got there to begin with,” [Carnahan] said. “Plus, the property itself is so popular that it was hard to turn down an opportunity to work on it.”

The Uncharted movie is currently expected to open on June 30, 2017. But with no script, no director, and no actors, Sony Pictures will likely be forced to reschedule it to a later date.

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Legendary and Square Enix will produce a live-action adaptation of Life Is Strange


Legendary Entertainment has been bitten hard by the video game adaptation bug. Warcraft opened in theaters earlier this Summer, and more recently, the studio signed a deal with The Pokemon Company to produce a movie based on Detective Pikachu.

Now, they’ve set their sights on Dontnod’s Life Is Strange.

Square Enix has announced they’re teaming up with Legendary Digital Studios and DJ2 Entertainment to produce a live-action webseries based on Life Is Strange. Like the game, the adaptation will follow teenage photographer Max Caulfield as she learns to deal with her newly-discovered time travel powers in the face of apocalyptic visions.

In other coincidentally recent Life Is Strange news, Square Enix and Dontnod re-released the game’s first episode as a free download last week.

“Life is Strange is one of those rare properties that combines incredibly developed characters and storylines with deeply engaging gameplay,” said Greg Siegel, the Senior Vice President of Development and Production for Legendary Digital Studios. “It lends itself perfectly to live-action imaginings. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Square Enix, Dontnod Entertainment, and DJ2 to bring the world of Arcadia Bay to life in an exciting new way.”

The search is currently on for a screenwriter, so hopefully we’ll learn more about Life Is Strange’s live-action adaptation soon.

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DC Comics will produce a weekly Injustice 2 digital comic written by Tom Taylor in 2017


Injustice: Gods Among Us wasn’t just a hugely successful video game for NetherRealm Studios and WB Games, it was also a very popular weekly digital comic for DC Comics. On Friday, DC announced that they’ve once again hired writer Tom Taylor to produce a weekly digital comic to bridge the gap between Gods Among Us and the upcoming Injustice 2.

“Our overarching goal is to tell one complete story between the comics and the games,” said Taylor. “In writing Injustice 2, there are a lot less ‘Gods Among Us’ than when we started our story, but I hope to join Batman and the world’s finest heroes in cleaning up the mess an evil Superman and his regime left behind. I hope to repair Earth and bring back hope… but this is Injustice. Prepare for tears, comedy, triumph, devastation, shocking tragic twists involving DC’s most beloved characters… and Harley Quinn stealing every scene she’s in.”

The Injustice 2 digital comic will debut in 2017, sometime before the game is released for the PS4 and Xbox One. And speaking of the game, NetherRealm also announced this weekend that Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle will be included as playable characters in Injustice 2.

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Nintendo will publish an official NES history book this November

playingwithpowerAre you hoping to find an NES Classic Edition under the Christmas tree this December? If so, you might also want to ask Santa for Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics, an official guide to the NES published by Prima Games and created in collaboration with Nintendo.

Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics will be released on November 18, and it’s packed with a ton of retro-tastic touches:

  • Exclusive embossed slipcase holds this hardcover tome in a clever package that resembles a classic NES Game Pak!
  • A fascinating retrospective on 17 NES classics… including Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda!
  • Interviews and commentary from Nintendo visionaries who pioneered this era of gaming.
  • A showcase of vintage advertising and priceless excerpts from Nintendo Power magazine back issues!
  • Plus hand-drawn maps, character and game environment art, and much more!

Bitmap Books recently completed a Kickstarter campaign for The Unofficial NES/Famicom: A Visual Compendium, a similar reference tome that should be available in January.

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Live-action Pokemon movie starring “Detective Pikachu” officially announced


Remember all those rumors about a “bidding war” between movie studios over a live-action Pokemon movie? Turns out, it really happened, and Legendary Entertainment has emerged as the winner.

We’ll probably never know if Pokemon Go‘s phenomenal success had any influence on their desire to create a Pokemon movie, but Legendary has announced plans to produce a live-action movie based on Great Detective Pikachu, a game where a (very talkative) Pikachu in a deerstalker cap helps a young boy solve crimes. Even stranger, Great Detective Pikachu is currently only available in Japan, and many Pokemon fans don’t even know it exists. However, after this announcement (which was first reported by Deadline), I have a feeling that’ll change very soon.

With Comic-Con just hours away, you’d think Legendary would have to more to say about their ambitions for the first live-action Pokemon film. Unfortunately, besides confirming that Universal will distribute the movie outside of Japan and that production might begin next year, we don’t know anything else about it.

If nothing else, I guess it’s time to revive that “Danny DeVito as Pikachu” petition.

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Gravity Rush 2 will be released for PS4 on December 2

Sony has announced that Gravity Rush 2, the gravity-bending sequel from Sony Japan Studio, will be released exclusively for the PS4 on December 2. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Sony’s Brian Dunn tried to catch up players who might be unfamiliar with the quirky franchise:

Gravity Rush 2 marks the return of gravity shifters Kat and Raven (now a powerful ally), ex-cop Syd, and introduces a bevy of new characters. The first new face to join the expansive world of Gravity Rush 2 is the mysterious guardian angel, who shows up to help Kat when she’s in a bind, quickly dispensing of a group of pesky Nevi enemies.

Angel is a superheroine with an aggressive and wild fighting style, and packs an overwhelming punch to her attacks. She also has a crystallization ability that helps her to regenerate health instantly. Check out Angel’s abilities in the new gameplay trailer!

New and returning fans interested in the Gravity Rush universe will be happy to learn that Sony is teaming with Studio Khara to produce an anime, Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture, that bridges the gap between the first game and its sequel. More information on Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture will be revealed soon.

Finally, Sony also announced that players who pre-order Gravity Rush 2 will receive an alternate white costume for main character Kat, as well as a nine-song soundtrack.

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Call of Duty: Zombies comic book miniseries will launch in October

callofdutyzombiesnumberoneThe Call of Duty: Zombies universe will expand this Fall with the launch of a Call of Duty: Zombies miniseries from Dark Horse Comics. Based on a story by Treyarch developers Jason Blundell and Craig Houston, Call of Duty: Zombies will be written by Justin Jordan (Green Lantern: New Guardians) and illustrated by Jonathan Wayshak (Devolution).

The series will span six issues, with the first scheduled to be released on October 19…

On his quest to secure an ancient artifact known as The Kronorium, Doctor Edward Richtofen enlists the help of The Tranzit Crew, a rag tag group of survivors last seen in the Black Ops II Zombies installment “Buried.” On a deeply unstable and fractured future Earth, Stuhlinger, Misty, Russman, and Marlton battle for survival against the undead horde, as they slowly uncover the truth behind Richtofen’s mysterious reappearance. The Call of Duty: Zombies miniseries follows these characters’ perilous journey of discovery, filling in crucial pieces of the larger Zombies story.

Call of Duty fans can get a sneak peek at the comic adaptation at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, where Blundell will be a guest during Dark Horse’s Comics & Video Games panel on Thursday, July 21, at 8:00 PM (Eastern Time). In addition to talking about the comic miniseries, the developer will also “shed light onto some of the secrets hidden within the Call of Duty: Zombies saga.”

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Paramount is adapting DICE’s Battlefield franchise as a television series


Paramount Television and Anonymous Content have announced plans to produce a television series based on DICE’s Battlefield franchise. It’s too early in the process to talk about casting or airdates, but all the executives involved in the deal seem pleased…

“Paramount TV actively seeks smart content from all sectors that will resonate with audiences and translate to compelling programming,” said Amy Powell, the President of Paramount TV. “EA’s Battlefield has an incredibly dynamic narrative, coupled with a loyal fan base, which will allow us to bring this exciting and unique property to the small screen. We look forward to working with EA and Anonymous Content and thank Michael Sugar for his tenacity in bringing us this exciting project.”

“Battlefield has a tremendous built-in, engaged fan base, making it a highly coveted piece of IP primed for long-form adaptation,” said Executive Producer Michael Sugar. “Together with EA and Paramount TV, we’ll develop the Battlefield TV series with the same commitment to robust storytelling that has made the game such a runaway success for nearly fifteen years.”

“Battlefield is one of the most loved properties among our players,” said Patrick Söderlund, EA’s Executive Vice President. “We are thrilled that Anonymous Content and Paramount TV will look to introduce fans to Battlefield through a new medium.”

The Battlefield franchise began in 2002 as Battlefield 1942. Over the years, the franchise has explored multiple eras of combat including the Vietnam War (Battlefield: Vietnam), modern-day conflicts (Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4), and the far-future (Battlefield 2142). And this Fall’s Battlefield 1 will take the series back to World War I. We don’t know which of these eras will receive the adaptation treatment, but anthologies are all the rage on television these days…

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