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Press that recall button… the entire cast of Firefly will join Firefly Online

“When your miracle gets here, you just pound this button once, it’ll call back both shuttles.”

No power in the verse can stop them. Spark Plug Games and QMx, the developers behind Firefly Online, have confirmed that the entire cast will provide voicework for the game. Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm Reynolds), Alan Tudyk (Wash), Adam Baldwin (Jayne), Sean Maher (Simon Tam), and Ron Glass (Shepherd Book) have already recorded their parts. Morena Baccarin (Inara), Jewel Staite (Kayley), and Summer Glau (River Tam) have also signed up and will record their parts soon.

In addition to the crew of Serneity, Michael Fairman (Niska) will be on hand to add a devilish presence to the game. Finally, Kelly Hu (Lady Deathstrike from X2) and Michael Dorn (Worf!) will voice new characters created exclusively for the game.

All this extra voicework (and the character animation to go along with it) means that Firefly Online will miss its originally planned Summer 2014 launch. Instead, the game will now be available for the PC and mobile devices in Spring 2015.

[Source: Firefly Online Facebook Page]

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 will be available to download next week

Telltale will deliver the next episode for The Walking Dead Season 2 next week. Titled Amid the Ruins, Telltale’s Laura Perusco told the PlayStation Blog that the episode puts Clementine in a very dangerous spot:

This episode picks up right where Episode 3 left off. After escaping Carver’s camp, the group now faces immediate danger in the dead center of a walker horde. Walkers aren’t the only threat to Clem’s safety, though. The group is beginning to fracture under the pressures of survival in an unforgiving world, and as they search for new shelter, it becomes apparent that the living may be just as dangerous as the dead…

The Walking Dead Season 2: Amid the Ruins will be available to download for the PS3 and Vita on Tuesday, July 22. Xbox 360 owners will be able to play it beginning Wednesday, July 23. Finally, the episode will be available on the iOS App Store on Thursday, July 24.

As always, Amid the Ruins will be priced at $4.99 or available as a free download as part of the Season Pass.

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The Walking Dead Season 2: In Harm’s Way Review: Villainous


Playing through the first season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead game, it became quickly apparent that danger was everywhere. I always had to be on my guard, watching my back, and stepping on eggshells. Normally menial tasks such as searching through an abandoned pharmacy or walking across a parking lot had become frightening life-or-death battles for survival. Knock a bottle off a counter or make a wrong turn, and you’ll almost certainly meet a ghastly end. If you wanted to survive, you had to avoid walkers at all costs, as these were truly terrifying enemies.

But while still a constant threat, the zombies in The Walking Dead weren’t much more than obstacles – dangerous obstacles, mind you – but a hindrance nonetheless. You knew what you had to do to survive the mindless ghouls. All that changed in The Walking Dead Season 2, where we were introduced to Carver, one of the most fascinating characters in the series. You hated him, but at the same time you understood his plight. He was trying to bring his group together no matter what. While at first we don’t think he’s all that bad, he dispels those thoughts, and quickly becomes one of the greatest villains in the Walking Dead universe. It’s because of this character that In Harm’s Way is not only the best episode of this second season, but perhaps the best episode of the entire series. (more…)

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Kickstart This! It’s Just Not Cricket Edition

That’s right, it’s time for football (or soccer, for the average American reader and editor). World Cup fever has landed and is now in full swing like the Rio Carnival. It has been a tournament of surprises, with the current World Cup champions knocked out by the second game, along with perennial contenders England (but I’m Scottish, so the less said about Luis Suarez’s two beautiful goals, the better).

There are a number of great Kickstarter campaigns in full force as well, and instead of placing bets on goals scored or corners won, perhaps think about donating some of that cash to these fine projects. We have the amazingly named Catlateral Damage, top-down 2D action-adventure Midora, and 2D puzzle-platformer For My Brother. On top of that, there is also a side-scrolling space shooter known as Temporus, the stealth ninja mastery of Twin Souls, and the 8-bit existential journey of Glitch.

Let’s go for the goal! (more…)

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Catlateral Damage is fully funded on Kickstarter; PS4 stretch goal added

Chris Chung’s Catlateral Damage has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter. Backers pushed the game past its $40,000 target early on Sunday morning and that means that it’s time to talk stretch goals.

Chung has multiple bonus levels in mind as the pledges roll in including a Supermarket ($48,000), Museum ($56,000), and Pet Store ($85,000). Steam Workshop integration will be added and developer tools will be released to the public if the game manages to reach $70,000. And console gamers will even be able to get in on the Catlateral Damage if funding reaches $100,000. The ever-popular “???” is listed after that.

If you missed our Best of PAX East 2014 selections, you might not be familiar with Catlateral Damage. The title can best be described as a first-person reverse-Katamari game. If the Prince was cleaning up all of our garbage, it was this cat that threw it all on the ground.

Catlateral Damage will be released for the PC and Ouya sometime before the end of the year. As of this writing, backers have pledged $46,089 towards the game.

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Civilization Revolution 2 will be released for iOS devices next week


I know that image is from the Xbox 360 version of Civilization Revolution, but I liked it, so I’m sticking with it. Anyway, 2K Games has announced that Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 will be released on iOS on July 2, which is really soon. According to the press release, which you can see after the jump, it will be coming soon to Android devices as well.

This seems like a pretty rational move for the company, which released the first game on iOS after having a run on consoles and handhelds. The sequel has been developed exclusively for mobile devices, and promises it will be ” delivering high-impact graphics and new gameplay and controls that capitalize on the mobile technology advancements since the original Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution launched more than five years ago.”

Hit the jump for the full press release.


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Atari’s plan includes catering to “LGBT, social casinos, real-money gambling, and YouTube”

atarilogoAtari is the company that brought Pong and Asteroids to our living room… and brought countless numbers of cartridges of E.T. to New Mexico. The company currently known as Atari recently underwent some financial problems, but they’ve announced that they’ll be focusing on a new corporate strategy, one that involves “reaching out to new audiences – including LGBT, social casinos, real-money gambling, and YouTube with exclusive video content.”

What does that even mean? Well, Chief Executive Officer of Atari, Fred Chesnais, said, “Atari is more than a game publishing company; it’s an iconic brand that has established a passionate and timeless culture… Known across multiple generations around the world, Atari will continue to embrace all audiences. What the company has accomplished over the years is no small feat, but there is more to come. We’re looking forward to delivering on our new strategy and engaging with our audience in new ways across multiple channels as the next era of Atari unfolds. We are leading a rebuilding exercise in a highly volatile industry, so at the same time we are also aware of the challenges that lay ahead.”

The company plans to move to PC and mobile as well as “other digital mediums.” They also plan to continue with hardware licensing, “gamified hardware, and wearable devices.” Does this mean Atari games coming to Oculus Rift – via Facebook? Do you start with more lives if you have more Facebook friends? This is exciting.

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Catlateral Damage struts its stuff on Kickstarter

Another Warp Zoned favorite, Catlateral Damage, is now on Kickstarter. I was freaking out about this one before I included it on our PAXpocalypse list, because it was amazing even before I played it. It’s a ridiculous amount of fun, sort of like a backwards Katamari Damacy, where you play as a cat knocking over everything in your owner’s house. My one regret right now is that I don’t have $500+ to get my awesome cat Puppy in the game.

Catlateral Damage is due out in November 2014 for PC, Mac, Linux, and Ouya. You can play the demo now on their Kickstarter page, and you really, really should.

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