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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance Pack comes to PC, PS3, PS4 on April 30

Randall Higgins, KillCameraman, is back in a new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer that confirms the Ascendance Pack will be available for PC, PS3, and PS4 players on April 30. Like the previous DLC pack, the Ascendance Pack will include a new weapon (the OHM LMG/Shotgun), a new Exo Zombies episode (Infection), and four new multiplayer maps:

Perplex: Venture to the streets of Sydney and battle through a five-story modular apartment complex. With elevated vantages and tight corridors, Perplex is small-to-medium sized map that fits variety of play styles. Construction drones will shake things up, however, as they shift apartment modules and create new strategic pathways.

Site 244: An alien craft has crash-landed beneath Mt. Rushmore, USA, making for an awesome medium-to-large sized three-lane map littered with extraterrestrial debris. Gain a competitive edge by earning the map-based scorestreak to open an alien spore that enhances your perks and exo abilities.

Climate: Settle in to your dome away from home in Climate… a lush climate-controlled biodome. With a circular layout with a central island structure for teams to fight for control of, Climate keeps the pace of the action high. The tides can turn, however, when the rivers begin to rage and become a treacherous obstacle.

Chop Shop: Discover the seedy underbelly of the unauthorized exoekeleton trade in Chop Shop, a medium-sized industrial complex with a devastating map-based scorestreak: the Advanced Repulsion Turret.

As always, the Ascendance Pack will be available to download separately ($14.99) or as part of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass ($49.99).

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Bloodborne, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Cities: Skylines all sell one million copies


While the weather outside was frightful, gamers across the globe responded by purchasing a trio of games in droves this Winter. In fact, each game has sold more than one million copies worldwide.

Sony Computer Entertainment announced that Bloodborne has sold more than one million copies worldwide since its March 24. According to the PlayStation Blog, From Software is also hard at work on patch 1.03 to “to reduce certain load times” and add in a few “performance optimizations.” They’ll also remove that bug that makes the game easier after you’ve been playing for more than 12 hours.

According to Capcom, they’ve shipped one million copies of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to stores across Europe and North America, so they haven’t crossed the seven figure sales figure just yet. But the publisher still plans to celebrate by releasing a free Monster Hunter theme for the 3DS in May.

Finally, Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have sold one million copies of their city-builder, Cities: Skylines, since March 10. The game has been heartily embraced by sim fans who felt letdown by SimCity, but it looks like its begun to reach gamers of all stripes. I think this Facebook post (which includes a cameo appearance from Dr. Evil) says it all.

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Join the Pony Express in today’s playable Google Doodle

Thanks to its ubiquity in pop culture, the Pony Express looms large over the landscape of the American West. And yet, the mail delivery service was only in operation for a scant 18 months.

Never one to let a meaningful anniversary pass by, today’s Google Doodle celebrates the company’s first successful delivery, which occurred 155 years ago today. Best of all, the Pony Express Doodle is a playable side-scrolling game that tasks riders with delivering 100 pieces of mail along a three-town route. But be on the lookout for cacti, avalanches, and bandits as you complete your rounds:

The notion of triumph through adversity is so inspirational. So when William H.Russell, Alexander Majors & William B Waddell founded the Pony Express on April 3rd, 1860, they set in motion a wonderful yet daunting method of communication. What a concept–riders with letters on horseback racing from California to Missouri and vice versa to deliver mail on time! True to their word, the first mail arrived on April 14th. The Pony Express felt like a great game concept to us at Google. We’ve made time-based games in the past so our new idea was simple. Collect letters, avoid obstacles and aim for the ultimate 100 letter delivery! We know everyone is busy these days but the Pony Express needs YOU. And ultimately, whatever happens in life, what’s more important than earning trust and respect from a horse?

It’s a pretty great timewaster and I know I’m going to spend all day trying to top my high score of 59.

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Knight Squad Hands-On Preview: (Gauntlet + Bomberman) x Knights = Awesome


Cramming eight people around the television set in my living room for a night of gaming seems like the worst idea of all time. For one, I’ve only got enough couch space for about four-and-a-half people, so an unlucky few would be regulated to the floor. I guess they could ask my beast of a dog to share her floor pillow, but she’s a drooler and a licker. That’s bad, though most of my sympathies would lie with the poor sucker who has to wedge himself in the fireplace. But you know what, having a full complement of players for Knight Squad might make it worth it. (more…)

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Which Faction will you side with in Mortal Kombat X?

The launch of Mortal Kombat X is just one day away on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Though if you’re planning to camp out at one of the many midnight launch parties, you could be playing it in as little as eight hours.

One of the first things you’ll do after loading up Mortal Kombat X for the first time is pledge your allegiance to one of the game’s five Factions. The Black Dragon, Lin Kuei, Special Force, White Lotus Society, and Brotherhood of Shadow are all fighting for new recruits and each has produced a Recruitment Video to help swell their numbers.

Which Faction will you join? You can preview all the Recruitment Videos after the break. And pay special attention to the Brotherhood of Shadow clip, which features cameos from Zombie Stryker, Zombie Sindel, and Zombie Kabal. (more…)

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Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul will be released for PC, PS3, PS4 in Fall 2015

About two months ago, Bandai Namco filed a trademark application for “Soldiers’ Soul,” which many people assumed would be related to From Software’s “Souls” series in some way. I guess the joke’s on all of us as the publisher announced the title actually belongs to Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul, a new game adaptation of the popular manga and anime.

In this brand new anime and game, the legendary Gold Saints are back from the dead with their new God Cloths! The fabled fight against Hades was not the end of everything for Athena’s heroes: blessed by heavenly powers, Seiya and his friends still have to accomplish something bigger!

Soldiers’ Soul will be the second Saint Seiya game to be released in North America, following the release of Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers in 2013. The game is in development at Dimps (for the PC, PS3, and PS4), and should be be released sometime this Fall.

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New Releases: Mortal Kombat X, Grand Theft Auto V for PC


Just two new games are set to be available on retail store shelves this week… but they’re two of the biggest games of the Spring.

First up, NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat X will be released for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The sequel will slingshot the franchise’s storyline 25 years into the future and introduce a whole new generation of kombatants to the world. The last game in the series, Mortal Kombat, was released four ago, which is the biggest Mortal Kombat drought since the five-year gap between Mortal Kombat 4 and Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.

Also available this week, after several delays, is Grand Theft Auto V‘s PC launch. Rockstar’s game of cops and robbers was originally released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013 while an upgraded edition for the PS4 and Xbox One launched last year. The PC version (which requires seven discs) promises to be the most expansive version yet.

That’s it for the retail release report, but a handful of new games will also be available through Steam, the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Games Store, and the Nintendo eShop this week.

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Kickstart This! Ira, Izle, Upside-Down Dimensions

Apologies for the absence of Kickstart This! on Warp Zoned in March, but my sister decided to get married and then invite a few of us to join them in New York for the first leg of their honeymoon (not as weird as it sounds). While seeing the many sights the Big Apple had to offer, and munching my way through the trifecta of pizza, pretzel, and hot dog, I managed to pop into Nintendo World at Rockefeller Plaza. It was great to meet and play with some American gamers, though my girlfriend dragged me out before I was able to buy some of the amazing tees on sale. It re-invigorated my love for video games, which everyone needs once in a while. Sometimes we all go through slumps where our enthusiasm wanes, and for much of March I was stuck in one.

But I have crossed back over the Atlantic buzzing to play some great games, and help fund some beautiful and unique ones on Kickstarter. This week, I’m travelling into space with Ira, creating new lands in Izle, and becoming a papercraft samurai in Upside-Down Dimensions. (more…)

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