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Minecraft’s Console Edition is getting a PvP arena in June with Battle Mini Game update


Minecraft‘s Console Edition is about to get a little more interesting with the launch of the Battle Mini Game update in June. Available as a free download for the PS3, PS4, Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, the Battle Mini Game will add a competitive multiplayer battle arena to the game.

Here’s what Marsh Davies, Mojang’s Community Manger, had to say about the update on the company’s official website:

Battle pits players against one another in a fight for survival, as they race to snatch weapons and resources from chests, dance over each arena’s unique perils and stave off hunger pangs. We’ve made the mini game specifically with console players and couch-based competition in mind: it supports up to four players in splitscreen and eight players online, either by invitation or using the in-game matchmaking system. We wanted it to be super-accessible and fast-paced, so we’ve tried to keep the focus on rapid tactical thinking and combat: there’s no need to craft anything here, and you can loot inventories and equip armour with the tap of a button.

The Battle Mini Game update will include three maps, but Mojang and 4J Studios have plans to produce more Map Packs or the mode, which will be available later this year for $2.99 apiece. For now, you can head over to for a look at the first screenshots from the Battle Mini Game.

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Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Season Pass includes 3 Level Packs and more than 50 new characters


WB Games has announced a Season Pass for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens that’ll include three Level Packs and more than 50 new playable characters.

Priced at $9.99 (packs can also be downloaded individually for $2.99 apiece), the Season Pass will feature 15 playable characters and three never-before-seen scenes from The Force Awakens, including Poe Damerson’s journey back from Jakku, Kylo Ren’s assault on Maz Kanata’s castle, and the Resistance escape from Starkiller Base. The Season Pass will also include five Character Packs, which will add 40 additional playable characters to the game.

The full contents of the Season Pass (which is available for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One) can be found right here:

Poe’s Quest for Survival Level Pack
A whole new adventure following Poe Dameron’s journey back to the Resistance base. After his daring escape from the First Order that left him stranded on Jakku, Poe must search for BB-8 and locate a ship to escape the desert planet in an effort to find his way home.
Playable Characters and Vehicles Include: Naka Lit, Ohn Gos, Poe Dameron (Jakku), Strus Clan Leader, Strus Clan Raider, Strus Clan Speeder (Full-Size Vehicle), Strus Clan Speeder (Microfighter Vehicle)

First Order Siege of Takodana Level Pack
Experience the thrilling assault on Maz Kanata’s castle in a new way. Storm the shores of Takodana with Kylo Ren and the First Order in a quest to capture Rey and BB-8 to crush the Resistance forever.
Playable Characters and Vehicles Include: Jashco Phurus, Rosser Weno, Strono “Cookie” Tuggs, Thromba, Laparo, Jakku Freighter (Full-Size Vehicle), Jakku Freighter (Microfighter Vehicle)

Escape from Starkiller Base Level Pack
After crash landing on the surface of Starkiller Base, join the battle from the perspective of two Resistance pilots. With the help of a loyal astromech droid, outmaneuver the First Order to escape the planet before it explodes.
Playable Characters and Vehicles Include: C’ai Threnalli, Colonel Datoo, Lieutenant Rodinon, Lt Wright, R3-Z3, Assault Walker (Full-Size Vehicle), Assault Walker (Microfighter Vehicle)

The Jedi Character Pack (Available June 28, 2016)
Features powerful members of the Jedi Order. Available exclusively to Season Pass owners.
Playable Characters and Vehicles Include: Aayla Secura, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Kit Fisto, Luminara Unduli, Mace Windu, Plo Koon, Saesee Tiin, Shaak Ti, Jedi Interceptor (Full-Size Vehicle), Jedi Interceptor (Microfighter Vehicle)

The Prequel Trilogy Character Pack
Play as select characters from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.
Playable Characters and Vehicles Include: Anakin Skywalker (Damaged), Captain Panaka, Darth Maul, Jango Fett, Jar Jar Binks, Padmé Naberrie, Watto, Zam Wesell, Naboo Starfighter (Full-Size Vehicle), Naboo Starfighter (Microfighter Vehicle)

The Freemaker Adventures Character Pack
Showcases the galaxy’s bravest family of scavengers from the upcoming Lego animated series, debuting June 20th on Disney XD.
Playable Characters and Vehicles Include: Baash (Iktotchi), Graballa the Hutt, Kordi Freemaker, Naare, Raam (Iktotchi), Roger (Battle Droid), Rowan Freemaker, Zander Freemaker, Star Scavenger (Full-Size Vehicle), Star Scavenger (Microfighter Vehicle)

Star Wars: Rebels Character Pack
Play as the crew of the Ghost from the popular Disney XD animated series.
Playable Characters and Vehicles Include: Ahsoka Tano, Chopper, Ezra Bridger, Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren, Seventh Sister Inquisitor, Zeb Orrelios, Ghost (Full-Size Vehicle), Ghost (Microfighter Vehicle)

The Clones Wars Character Pack
Exciting characters from the acclaimed animated series.
Playable Characters and Vehicles Include: Asajj Ventress, Aurra Sing, Barriss Offee, Cad Bane, Captain Rex, Commander Cody, Hondo Ohnaka, Savage Opress, Republic Gunship (Full-Size Vehicle), Republic Gunship (Microfighter Vehicle)

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released on June 28.

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Deep Silver continues their goofy advertising pitch for Mighty No. 9 with new “Masterclass” trailer

Prospective fans of Mighty No. 9 are understandably upset that the game has taken so long to go from Kickstarter campaign to finished product. But game development takes time, and creator Keiji Inafune started work on Mighty No. 9 with little more than an idea and a dream.

So here we are, less than a month away from its launch, and publisher Deep Silver has delivered a new “Masterclass” trailer that focuses on Beck’s many special abilities. Narrated by the same goofy announcer as last November’s “Features Trailer,” it has a similar retro vibe, and probably would have felt right at home on Nickelodeon in 1992.

Will this kind of advertising fly in 2016? It’s too soon to say, but we do know that Mighty No. 9 will be released for the PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on June 21. The game will also appear on the 3DS and Vita later this year.

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Finn stars in the second Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Character Trailer

WB Games is back with a second “Character Vignette” from Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and this time they’ve focused on Finn, everyone’s favorite ex-Stormtrooper.

Watch as Finn helps Chewbacca stuff Captain Phasma down the garbage chute, and hear new dialogue recorded by John Boyega as Finn explains to Han Solo that everything’s going to be OK (grumpy Han Solo sounds less than convinced).

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released on June 28 for the 3DS, PC, PS3, PS4, Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Overwatch, TMNT Mutants in Manhattan, Downwell, more added to PS Store

This week’s PlayStation Store update is all about heroes of different shapes and sizes. And no where is that more apparent than Overwatch, which is officially reporting for duty. Blizzard’s “Hero Shooter” is now available to download on the PS4, and players will be able to choose from nearly two different dozen heroes as they battle it out with others online.

Also available to download this week is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, a new beat ’em up starring the heroes in a half-shell. Developed for both the PS4 and PS3 by Platinum Games, Mutants in Manhattan features a cel-shaded art style based on the TMNT comics and an original story by Tom Waltz.

Finally this week, Downwell drops its hero down a well (because, of course it does)… I guess it’s a good thing you’re packing downward-firing Gunboots. Originally released for mobile devices, Downwell can be purchased as a Cross-Buy title for the PS Vita and PS4.

More information on all of these games (and a few other new releases) can be found after the break. And a complete rundown of this week’s discounts and brand new game add-ons is available at the PlayStation Blog. (more…)

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Spider-Man joins Lego Avengers today as part of free Spider-Man Character Pack

Spider-Man officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this month’s Captain America: Civil War, and now the webhead is heading to Lego Avengers as part of the Spider-Man Character Pack. Available as a free download for Lego Avengers owners on the PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, the Spider-Man Character Pack will actually include six different webslinging characters:

Spider-Man Character Pack

  • Spider-Man (Captain America: Civil War)
  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
  • Spider-Man (Mile Morales)
  • Spider-Girl
  • Iron Spider
  • Scarlet Spider

You can also check out the Spider-Man Character Pack trailer embedded above to see Spider-Man (and friends) do whatever a spider can.

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New Retail Releases: Overwatch, TMNT Mutants in Manhattan, More


Another week, another handful of new releases. However, one of the most-anticipated games of the last few years will be available on store shelves this week, so that’s certainly something to celebrate.

Blizzard began working on their secretive “Titan MMO” project more than ten years, and while the game was eventually scrapped, parts of it were incorporated into Overwatch, a unique “Hero Shooter” for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Rather than populate its game with generic character types, Blizzard chose to create dozens of unique “Heroes” for Overwatch, and they gave each one their own personality and fighting style. Overwatch is very similar to the recently-released Battleborn, and I’m sure the two games will be compared and contrasted for many years to come.

Also available this week is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, a Platinum Games-developed beat ’em up for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360. Mutants in Manhattan isn’t a simple movie adaptation, and instead features a comics-inspired art style and an original storyline not tied to any previous incarnation of the Ninja Turtles.

Finally this week, a trio of lesser-known games will also be available on store shelves for the first time. The list includes Dungeons II (PS4), a tactical strategy game; Adam’s Venture: Origins (PS4), a narrative adventure game; and Tropico 5: Penultimate Edition (Xbox One), a repackaged re-release of the city builder with additional bonus material.

We’ll be back soon to look at the latest digital releases on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, and Nintendo eShop throughout the rest of the week.

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Shovel Knight is getting a series of tie-in kids books this January

shovelknightbookShovel Knight lives by the Codes of Shovelry, and the teachings of this ancient art helped him topple the Order of No Quarter in Yacht Club’s excellent side-scrolling platformer of the same name. Capturing the hearts and minds of nostalgic gamers everywhere after his 2014 debut, Shovel Knight will take on his greatest challenge next year… the Children’s Literature section of your local bookstore.

Yacht Club Games has partnered with Grosset & Dunlap to publish a series of Shovel Knight-themed books targeted at kids 8-12 years old. The four books announced so far include:

  • Shovel Knight Guidebook, a 176-page strategy guide that includes all of Shovel Knight’s secrets and tips to defeat the Order of No Quarter.
  • Shovel Knight: Codes of Shovelry Handbook, which will teach readers more about the characters from the game, “as well as tips for enhanced gameplay.”
  • Shovel Knight: Digger’s Diary, a journal filled with “fun activities, challenging mazes and puzzles, and writing prompts.”
  • Shovel Knight Mad Libs, which promises 21 silly stories from the world of Shovel Knight.

Yacht Club expects to release Shovel Knight’s final two expansions by the end of the year, which nicely matches up with the January 10, 2017 release date for the game’s first four tie-in books.

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