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Valkyria Revolution will be released for PS4, Xbox One, Vita on June 27

Sega announced this afternoon that Valkyria Revolution will be released for the PS4 and Xbox One on June 27. The game will also be released for the Vita on the same day, and it’ll be available as a digital download exclusively through the PlayStation Store.

Fans familiar with the Valkyria franchise’s turn-based gameplay will be in for a surprise with Valkyria Revolution. According to Sega, Revolution will include “new characters, a new world, and new gameplay mechanics” when it launches this Summer:

In the wake of a revolution, Jutland’s elite soldiers, the Vanargand, must band together to defeat the Ruzi Empire and stop death itself–the Valkyria. This grizzled anti-Valkyria squad is equipped with advanced mana weaponry and has the powerful ability to wield ragnite spells to combat this terrifying threat. The unit is comprised of soldiers who have a high affinity for ragnite, and even Jutland’s own Princess Ophelia has joined the ranks. The princess carries the utmost love for her country and has answered the call of duty to liberate those who are suffering from the Ruzi’s tyranny. However, Amleth Gronkjaer, the commanding officer of Vanargand hides a terrible secret. Is he friend or foe to the country he has sworn to protect?

As part of this announcement, Sega also confirmed that Valkyria Revolution’s first print run will be available in a limited “Vanargand Edition.” This special edition of the game comes with a Metal Vanargand Pin and a 12-Track Soundtrack composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.

Finally, you can find a new Teaser Trailer for Valkyria Revolution after the break. (more…)

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Mass Effect: Andromeda, Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, Freedom Planet, more added to PlayStation Store

After Mass Effect 3‘s ending divided fans, BioWare wiped the slate clean for the fourth entry in the franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda. Now available to download for the PS4 through the PlayStation Store, players will explore the uncharted Andromeda galaxy in a search for humanity’s new home.

Also available to download this week is Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, a two-game collection featuring Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward. Launching on the PS4 and Vita for the first time, The Nonary Games follows two groups forced to compete for their lives in a deadly game. One group is trapped on a sinking boat, and the other is locked in a facility, but can they all escape?

Another well-liked game making its PS4 debut today is Freedom Planet, a retro-themed side-scroller that was inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog’s heyday on the Genesis.

And finally this week, Sony is kicking off their “Play Collective” promotion with the release of Everything, a PS4 game that the developers are pitching as “an interactive experience where everything you see is a thing you can be.”

You can learn more about all of these games (and nearly a dozen other new releases) after the break. (more…)

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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory announced for Early 2018 release

Digimon fans will be ecstatic to hear that a new entry in the Digimon Story franchise is on the horizon and slated for a sooner release than some of us may have initially expected. Bandia Namco has announced that Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory will be released for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in European territories in Early 2018. There is no definitive release date for the game as of yet in North America.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory picks up from the previous game, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, challenging players to uncover the truth about mysteries first revealed in the aforementioned title. Hacker’s Memory will put players in the shoes of protagonist Keisuke Amazawa, a young man falsely accused of a crime, who must team up with a band of hackers and enter the Digital World to investigate and clear his name. The game will also feature over 300 different Digimon, and players will be able to utilize a wide range of battle strategies, compatibilities, combos, and skills to use their Digimon to their fullest potential.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory will be available in both physical and digital formats for the PlayStation 4, but it’ll be digital-only on the PlayStation Vita.

In the meantime, check out some new screenshots showcasing the main protagonist, a few Digimon, and some of the settings players can expect to explore in the upcoming game after the break. Also, be sure to watch the Japanese-language trailer embedded above. (more…)

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New Retail Releases: Mass Effect Andromeda, Mario Sports Superstars, Zero Escape The Nonary Games, More

Venture into new worlds with this week’s new retail releases…

BioWare will help Mass Effect fans explore the unexplored this week thanks to the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Leaving behind the rest of the universe, players will visit the Andromeda galaxy and discover “rich, alien worlds in the search for humanity’s new home.”

Mario and friends will also get to try new things this week in the biggest “Mario Sports” game ever. Coming to the 3DS on Friday, Mario Sports Superstars will include Mario-themed versions of baseball, golf, tennis, horse racing, and soccer. The game will also feature support for a new line of Amiibo Cards that’ll power up your favorite athlete in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Oculus VR owners will be able to become a different kind of superstar this week with the release of Rock Band VR. Harmonix’s latest rhythm game will offer “unprecedented stage presence” in virtual reality and a brand new soundtrack.

But if you’re worried about stage fright and would much prefer to battle giant beasts, Koei Tecmo and Omega Force will release Toukiden 2 for the PS4 and Vita. And if you’d rather explore a more familiar world, Aksys Games will bundle together Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward for the PS4 and Vita in Zero Escape: The Nonary Games.

You can find even more new releases after the break. (more…)

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Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Review: Death Takes Over in a Perfect Prequel

Yacht Club Games has built a strong reputation over the years for their ability to deconstruct, modernize, and regenerate the side-scrolling platformer. Using Ducktales and Mega Man as a template, the original Shovel Knight was a game that honored the past, while only being able to exist in the present. Meanwhile, its first expansion, Plague of Shadows, brought back the gadget platformer in a unique adventure that felt more like a true sequel than an add-on.

The developer must have had the same thought, as Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is the first game in the franchise’s rapidly-growing expanded universe to be available as a standalone game as well as a free expansion. Widening their playing field has also lead Yacht Club to tackle the cinematic storytelling and swordplay found in the NES era’s ninja platformers, best exemplified by Ninja Gaiden. (more…)

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Danganronpa 1-2 Reload, Styx: Shards of Darkness, Momodora, more added to PS Store

With the northeast buried under a literal mountain of snow, now’s a great time to explore this week’s additions to the PlayStation Store…

After slowly gaining momentum with PS Vita and PC players over the past few years, NIS America will bring the first two murder mysteries in the Danganronpa franchise (Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair) to the PS4 this week as Danganronpa 1-2 Reload. Also available to download this week for the PS4 is Styx: Shards of Darkness, a stealth adventure from Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive.

And later this week, PS4 owners will be able to download Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, a “MetroidVania” with “highly satisfying combat and gorgeous pixel art.”

So keep shoveling and dig into more details about all these games (and the rest of this week’s new releases) after the break. (more…)

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Play Collective promo unveils PS Store release dates for PaRappa the Rapper, Cosmic Star Heroine, What Remains of Edith Finch, more

Last Spring, Sony promoted a series of indie games on the PlayStation Store through the Launch Party promotion. Exactly twelve months ago, PS4 owners got the chance to try out games like Invisible Inc, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Alienation, and more.

Today, Sony announced a similar promotion for 2017, Play Collective, and release dates for another batch of intriguing indie games including Zeboyd’s Cosmic Star Heroine, Giant Sparrow’s What Remains of Edith Finch, Double Fine’s Full Throttle Remastered, and Videocult’s Rain World. The Play Collective promotion will also include a release date for Sony’s PaRappa the Rapper Remastered.

Play Collective kicks off on March 21 with the release of Double Fine’s Everything, but PlayStation Plus subscribers can lock in a 20% discount on any (or all) of the games right now by pre-ordering them through the PlayStation Store.

A full rundown of the Play Collective schedule, and more information about all six games, can be found after the break (and at the PlayStation Blog). (more…)

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Dying: Reborn “Ultimate Edition” is now available for PS4, PS VR, and PS Vita

Dying: Reborn is a horror puzzle game that’s previously been released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Today, Dying: Reborn is getting a third chance at life by releasing on the PlayStation Vita in a special Ultimate Edition Bundle.

Dying: Reborn players will find themselves in the shoes of the stranded protagonist, Matthew. Lost in a strange hostel and in search of his missing sister, they’ll help Matthew solve puzzles and search for clues in order to progress to the next room.

For those interested in saving a bit of money, and experiencing Dying: Reborn in all its forms, the new Ultimate Edition Bundle might be the best choice. At $24.99, the Ultimate Edition Bundle offers a 40% discount over the combined purchase price of the game on the PS4 ($19.99), PS VR ($9.99), and PS Vita ($14.99).

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