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New Retail Releases: Fairy Fencer F PS4, Shiren the Wanderer 5 Vita, N.E.R.O., More

It’s the last week of July, and we’ve got a trio of new games to talk about…

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force is a PS4 re-release of an RPG from Japanese developer Compile Heart. In addition to high definition graphics, Advent Dark Force adds new content to the game, more playable characters, and three new difficulty settings.

Another brand new re-release can be found on the Vita this week as Aksys Games plans to release Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate. The fifth game in the Shiren the Wanderer series, The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate is a roguelike RPG that was originally released for the DS, only in Japan, in 2010.

Finally this week, N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure is a first-person puzzle game for the PS4 that takes players on a journey through a world of “incredible beauty.”

While just a handful of games will be added to retail shelves, a huge number of new games are expected to be made available to download through the PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, and Nintendo eShop this week.

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Overwatch climbs to the top of the NPD’s list of best-selling games for June 2016


June is typically a slow period for new game releases, but The NPD Group’s look at last month’s best-selling games proves just how slow it was. According to tracking firm, consumer spending on games was down 20% from last year, when Batman: Arkham Knight launched to strong reviews and even stronger sales.

To make matters worse, the only new release to crack the top ten were Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (#3) and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst (#5). But that means the path to the top of the list was clear for Overwatch, which rode a wave of support from fans to become June 2016’s best-selling game. Grand Theft Auto V (#2) and Doom (#4) rounded out the top five.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom in June, as NPD Analyst Liam Callahan told “After 32 months since the launches of the PS4 and Xbox One, the combined cumulative hardware sales for these two consoles exceed the sales of [the PS3 and Xbox 360] by 40% at the same point in their lifecycles.”

However, the biggest news this month might be the new way that the NPD reports their monthly sales data. Provided a publisher supplies the numbers, the company has agreed to begin integrating digital sales into their monthly tally. Most publishers have already signed on, though Bethesda, Sony, and Mojang remain holdouts, and Blizzard has decided not to share sales data from

A complete look at last months top ten best-selling titles can be found after the break. (more…)

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Dragon Quest Builders Day One Edition includes bonus downloadable content

dragonquestbuilders-dayoneListen now to my words, Square Enix has officially narrowed down the release date for Dragon Quest Builders from October 2016 to October 11, 2016… so be sure and update your calendar accordingly.

The publisher also confirmed that prospective players will be able to pre-order a special Day One Edition for the PS4 that includes bonus downloadable content for the game’s Terra Incognita (Free Build) Mode. This content will include exclusive in-game building materials, including a Slimy Block Recipe, Springtide Sprinkles Recipe, and Gold Block Recipe.

And don’t forget, if you’re in San Diego this weekend for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, you’ll be able to swing by Square Enix’s booth or the Square Enix Experience on Saturday and Sunday to give Dragon Quest Builders a try.

Dragon Quest Builders is also in the works for the Vita, and it’ll be available to download through the PlayStation Store on October 11 as well.

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World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition will be housed in a pop-up book this October

worldoffinalfantasy-collectorsSquare Enix has announced that World of Final Fantasy will be released in three different packages this October.

PS4 owners will be able to purchase a Collector’s Edition of the game exclusively through the Square Enix Online Store for $119.99. Owing to the game’s storybook nature, the entire package will be house in a case that folds out into a pop-up book which reveals the rest of the bonus content:

World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition

  • Presented as a physical pop-up book, World of Final Fantasy comes to life through striking 3D paper cutouts. As the pop-up book is opened, fantastic physical content concealed in the book is revealed.
  • Physical game disc
  • A special 80-page hardback artbook showing off the fresh toy-like visuals
  • The original soundtrack of the game’s enchanting score
  • A set of three mini-figurines including the legendary Cloud, Lightning, and Squall
  • Extra digital content, including White Chocobo, Glow Moogle and Red Bonnetberry mirages, a Sephiroth summon, and a Japanese voice-over option add-on

Those seeking to spend a bit less money can opt for the PS4 Limited Edition, which includes the game, a mini artbook, and the extra digital content, all for $59.99. A Day One Edition containing just the game and the extra digital content, and also priced at $59.99, will be available for the PS4 and Vita.

To further sell you on the game, Square Enix has produced a new trailer for World of Final Fantasy that debuted at the San Diego Comic-Con today. You can view the “Welcome to Grymoire” video after the break.

And don’t forget, World of Final Fantasy will be released for the PS4 and Vita on October 25. (more…)

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I Am Setsuna, Moon Hunters, Sword Coast Legends, more added to PS Store

Square Enix’s throwback RPG, I Am Setsuna, is now available to download for the PS4. It’s actually quite the busy week for RPGs on the PlayStation Store, so let’s dive in…

Also now available to download for the PS4 is Moon Hunters, a co-op action RPG from Kitfox Games. It’s joined by a pair of RPGs inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, the free-to-play Neverwinter, and the “shared storytelling” of Sword Coast Legends.

Finally this week, Vblank Entertainment has surprise-released Retro City Rampage DX for the PSP. Yes, you read that right. Even four years after its original release, the 8-bit visuals and GTA-like gameplay are a unique combination.

More information on all of these games (and a few other new releases) can be found after the break. And a full rundown of this week’s new add-ons and discounts is available at the PlayStation Blog. (more…)

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Tumblestone Review: Puzzle Fans… Here’s Your New Favorite Game


With a Story Mode that features 360 levels, three marathon variants under an Arcade menu, and a whole slew of multiplayer options, Tumblestone contains a massive amount of content compared to the average puzzle game. And the only ones that come close are going to be found exclusively on mobile devices, which is an altogether different experience. For the most part, large-scale puzzle games abandoned the consoles years ago.

But Tumblestone might change all that. (more…)

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Square Enix will bring a climbing wall, go-kart course, and 7 playable games to Comic-Con


Square Enix doesn’t just want to play their games at next week’s San Diego Comic-Con, they want you to experience them as well. Taking over a section of San Diego at 7th Avenue and Market Street (in the city’s Gaslamp District), the publisher will host a special Square Enix Experience on July 22 and July 23 from noon until 10:00 PM (Pacific Time).

Fans who queue up to try their hand at the physical challenges will be greeted by a rock climbing wall from Rise of the Tomb Raider, a go-kart track from Final Fantasy XV, and a bungee run from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – The Icarus Dash
Enter the dark world of Deus Ex Mankind Divided and become covert agent Adam Jensen without the trench coat and fashionable shades. Showing off the Icarus Dash move, participants will have to run as fast as they can with a bungee cord on their back while shooting a laser gun at targets.

Final Fantasy XV – The Royal Race
Fans can race each other in this themed, go-kart race that takes them through the various landscapes of Final Fantasy XV. Visitors can also have a photo taken to commemorate their race.

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Glacier Climb
The Rise of the Tomb Raider Glacier Climb, inspired by the opening sequence of the game, will allow fans to test their skill and will against the hostile environments Lara faces. The 30-foot glacier wall covered in snow, offers an incredible opportunity for fans to experience Lara’s world. Climbers can have their photo taken while on the wall to capture their adventure. This obstacle challenge is the latest event in the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration (#TombRaider20), a year-long salute to the iconic heroine.

But don’t worry, the Square Enix Experience will also have plenty of games to play. Players can relax with a beer (if they’re over 21) and play several upcoming Square Enix titles including Deux Ex: Mankind Divided, Dragon Quest Builders, Final Fantasy XV, I Am Setsuna, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and World of Final Fantasy. Demo kiosks for all of these games will also be available at Square Enix’s booth (#3829) on the Comic-Con show floor.

Square Enix will also host a number of panels during the convention, and you can find a complete catalog of the publisher’s presentations after the break. (more…)

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Kerbal Space Program, Song of the Deep, Ghostbusters, more added to PS Store

Explore the unknown in this week’s PlayStation Store update…

They say that space is the final frontier, and PS4 owners will get the chance to explore it this week with Kerbal Space Program and Adrift. Kerbal Space Program is a space exploration simulator that’s been available for the PC since last year, and now PS4 players can use it to build rockets and take off for the inky blackness of space. But don’t get too lost out there, or you’ll end up in Adrift, an “immersive first-person experience” about an astronaut helplessly floating amongst the wreckage of a space station.

Other people will say that the deep ocean is the last unexplored location on Earth, and they’re not wrong. Insomniac tapped into this weird world to tell the story of Merryn, a young girl searching for her father underneath the waves in Song of the Deep for the PS4.

Still others will say that life’s biggest mysteries involve “the other side,” and while they aren’t afraid of ghosts, I don’t know if they were expecting Ghostbusters from Activision. Built as a tie-in to the upcoming film, Ghostbusters is an overhead shooter for the PS4 where up to four players can get together for some bustin’ (provided it makes them feel good).

Finally this week, two wacky new sports attempt to scratch that mutliplayer itch on the PS4. Videoball is a bizarre combination of “basketball, football, soccer, first-person shooters, and real-time strategy games” from Iron Galaxy, while Kill Strain is a free-to-play shooter that pits humans against mutants (and its currently exclusively available for PlayStation Plus subscribers).

You can learn more about all of these games (and a few other new release) after the break. And be sure to visit the PlayStation Blog for the complete rundown of this week’s new add-ons and discounts. (more…)

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