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The Behemoth will launch the Full Version of Pit People as part of next update in Early 2018

The Behemoth released the Xbox Game Preview/Early Access version of Pit People this past January, and after nearly a year of updates, the developer is getting ready to release the “Full Version” of the game.

According to a post on The Behemoth’s official website, the “Full Version” of Pit People will be available as part of the game’s next big update, which should arrive sometime in Early 2018:

So here’s a spicy little situation: We’ve decided that our next big drop will be the FULL version of the game! Yes, it shall be complete! You’ll be able to play through the story and find out what happens for everyone.

As we write this, we’re working on the last of the cinematics for the story campaign! This is the final push towards completing the game, alongside additional story quests and a new world map with bonus missions.

Since there’s so much involved with these last steps (VO, animation, level creation, music licensing, QA testing, etc), we’re not exactly sure when everything will line up for a full release date, but we’re shooting to release within the first few months of 2018.

Pit People is currently available for $14.99, but the price will increase to $19.99 once the “Full Version” is available. Thankfully, The Behemoth has added the game to Steam’s Autumn Sale, and it’s currently 20% off this week for PC players.

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Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 3, Soccer Brawl added to Xbox Store

Like this week’s PlayStation Store update, most publishers are bypassing the Xbox Games Store this week because of the holiday. But a brand new pair of Xbox One games are now available to download today.

Telltale Games launched the latest chapter of Batman: The Enemy Within, Episode 3: Fractured Mask, and Hamster Corporation brought back yet another NeoGeo game from the 90s, Soccer Brawl.

You can learn more about both games right here… and don’t forget about Black Friday 2017 discounts on the Xbox Games Store:

Now Available on Xbox Games Store – 11/22/17 [Major Nelson]

Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 3: Fractured Mask
After an unexpected reunion, Bruce finds his attention and his loyalties stretched in yet another direction. Now, in addition to brokering a power struggle between Commissioner Gordon and Amanda Waller, Bruce must balance romantic entanglements with his mission to infiltrate the Pact. As he plunges deeper into the criminal underworld, the villains’ plan starts to come into focus, but will his deceptions take a dire toll?

Soccer Brawl
Soccer Brawl is a soccer game released by SNK in 1992. Sparks fly as teams representing eight different countries battle for the championship. Staged in the near future, teams feature seven robot player instead of the normal 11 players, allowing the defense to also go on the attack and for a variety of arrangements.

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Capcom will add Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Venom to Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite on December 5

Capcom has confirmed that Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Venom will join the fight in Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite on December 5.

In addition to unveiling a new trailer for the trio, the publisher also provided a quick rundown of each character on the Capcom-Unity blog:

Winter Soldier
As a skilled assassin, Winter Soldier has various ways to debilitate opponents and excels at ground combat. Using his cybernetic arm, he can activate Metal Shield, which provides him with enough armor to not only ignore hits, but to walk away unscathed. Though his move set is limited with Metal Shield active, the potential for devastating punishes is massive.

Black Widow
What’s a spy without an array of lethal gadgets? Black Widow’s gauntlets can fire off different projectiles that range from a sticky bomb to one that emits a nerve gas, which crumples the opponent. With the unique ability to perform evasive maneuvers, catching Black Widow will not be easy.

Returning to the series with some of his signature moves, Venom’s aggressive playstyle is further amplified in Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite. His new movement option is Venom Glide, a web zip of sorts, which can be aimed in six different directions, enabling him to keep the pressure going in his favor.

Players who own the 2017 Character Pass will be able to download the three characters for free, and everyone else will be able to purchase them separately for $7.99 apiece. And if you haven’t purchased Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite yet, you might be interested to know that Capcom will host a special Demo Weekend for the game for PlayStation Plus subscribers from November 24th through the 27th.

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Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in 2018

Sega has announced they’re bringing back the Valkyria Chronicles series with the launch of Valkyria Chronicles 4 for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch next year. The franchise’s “familiar-yet-refined tactical RPG battle system” will return, alongside a brand new art style inspired by watercolors compositions and a story that takes place during an alternate World War II:

It is the year 1935 EC…
The continent of Europa is engulfed in the flames of the Second Europan War between the Atlantic Federation and the Autocratic Eastern Imperial Alliance. Although the Federation struggles valiantly against the Empire’s forces, the relentless imperial military machine threatens to consume them. With victory slipping away, the Federation executes Operation Northern Cross: a last-ditch attempt to capture the imperial capital and end the war.

Commander Claude Wallace and his loyal childhood friends in Squad E are sent to fight for the desperate operation’s success, but they will have to endure harsh bone-chilling elements, waves of imperial soldiers, and the terrifying Valkyria… and unravel a grave truth that will shake them to the core.

In addition to detailing the story, Sega also unveiled a deeper look at Valkyria Chronicles 4’s feature set and a debut trailer (which has been embedded above):


  • A Coming-of-Age Story in a Time of War – Valkyria Chronicles 4 takes place in the same timeframe as the original Valkyria Chronicles, but focuses on a whole new cast of main characters. Players will take command of the eager, young Commander Claude Wallace, engineer/heavy weapons extraordinaire Riley Miller, hotheaded Darcsen Raz, ice-cold ace sniper Kai Schulen, and more. Together, they will experience the painful realities of war–but will the bonds of Squad E’s friendships survive the frozen battlefield?
  • The Next Generation “BLiTZ” Battle System – The part overhead turn-based strategy, part RPG, and part real-time 3rd person shooter “BLiTZ” battle system returns to the field. New features include an explosive new class called the Grenadier, numerous offensive/defensive battleship support options, chances for a unit to have a “Last Stand” action before death, and more. Plus, fight the imperial threat with more units on larger-scale maps than ever before.
  • CANVAS Aesthetics – The series’ signature hand-drawn visual style is back and overhauled for the newest generation. Inspired by watercolor compositions, the CANVAS Graphics Engine blends visual elements of reality and imagination to create an expressive world filled with colorful emotions. Watch the journey of Squad E unfold like an interactive painting!
  • The Return of a Legendary Composer – The illustrious Hitoshi Sakimoto, original composer of the Valkyria Chronicles series and countless other emotional epics, returns to provide a sweeping orchestral soundtrack for the game.

Finally, fans can peruse the game’s official website, which went online this morning.

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EA turns off all microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront II after fan backlash

The run-up to Star Wars: Battlefront II‘s launch has been filled with more fireworks than Luke’s trench run through the Dark Star in the first film. Many fans were disappointed in the beta, and many reviewers took issue with the game’s progression system, which seemed overly-dependent on purchasing in-game currency with real money.

Rather than ignore the outcry, Electronic Arts and DICE responded to these complaints with a statement about the future of the game from DICE’s General Manager, Oskar Gabrielson. According to Gabrielson, the developer and publisher have decided to turn off the online storefront for Battlefront II’s in-game currency. For now, players will only be able to unlock the game’s more advanced features (including the ability to play as Darth Vader) through gameplay.

However, EA and DICE also announced plans to restore Battlefront II’s microtransactions after they rework the game’s progression system:

[A]s we approach the worldwide launch, it’s clear that many of you feel there are still challenges in the design. We’ve heard the concerns about potentially giving players unfair advantages. And we’ve heard that this is overshadowing an otherwise great game. This was never our intention. Sorry we didn’t get this right.

We hear you loud and clear, so we’re turning off all in-game purchases. We will now spend more time listening, adjusting, balancing and tuning. This means that the option to purchase crystals in the game is now offline, and all progression will be earned through gameplay. The ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date, only after we’ve made changes to the game. We’ll share more details as we work through this.

Star Wars: Battlefront II is now available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Gabrielson’s full statement can be found on Electronic Arts’s official website.

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Star Wars: Battlefront II, The Sims 4, Karnov’s Revenge, more added to Xbox Store

It’s Friday… so it’s time once again for an Xbox Games Store update.

Electronic Arts has a two-fer for Xbox One owners today, launching both Star Wars: Battlefront II and The Sims 4. Also available to download today is Karnov’s Revenge, a fighting game that was originally released during the NeoGeo era by Data East.

You can learn more about the rest of today’s additions to the Xbox Games Store after the break. (more…)

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Super Mario Odyssey are October 2017’s best-selling games

A northeastern cold snap proves that Fall is all… as does the massive number of new releases that cracked The NPD Group’s list of best-selling games from October 2017. WB Games’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of War lead the way at #1, but it was closely followed by Assassin’s Creed Origins at #2, Super Mario Odyssey at #3, and South Park: The Fractured But Whole at #4.

Nintendo actually had a huge month, placing four titles in the Top 20 (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (#15), Mario Kart 8 (#16), and Fire Emblem Warriors (#17) were the others), as well as owning the top two hardware platforms. However, is reporting that overall industry sales still dropped 11% versus October 2016 to $825 million:

With interest in the Switch and the Super NES Classic still sky-high, Nintendo hardware managed to account for two-thirds of the hardware sales generated. That being said, NPD noted that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is still the best-selling hardware platform year-to-date. Furthermore, in the accessories category, the black DualShock 4 wireless controller was both the best-selling accessory of October, and the best-selling accessory year-to-date.

The complete Top 20 from October 2017 can be found after the break. (more…)

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NetherRealm adds special Gear from Justice League film to Injustice 2

After laying the seeds of their cinematic universe with last year’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and this Summer’s Wonder Woman, Warmer Bros. is finally ready to open their Justice League film this week. Naturally, NetherRealm Studios has created new gear for Injustice 2 to tie-in with the theatrical event.

Players on all platforms will be able to tackle new challenges in the Multiverse for a chance to unlock Justice League-inspired looks for Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash.

A new trailer showcasing some of this Gear (alongside a few clips from Justice League) has been embedded above.

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