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Unreal Engine 4 adds PS4, Xbox One support; Epic confirms next-gen game in development

unrealengineEpic Games has announced that the 4.1 update to their Unreal Engine 4 subscription service will include support for the PS4 and Xbox One. To showcase the abilities of their new engine on next-generation systems, Epic founder Tim Sweeney told Edge that the company has an “ambitious” PS4 and/or Xbox One title in development: “It’s going to push next-generation graphics as you’d always expect Epic to do.”

In addition to the untitled console game, which won’t be officially announced for “some time,” Epic is also working on an Unreal Engine 4-powered mobile game and Fortnite, their PC-exclusive survival strategy game.

Developers looking to dive into Unreal Engine 4 development are encouraged to peruse all the new features found in 4.1 by viewing the Release Notes on Epic’s website. A Twitch stream with Epic developers is also available for a more in-depth look at the Unreal Engine update.

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Skylanders: Trap Team introduces a new Portal on October 5

Toys For Bob, the original development team behind the Skylanders phenomenon, will return for the next game in the series… Skylanders: Trap Team. Trap Team will be available on October 5 for the PC, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, and, for the first time, the PS4 and Xbox One. A 3DS version of the game, which Activision is calling a “completely unique adventure,” will also be released on October 5.

Trap Team introduces a new gameplay mechanic to the Skylanders universe and requires a new Portal accessory for the game’s figures, the Traptanium Portal. With the Traptanium Portal, the Skylanders will turn into quasi-Ghostbusters and trap some of the game’s biggest baddies. After trapping them in the Portal using a Trap Master token, players can send the villains back into the game as reformed heroes.

In Skylanders: Trap Team, Kaos continues his ongoing quest to rule over Skylands. He has discovered the location of the legendary Cloudcracker Prison — a fortress built entirely out of the magical substance Traptanium and home to Skylands’ most nefarious baddies. In an attempt to build his own army of foes, Kaos blows up the prison, releasing the most wanted villains and blasting shards of Traptanium to Earth in the form of Traps. Now it’s up to Portal Masters to recapture all of the escaped villains using powerful Traptanium Traps and defeat Kaos before it’s too late! The new adventure delivers a diverse and dynamic story-driven gameplay experience, filled with adventure, combat, puzzles, mini-games, activities, platforming and drop-in/drop-out co-op play — all set within new compelling environments.

As you might expect, an entirely new line of Skylanders figures will be available alongside Trap Team’s October launch including a new series known as Trap Masters, new “Core Skylanders” characters, and reposed “fan-favorite Skylanders characters.” Your wallet will be sorry.

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Can Watch Dogs hack it as a movie? Ubisoft and Zombieland writers think so


Even though it’s still a few weeks from release, Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures and New Regency are collaborating with Ubisoft to produce a film adaptation of Watch Dogs. The film version of Aiden Pearce’s quest for vengeance will be written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the screenwriting duo behind Zombieland.

Watch Dogs isn’t the only Ubisoft property currently stationed in New Regency’s production office. The company is also adapting Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed. Tom Hardy is set to star as Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell adaptation while Assassin’s Creed will feature Michael Fassbender (though its unknown if he will play Altair, Ezio, Desmond, or someone else entirely).

It’s currently unknown who will play superhacker Aiden Pearce, but I could see Jim Caviezel doing a good job with the role. Oh, wait…

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Rayman Legends Review: Old School Bliss


You can go ahead and keep your “Last of Uses” and your “Grand Theft Autos” – when it comes to amazing titles of the previous generation, I’d put Rayman Origins at the top of my list. The game was perfect in so many ways. The animation, the music, the gameplay – every aspect of that game was a work of art. And although it had quite a bumpy ride – going from a Wii U exclusive to being delayed to releasing on all consoles – its sequel, Rayman Legends is finally available for the next-generation consoles… and not much has changed. It’s more of the same from Rayman and his buddies, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (more…)

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Hunt the Goliath in an interactive trailer for Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios and 2K have used Evolve‘s unique 4v1 structure to promote the game ever since it was announced in January. Today, the publisher and developer got together to release a special interactive trailer that allows viewers to jump into the viewpoint of each character, as well as Goliath the Monster. Viewers will be able to study the tactics used by The Trapper, The Support, The Assault, and The Medic in pursuit of their prey in real time… before Goliath kills them all, because that’s what Monsters do.

You can also check out a nine-minute supercut of the battle above with commentary from eSports broadcaster Aaron “Ayesee” Chambers and Turtle Rock’s Chris Ashton. Evolve will be available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One this Fall.

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Project CARS will cross the finish line in November

Project CARS, Slightly Mad Studios’ ambitious racing sim, will finally be released this November for the PC (Windows/SteamOS), PS4, Wii U, and Xbox One. To celebrate, the developer has released a stunning new trailer, which they claim is composed of “all in-game footage.”

Slightly Mad was able to bypass the traditional publishing model to create their passion project through their engagement with fans and the community. The development team sold “Tool Packs” and gave them access to a private forum to discuss the game’s future and the direction development was taking.

When all is said and done, Project CARS might be one of the most realistic racing games ever. I guess it’s a good thing Slightly Mad included Oculus Rift support as well.

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The Evil Within Preview: Shinji Mikami Made A Game With Zombies In It (Again)


Marketing a horror title is tricky business. If you give away too much, that will spoil the scares and dissipate the tension. But you also don’t want to play things too close to the vest, as then your audience won’t have any clue what to expect. This has been the problem for Bethesda’s The Evil Within almost from the start.

The Evil Within is in development at Shinji Mikami’s new studio, Tango Gameworks. Mikami is most famous for creating Resident Evil and the franchise’s signature sequel, Resident Evil 4. So far, The Evil Within’s marketing has lead audiences to believe that it would be a tense and claustrophobic affair that would force players to run and hide from the imposing and seemingly unstoppable residents of the game’s sanitarium setting. But during a live demo presentation during the 2014 PAX East convention, we got to see a new side of The Evil Within that belies the game’s previous marketing approach and goes in a different (and not altogether wanted) direction. (more…)

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First image from Call of Duty 2014 revealed

CallOfDutyLogoDuring their Game Developer Conference panel last month, deevlopers from Sledgehammer Games gave the attending audience a quick glimpse at an “in-game character image” from the currently unannounced Call of Duty 2014. Today, IGN revealed that image, an extreme close-up of a soldier, to the world.

Call of Duty 2014 is in development for next-generation platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox One) and will be released this Fall. A current-generation version of the game (for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U) is also expected, but remains unconfirmed as of now. An official announcement of the game will likely occur next month.

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