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THQ Auction: Ubisoft, Sega, Take-Two, Crytek, Deep Silver all come away winners


The THQ asset auction concluded yesterday and the fate of the company was sealed as the cumulative bids for the publisher’s studios surpassed the $60 million offered by Clearlake Capitol Group. Here’s the complete list of who bought what and for how much:

Relic Entertainment (including Company of Heroes franchise)
Sega – $26.6 million

THQ Montreal (including 1666 and Underdog)
Ubisoft – $2.5 million

Evolve (Turtle Rock-developed FPS)
Take-Two Interactive – $10.894 million

Volition (and Saints Row franchise)
Deep Silver (Koch Media) – $22,312,925

Homefront franchise
Crytek – $544,218

Metro franchise
Deep Silver (Koch Media) – $5,877,551

South Park: The Stick of Truth
Ubisoft – $3,265,306

How this auction will affect the release dates of South Park: The Stick of Truth, Metro: Last Light, and Company of Heroes 2 (all were scheduled to be released within the next three months) remains to be seen.

Vigil Studios (and the Darksiders franchise) and the rights to produce games based on the WWE went unsold. Presumably, they’ll continue to be included with THQ’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

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THQ bankruptcy filing reveals unannounced projects


THQ’s bankruptcy filing is full of all sorts fun little tidbits, including a list of unannounced projects from THQ’s internal studios.

While the games are officially unannounced, most of these titles have already been discovered thanks to trademark filings and domain registrations over the years.

  • Vigil is hard at work on Crawler (working title). With Darksiders II less than six months old, development has probably just begun on Crawler.
  • RTS specialists Relic will release Atlas (working title) in 2014.
  • As expected, THQ Montreal is working on a game known as 1666. The development team is being lead by Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Desilets.
  • Turtle Rock’s “co-op multiplayer action game” will be titled Evolve.
  • And finally (and not surprisingly), the document has confirmed that WWE 14 is in development at Yuke’s.

Development on all of these titles will continue and we’ll hopefully hear more about them soon.

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