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2K Drive will be available for iOS devices “soon”

Here’s another look at 2K Drive, the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch racing simulation from Lucid Games. The team at Lucid broke off from Bizarre Creations, the developer behind Project Gotham Racing and Blur, after Bizarre was shut down by Activision in 2011.

2K Drive is expected to be released sometime this Fall.

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Lucid’s racer is 2K Drive for iPad, not PGR5 for Xbox One


Earlier this year the rumor mill cranked up into overdrive over the prospect of a new entry in the Project Gotham Racing series. Supposedly, the developers at Lucid Games (which was formed in the aftermath of Bizarre Creations’ closure) were said to be working on Project Gotham Racing 5. It looks like that was all wishful thinking, as Lucid’s racing game has popped up on the iOS App Store instead.

Known as 2K Drive, the iPad-exclusive racer is currently available to download in the Netherlands and will surely be released in the rest of the world soon. The free-to-play game will include “real licensed cars, console quality graphics,” and “authentic driving environments.”

A gameplay video is now available on YouTube courtesy of a user named touchgameplay.

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Rumor: Former Bizarre developers will reveal a new racing game at Next Xbox Reveal

lucid-roadopensRumor has it that Lucid Games, which was founded in the wake of Bizarre Creations closing, is hard at work on Project Gotham Racing 5 for the Xbox 720/Durango. The developers themselves poured a little gasoline on that rumor over the weekend, with a cryptic Facebook message promising “an exciting update” in “mid May.”

We all know the “Next Xbox Reveal” is happening on May 21 and we all know that Microsoft loves the racing genre, so while this rumor doesn’t give us much to go on, I have a good feeling about the truthiness of it.

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Rumor: Project Gotham Racing 5 in the works for Xbox 720 at Lucid Games

xbox720logoI have a feeling this Xbox 720 “logo” is going to get a lot of work over the next few months.

STFU and Play has posted a rumor that claims Lucid Games (a development house made up of former Bizarre Creations and Criterion staff members) is hard at work on Project Gotham Racing 5 for the Xbox 720/Durango.

Bizarre Creations created the PGR series back on the original Xbox and a new entry has been rumored to be in development ever since Activision scooped up Bizarre in 2007.

Interestingly enough, a search of Lucid Games’ website reveals a mystery project known as “Sky Light” that carries the tagline “Road Opens 2013.”

This lines up nicely with STFU and Play’s assertion that Project Gotham Racing 5 will be a launch title for the Xbox 720/Durango, which is rumored to launch in Fall 2013.

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