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One of 2015’s most anticipated games, Evolve, will finally be available on store shelves this week. Originally scheduled for release last Fall, Evolve is the latest asymmetric shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, the team behind 2008’s well-loved Left 4 Dead, though it switches out zombies for a player-controlled Monster on an alien planet. Evolve will be available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One if that sounds like your kind of thing.

If you’re a handheld gamer, this week will also be a good time to head down to your local game store as Nintendo plans to release their New 3DS XL handheld in America. A slight refresh of the 3DS platform, the New 3DS will include built-on NFC support for Amiibo figures as well a second analog stick and a handful of additional input buttons. Nintendo will support their latest handheld with a trio of new titles including The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D (a remake of the underappreciated N64 classic), Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (an enhanced re-release of the latest game in Capcom’s monster-hunting franchise, which was previously only available in Japan), and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy + (an enhanced re-release of the latest game in Bandai Namco’s aerial combat series).

All three games are also compatible with earlier 3DS hardware, though that won’t be the case for every New 3DS game going forward.

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