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Outlast, Ace Combat: Infinity beta, Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 added to PS Store


Red Barrels’ creepy horror hit, Outlast, is now available on the PS4. The game is available as a free download for PlayStation Plus subscribers while the rest of us will have to play $19.99. A variety of other games are also included in this week’s PlayStation Store update. They include:

  • The second episode of Telltale’s Fables adaptation, The Wolf Among Us: Smoke & Mirrors (PS3).
  • Dustforce (PS3 / Vita), a side-scroller from Capcom that asks players to clean up.
  • Trapt, a PS2 Classic in the cult favorite Deception series.
  • Gex: Enter the Gecko, a platformer favorite original released for the PSone.

PS3 owners will also be able to give the Ace Combat: Infinity beta a try this week. The free download is available across the world… except in publisher Bandai Namco’s home country of Japan.

More information on all of these games and a few others can be found after the break. And a complete list of this week’s new game add-ons can be found at the PlayStation Blog. (more…)

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Ace Combat: Infinity open beta begins February 4

Are you ready to test your piloting skills? Then you should be excited about Ace Combat: Infinity, which will be running an open beta from February 4 to February 11 on the PlayStation Network. Not only will you have access to loads of amazing weapons and killer aircraft, but you’ll also have two game modes to choose from, as mentioned on their Facebook status:

  • Lone wolves will be immersed in a brand new story exclusively written for Ace Combat: Infinity in which they will have to use their pilot skills during perilous solo missions.
  • For those who prefer to team-up with their friends and to show off their talent as a pilot, aces will form two co-op teams of up to four aircrafts and will compete in incredible air fights in order to inflict the most damage on the NPC enemy forces.

The beta will be available everywhere except Japan, and everyone who plays the beta will get a special in-game emblem once the game launches.

Ace Combat: Infinity will be coming out on the PlayStation 3 later this year.

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Ace Combat: Infinity is Free-To-Play and will be available this year


Namco Bandai has released a few more details about Ace Combat: Infinity, including a release date (sometime in 2013) and whether or not it’s a free-to-play game (it is). Yes, you read that right, the next Ace Combat game will be free-to-play and, as of now, available exclusively on the PS3.

Namco Bandai isn’t looking at Infinity as some free-to-play cash grab. The game will be developed by Project Aces, the same team that has been responsible for the rest of the titles in franchise. It will also include a large Story Campaign Mode for solo players and a 2v2 multiplayer mode where teams will compete to inflict the most damage on a common enemy.

“The Ace Combat franchise has evolved dramatically over the years, but never before have we been able to offer its amazing graphics and tactical action for free,” said Olivier Comte, Senior Vice President at Namco Bandai Games Europe. “The team at Project Aces listens very carefully to its players, and is bringing the best the series has to offer to Ace Combat: Infinity, with plenty of new surprises too.”

Namco Bandai has released a new teaser trailer for Ace Combat: Infinity, which you can find after the break. (more…)

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Ace Combat: Infinity takes to the skies with a PS3 destination

Nacmo Bandai has announced that Project Aces has a new Ace Combat game in development: Ace Combat: Infinity. The latest Ace Combat game takes place in the year 2019, and concerns a series of asteroids plummeting towards Earth. It’s a teaser trailer, so that’s all the information we can expect for now.

Currently, Ace Combat: Infinity has only been confirmed for a PS3 release. This might be distressing to Xbox 360 owners, but they should remember that the last two games in the series, Fires of Liberation and Assault Horizon, made their way to Microsoft’s console.

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