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Aftercharge announced by Chainsawesome Games at PAX East 2017

Chainsawesome Games, the creators of 2015’s Knight Squad, set up shop at PAX East this past weekend to show off their new game, Aftercharge.

Like Knight Squad, Aftercharge is being built from the ground up for multiplayer play. But this time around, Chainsawesome is developing a first person shooter where three invisible robots known as “Workonics” battle a trio of invincible guards known as “Enforcers”:

Six structures called Extractors serve as the main objective for each side with the robots set to destroy them, and the guards tasked with defending them.

The game is set on distant planet Dusk 11 exploited by the Aftercharge corporation for the energy living at its core. The company is in trouble as their line of worker robots called Workonics are defecting because of the planet’s unstable energy. The robotic uprising is putting the company’s Extractors in danger. Initially built to avoid corporate espionage, the stealth Workonics require a very special set of armaments to deal with. Aftercharge has no choice but to send its special Enforcer squad to shut down the robots and protect their operations.

The other team are the Enforcers, they are class-based and rely on an arsenal of weapons and abilities to spot and stop the Workonics. They are invincible as no attack or abilities from the robots can harm them. Their weaponry uses energy rapidly and requires proximity with an Extractor to recharge. To win the match, they need to successfully deactivate all three robots simultaneously.

Aftercharge will be released for the PC and unnamed “Consoles” sometime in 2018.

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