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Square Enix is pitting Arkanoid Vs Space Invaders on mobile devices today

Arkanoid Vs Space Invaders is everything I would have wanted in 1987 (and I’m still reasonably excited about it in 2017).

As the title implies, two of Taito’s biggest franchises will be going toe-to-toe for the first time in a brand new mobile game. Players will take control of the Vaus “paddle ship” from Arkanoid, and reflect a giant ball (along with the Invaders own bullets) back at the devilish aliens from Space Invaders.

The mobile game will include 150 stages, and players will be able to unlock 40 different characters from other Taito franchises, as well as more than 20 powerups. The challenging 3D Invader bosses and an optional Hard Mode will make sure that players put all this firepower to good use.

Arkanoid Vs Space Invaders is published by Square Enix, and is now available to download through the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. The game will be regularly priced at $4.99, but players will be able to purchase it for $3.99 during a special launch week sale.

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