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Auditorium 2: Duet needs your help on Kickstarter!

Ever wanted to help out an indie company, but you weren’t sure how? Now is your chance. Philadelphia-based indie studio Cipher Prime is trying to fund the sequel to their groundbreaking hit, Auditorium, through the magic of Kickstarter. The sequel, called Auditorium 2: Duet, only has three days left to make another $11,000. I’m going to pledge $30, but I’m torn between which reward I want: the t-shirt, or the extra copy of the game to play with my boyfriend.

Auditorium isn’t an easy game to explain. You “create music by bending dazzling rivers of light and color through brain-twisting puzzles.” Sound awesome? It is. Duet will allow you to solve puzzles cooperatively, which is just as sexy as it sounds.

Technical Director Dain Saint said, “Donations gave us our start; they let us know that people cared enough about our games that we could do it full time. If this Kickstarter works, we’ll know we can keep doing crazy things with reckless abandon.” Creative Director William Stallwood promised he’d give me a lapdance while wearing his jeggings if I helped get them some donations. So, seriously people, it’s time to open up your wallet.

Here’s how close they are: (more…)

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