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PAXpocalypse 2013 selection Pandamonium hits Kickstarter as Bearzerkers

We’ve had so many great games in our PAXpocalypse lists, and it’s always exciting when the indie ones go to Kickstarter. Pandamonium, which we played at PAX Prime 2013 and fell in love with, is now on Kickstarter as Bearzerkers – and it’s looking better than ever! The great team at Australian-based Wildgrass has been hard at work on the game. They’ve also launched a Greenlight campaign. There are so many ways you can help them succeed! They’re developing it for Windows, Mac, and Linux – but that’s just so far. Who knows what the future holds!

In Bearzerkers, you play as a Critter who is trying to stay alive by outrunning and outsmarting the giant, terrifying Bear that is relentlessly trying to kill you. But you can’t win just by running away – you can also trap the Bear in with your opponents, giving yourself some extra time by allowing him to feast on your enemies. It’s hilariously gory, and a lot of fun!

Check out the original prototype for Pandamonium at the Wildgrass site, and then try to look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want to back it. Just try it.

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The PAXpocalypse List: The Best of PAX Prime 2013


This year’s PAX Prime was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. And even with four days, I still didn’t get a chance to play everything – or even see everything. Lines were long, crowds were huge, and once I got started in on a good game, I wanted to play it as much as I could. We were originally only going to award ten games, but by Monday, we couldn’t narrow it down, so we ended up adding in two more. Here is the PAXpocalypse List for PAX Prime 2013 – the twelve games we’d love to be stranded with if this little convention in Seattle was the end of the world. And they’re in alphabetical order… because that’s how it’s done when you can’t pick favorites. (more…)

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