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Black Holmes is the next game from the developer of Hatoful Boyfriend


Hatoful Boyfriend, a pigeon dating sim, is a real game that exists. It is also genuinely regarded as a pretty good game by contributors to the Metacritic average. And despite being a game about dating pigeons, it eventually even found its way to the PS4 and Vita.

You know a developer has to be good when they make a game about the mating habit of teenage pigeons and people legitimately love it.

That developer, Moa Hato, recently announced Black Holmes, his next romance game… minus the pigeons this time. Black Holmes was revealed through its own new website, which is all in Japanese. However, Warp Zoned’s highly skilled team of translators, lead by Goog L. Tran-Slate (it’s French), were able to gather some facts about the game.

It’s not clear where the name “Black” Holmes comes from, but the star of the game is indeed a detective named Holmes. Rather than Sherlock, the main character is Noah Holmes, and he “loves the crime bad conduct detective.” Don’t we all?

The site doesn’t have much to offer besides that, a few pictures, and the briefest of plot summaries:

1889, London.

Dazzling light prosperity and civilization has brought dropped a well-colored shadow on society, Malicious people in stagnation had undergone a deepening.

Human history and criminal history just like coins of both sides. Crime In response to the evolution of civilization also will increase the diversity.

This is a detective that has been fascinated with the art serving crime that gave birth of humanity, He committed the crime lord of the story.

Judging by the artwork available, Black Holmes will likely have a manga feel to it. We also know it’ll be another visual novel, like Hatoful Boyfriend, and may be released episodically.

As a big fan of visual novels and Sherlock Holmes, this kind of game seems right up my alley. Look forward to more information about the game when we can get our hands on it… and when Goog L. Tran-Slate can be bothered to do his job.

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