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Blazing Chrome’s opening cutscene introduces its Terminator-like world

JoyMasher is continuing to plug away at Blazing Chrome, their homage to Contra: Hard Corps, and the Brazilian developer recently uploaded a brand new look at the game’s opening cutscene.

As you might expect with a story that pits humanity against a robotic uprising, Blazing Chrome makes several references to the Terminator franchise. The pile of skulls is an especially nice touch.

Blazing Chrome is currently in development for the PC, but JoyMasher has yet to announce a release date for their side-scrolling shooter.

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JoyMasher channels Contra and Metal Slug in the upcoming Blazing Chrome

Konami brought back Bomberman a few weeks ago with the release of Super Bomberman R, but they’ve continued to let the Contra franchise languish in limbo since the release of Hard Corps: Uprising in 2011. Thankfully, a number of indie developers have picked up the slack.

JoyMasher recently announced Blazing Chrome, a side-scrolling shooter they described on Tumblr as “mostly inspired by Contra and Metal Slug.” Taking place in the aftermath of a robot uprising, players will fight back against the automatons in an attempt to take back the Earth:

Blazing Chrome is a classic co-op run ‘n gun with an original arcade feel. Players can choose between Mavra, the badass human resistance, soldier or Doyle, the groovy rebel robot, to kick some metal ass.

The developer wasn’t ready to announce a release date for Blazing Chrome just yet, but a Teaser Trailer for the PC game is embedded above.

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