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BloodRayne: Betrayal Review: Brutal Might Be a Better Subtitle

The plot behind the BloodRayne franchise is one of those ideas that is both stupidly brilliant and brilliantly stupid. I mean, a half-naked half-vampire kills Nazis in a fantastic display of polygonal plasma… what’s not to love? You may hate yourself in the morning, but you have to admit, that is an awesome premise for a game. It was this reaction from gamers (and a trio of less-than-stellar Uwe Boll films) that caused the series to go dormant back in 2004. But you can’t keep an undead half-vampire down and Rayne has returned in the 2D side-scroller BloodRayne: Betrayal. And yes, she draws plenty of pixelated plasma this time. Sadly, there aren’t any Nazis. (more…)

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BloodRayne: Betrayal, Crimson Alliance, more added to XBLA today

Not to be outdone by Sony’s PSN Play promotion, Microsoft has added four titles to the Xbox Live Arcade today.

Two of the new releases, vampiric side-scroller BloodRayne: Betrayal and plane racer SkyDrift, were previously added to the PlayStation Store yesterday. New to the XBLA is the Kinect-powered “full body puzzle action game” Leedmees and the multiplayer action RPG Crimson Alliance.

BloodRayne: Betrayal and SkyDrift have both been priced at 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) while Leedmees has been given an 800 Microsoft Point ($10) price tag.

Crimson Alliance’s price is a bit harder to explain. The game uses an a la carte pricing scheme whereby players can purchase the “full game” for 1200 Microsoft Points and receive to all three of the game’s classes (assassin, mercenary, wizard) or they can lock in to a single class for 800 Microsoft Points.

More information on all of this week’s new releases can be found at Major Nelson’s blog.

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BloodRayne: Betrayal added to PlayStation Store

Sony’s PSN Play promotion continues with the addition of BloodRayne: Betrayal to the PlayStation Store. Everyone’s second favorite half-vampire (OK, dhampir), Rayne, returns in a 2D side-scrolling adventure that stirs up some awfully strong memories of Castlevania. It’s available to download for $14.99.

Joining BloodRayne on the new release list is Rugby World Cup 2011 ($49.99), a sports sim centered on the Rugby World Cup; and Skydrift ($14.99), which promises to “get [you] closer than ever before to the world of adrenaline pumping sky-racing.” Also available this week is a PSone Import version of Mega Man 4.

These new releases are pretty neat, but the real winners this week are PSN Plus subscribers, who will be able to download Plants vs. Zombies, Astro Tripper, Altered Beast and the PSone Classic Jet Moto for free.

Head over to the PlayStation.Blog for a complete look at all of this week’s new releases and game add-ons.

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BloodRayne: Betrayal delayed on XBLA

Although BloodRayne: Betrayal was supposed to come out in August simultaneously on the PSN and XBLA, it looks like PSN Play has thrown a wrench in the plans. Instead of coming out at the same time, it will be released on September 6 on the PSN, and not until October 5 on XBLA. Seeing as Microsoft has long had timed exclusivities in all manner of digital releases, it’s no surprise that Sony is starting to do the same.

Two other releases in the PSN Play, Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition and Renegade Ops, will still be released at the same time on both download services.

[Source: Joystiq]

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Sony announces their own Summer promotion: PSN Play

The Summer of Arcade has been a great way for Microsoft to launch new games on the Xbox Live Arcade over the last three years. So Sony has decided to hold a Summer promotion of their with the similarly themed PlayStation Network Play.

The promotion will begin on August 23 with the release of Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition. But PS3 owners will actually be able to “pre-order” any PSN Play pick five days before each game is released (and they’ll receive a free theme as a bonus). Hothead’s DeathSpank sequel The Baconing; Majesco’s BloodRayne: Betrayal sidescroller; and Sega’s top-down vehicle combat game Renegade Ops round out the PSN Play lineup.

Like the Summer of Arcade, gamers who purchase every PSN Play offering will receive a free game. In this case, it’s Sony’s Payday: The Heist (which is scheduled for a Fall release). And that’s not all! Each game will also include exclusive DLC and PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive 20% off any of their Play purchases.

Sony has promised that the PSN Play promotion will be a yearly event, so start counting down to PSN Play 2012 now! Or get your fill of information for the 2011 lineup after the break. (more…)

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Make your Mama pround with Majesco’s E3 lineup

Mama wants to pay attention as Majesco has a hefty slate of games lined up for next week’s E3 Expo.

Not surprisingly, the company’s E3 lineup is lead by two new games starring Mama: Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic for the 3DS and Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures for the DS. They also plan to showcase the side-scrolling vampire slaying in BloodRayne: Betrayal (PSN, XBLA) and a sequel to their latest exergaming hit, Zumba Fitness 2 (Wii).

Check out the rest of the E3 lineup from Majesco after the break. (more…)

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BloodRayne: Betrayal goes 2D on PSN, XBLA this Summer

Even Uwe Boll can’t kill the BloodRayne franchise (maybe it helps that Rayne is already undead). Majesco has announced that they’ve teamed up with WayForward (the developers of Contra 4 and Shantae: Risky’s Revenge) to resurrect the Nazi-killing vampire in BloodRayne: Betrayal.

Instead of the 3D action titles of olde, WayForward will be bringing BloodRayne: Betrayal to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade as a 2D side-scrolling hack ‘n slash. In what’s described as her “final mission,” the half-vampire teams up with a group of slayers to “stop an evil vampire massacre.” So is Majesco saying there are good vampire massacres? Hmm…

Betrayal will “[introduce] new characters and gruesome environmental puzzles” as well as include a “full arsenal of lethal weapons” in its quest for bloody vampire action. The game will also likely include co-op play as Rayne is said to team up with “a mysterious new friend” on her mission.

BloodRayne: Betrayal will be available to download this Summer.

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