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Gearbox mentions Borderlands 3 at PAX East 2016… and the crowd goes wild

borderlands-11Let’s face it, with Battleborn still a few weeks away, Gearbox is just not ready to talk about Borderlands 3. But that didn’t stop them from telling the crowd the game will be their next project at this year’s PAX East expo.

During the annual “Inside Gearbox Software” panel, CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed that Gearbox is planning to begin production on Borderlands 3 soon: “It’s no secret. Obviously there is going to be another Borderlands.” Art Director Scott Kester even referred to the game as “Borderlands 3,” though Pitchford later added, “We don’t even know if we’re going to call it that.”

Writer Mikey Neumann also revealed he’ll be writing Borderlands 3, and Pitchford slyly said that if players “look deeply” into Battleborn’s downloadable content, they may find a few Borderlands 3 easter eggs.

But again, none of this should really be a surprise.

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2K Tidbits: Borderlands 3 only on PS4/Xbox One, GTA5 ships 45 million, Battleborn still on track for late 2015/early 2016 launch

taketwo-logoTake-Two Interactive held their quarterly financial presentation yesterday and it looks the publisher is in a better position than ever before. In addition to reporting “strong financial results” for the quarter, Take-Two raised their yearly fiscal forecast due to the pending release of Evolve, Grand Theft Auto V on the PC, and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto V, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick announced that the company has shipped more than 45 million copies of the game to stores since its release last year, including more than ten million copies of the remastered PS4/Xbox One edition.

Zelnick didn’t discuss Rockstar’s future during the presentation or the question-and-answer period that followed, but he did say that Take-Two doesn’t believe in annualizing their big franchises. Specifically, he said, “[W]e think big tentpole releases should not be annualized except for sports titles because we think it’s valuable to build anticipation and because it takes some time to make the highest quality products in the business.”

To that end, Take-Two’s President, Karl Slatoff, reconfirmed that Borderlands 3 is in development at Gearbox. According to Slatoff, the game currently has no release date and it is being developed “specifically for next-gen consoles.” With the PS4 and Xbox One launching in 2013, this probably shouldn’t come as too much of a shock.

However, one thing we do know about Gearbox is that their team-based shooter, Battleborn, is still on track for a “Fiscal 2016” release. That means it’ll launch sometime between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016… but it’s safe to assume that a late 2015/early 2016 release is much more likely.

Finally, Slatoff revealed that the publisher has numerous unannounced games in development. More details about those games will be released over the course of the year.

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Gearbox announces expansion plan and official start of development for Borderlands 3

borderlands-11Ladies and gentlemen… brace yourselves… Borderlands 3 is officially in development (more or less) as of right now. And by right now, I mean RIGHT NOW.

Randy Pitchford took the stage during the “Borderlands Behind-The-Scenes” panel at PAX South and announced that Gearbox wants to begin work on Borderlands 3 as soon as possible. And they will, after they complete a huge round of hiring and massively increase the size of the team. Referring to it as “The Big One,” Pitchford said that he wants to look outside Gearbox to find fresh ideas for the future of the franchise. According to IGN, Pitchford closed out the first-ever PAX South by telling the assembled masses:

“We want to think about the future and we want to think about what the next Borderlands is and we’re going to need some help. The fact is, we’re not working on a new Borderlands game, but we want to. If you are in the industry and you think you can help us, we want you to help us. We want to get started on a new Borderlands game. There’s literally nothing to tell, but we’re ready to start.”

After the panel ended, he let his Twitter followers in on the good news:

So Borderlands 3 is officially in development. Sort of. And it’ll be released someday. But not any time soon. It’ll be a long wait, but don’t worry, we’ll all get there together.

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Gearbox: Borderlands 3 IS NOT in development

gearbox-logoRandy Pitchford, the President and CEO of Gearbox Software, recently sat down with Polygon and confirmed every gamer’s worst fear: Borderlands 3 is not currently in development…

“We are not working on Borderlands 3,” he said during an interview last week. “That is unqualified. We have more to do in the franchise, but no there isn’t a Borderlands 3.”

So what is Gearbox working on? Pitchford fell back on the same speech he gave at last year’s PAX Prime show and reconfirmed that his company is working on the Homeworld 1 + 2 HD remakes, Homeworld: Shipbreakers, Furious 4, a new Brothers in Arms game, and two original games for next-generation systems.

Pitchford (and Gearbox) always have a big presence at PAX East, perhaps we’ll learn something new about their future plans in a few weeks.

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