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Neon Deity’s Bruis’n Cruisers channels Bump N Jump in first trailer

Bump N Jump is a lesser-known name from the annals of NES history. But the overhead driving game’s combination of bopping and hopping has made it one to remember for a small cult of fans.

This cult appeal meant that a followup to Bump N Jump was never produced. But the team behind the gonzo goldfish shooter Shutshimi, Neon Deity, clearly has a fondness for it. Just take a gander at the first trailer for their next project, the equally rhyme-y Bruis’n Cruisers.

Like Bump N Jump, Bruis’n Cruisers is an overhead racer where players will have to bash the opposing cars if they want to stay on the highway. And don’t think the developer forgot the jumping… each course is also littered with ramps that supply some serious hangtime. The eight-year-old within me is practically vibrating with excitement.

Bruis’n Cruisers is currently very early in development, but more will be revealed soon.

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