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Call of Duty: Strike Team sneaks onto iOS App Store

Surprise! Activision has secretly added a new Call of Duty game to the iOS App Store today.

Call of Duty: Strike Team was developed by Actvision’s new mobile team, The Blast Furnace, and is an original game “built from the ground up” for mobile/tablet devices. In this case, those devices are the iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPad Mini, iPad 2 and iPad 3. Priced at $6.99, Strike Team gives gamers the opportunity to switch between first-person and third-person views as they hunt down terrorists responsible for an attack on the US in the year 2020.

“Call of Duty: Strike Team is all about giving a single player experience that is unlike anything else in the Call of Duty world in a way that matches the interests of players on-the-go,” said Mark Washbrook, Studio Head of The Blast Furnace. “By giving fans the option to play in either first-person or third-person views and to switch between them on the fly, we’ve really opened the doors for gamers to have a fun and entertaining gameplay experience with Call of Duty: Strike Team, because they can play the game the way they want.”

In addition to the Campaign, Strike Team includes a wave-based Survival Mode where players can compete for “leaderboard domination.”

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