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Xbox Store Today: Castle Crashers Remastered, Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime, ClusterPuck 99, more


Prepare to dive deep into a trio of new side-scrollers in this week’s Xbox Games Store update. Though one of the games should be very familiar to Xbox 360 owners.

This week, Castle Crashers jumps to the Xbox One in an enhanced Remastered edition. The Behemoth’s widely acclaimed hack and slash now features “hi-res visuals like nothing you’ve ever seen before” running at 60 frames per second. A number of other tweaks have also been made to the game and a new minigame (“Back Off Barbarian”) has been added. But thankfully, the Remastered edition includes all the same co-op opportunities (for up to four players) and its even available for free (until September 20) to owners of the Xbox 360 edition.

Also available for the Xbox One this week is Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime, a two-player “couch co-op action space shooter.” A single-player option is available, but developer Asteroid Base designed the game with co-op in mind, saying, “Only through teamwork can you triumph over the evil forces of Anti-Love, rescue kidnapped space-bunnies, and avoid a vacuumy demise.”

This week’s third side-scroller is Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather, a colorful puzzle platformer for the Xbox One based on “the switching of postures.” According to the developer, “You must choose between these postures to overcome obstacles and fight the Spirits of the Forest in a fast, intuitive, and fun gameplay.”

Finally this week, ClusterPuck 99 is a wild hockey-like game for the Xbox One designed for eight players. Developer PHL Collective says that its “intense local multiplayer” is “built for parties.”

More information on all of these games can be found after the break. (more…)

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Castle Crashers Remastered will be released for the Xbox One this Summer

While The Behemoth continues to toil away at Game 4, the developer found the time to announce they’re going back to the past with the release of Castle Crashers Remastered for the Xbox One this Summer.

Castle Crashers Remastered will bring the highly-acclaimed game to the Xbox One for the first time with an improved framerate (60FPS), more detailed textures, improved matchmaking, and a few engine tweaks for better performance. The Remastered version will also come packed with a brand new minigame, Back Off Barbarian:

Back Off Barbarian
Jump. Dart. Move and groove to the music. Whatever you do, just stay away from the enemies!

Back Off Barbarian is a simple but addicting mini-game where players move quickly using the D-Pad to avoid the enemies. As time passes, more enemies are added into the level and the players will find it harder to get around in the environment. Up to four players can be supported online or offline.

Castle Crashers Remastered will also be available for the PC, but according to The Behemoth Blog, development on the Steam update won’t begin until “later this year,” likely sometime after the remake’s Xbox One release. For now, the E3 trailer embedded above will have to satisfy our Castle Crashers hunger.

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Celebrate Xbox Live’s 10th anniversary with a free copy of Wreckateer

Microsoft is celebrating their Xbox Live service’s 10th birthday today, and instead of asking for gifts, they’re the ones doing the giving…

Today and tomorrow, all Xbox Live members will be able to download a free copy of Wreckateer. It would have been nice to give away a game that every Xbox 360 owner can play, but a free game is a free game. The Kinect-exclusive is regularly priced at 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

If Wreckateer isn’t your kind of game, Microsoft has also cut the price of seven of the biggest Xbox Live Arcade titles. Bastion (600 Microsoft Points), Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved (200 Microsoft Points), Castle Crashers (600 Microsoft Points), Fruit Ninja Kinect (400 Microsoft Points), Battlefield 1943 (600 Microsoft Points), Peggle (400 Microsoft Points), and Full House Poker (400 Microsoft Points) are all 50% off from today until November 22.

Xbox Live users can also download a special 10th anniversary Gamerpic this week. Doing so will enter you in a contest to obtain a special 10th anniversary Xbox 360 console. Yes, please.

Finally, Microsoft’s Major Nelson has given away 90 one-year Xbox Live Gold subscriptions so far today. He’s got 10 more he plans to give away in 15 minutes (at 7 PM Eastern), so head over to his blog and enter.

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Tetris, Black Ops DLC lead all PlayStation Store purchases in 2011

For over 20 years, Tetris has captivated the world. And in 2011, it sank its tetrahedronal teeth into PS3 gamers all over again as the vintage puzzler managed to outsell every other PSN game on the PlayStation Store. Sing it with me!

Doo, do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, do, dododo.

The data comes from a Game Informer report listing the ten best-selling PSN games for 2011. Other top ten contenders include the Resident Evil 4 HD remake, the InFamous 2 standalone expansion InFamous: Festival of Blood, and Telltale’s Back to the Future adaptation.

You can find the full list, as well as a look at the bestselling DLC add-ons, after the break. (more…)

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PSN Gamers Choice winners announced

The votes have been tallied and the winners of the first annual PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards have been announced:

Even though it appeared on the PSN a year after its Xbox Live Arcade debut, Castle Crashers took the award for Best PS3 Downloadable Game.

A lot of games let you kill zombies, but Dead Nation is the only zombie game awesome enough to be honored as the Best PlayStation Network Exclusive Game.

And speaking of zombies, Age of Zombies was chosen as the Best PSP Mini.

Finally, Kratos and God of War: Ghost of Sparta stand tall as the Best PSP Downloadable Game.

The PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards are more than just a chance to let gamers vote on their favorite PS3/PSP games of 2010. Sony plans to discount all four of these titles for a week beginning tomorrow. As part of the PSN’s Spring Fever event, each game will be 50% for PlayStation Plus subscribers and 30% off for all other users.

We’ll have more on the rest of the Spring Fever discounts tomorrow.

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Pink Knight coming to PSN Castle Crashers February 8, XBL later

The Behemoth announced that the most requested playable character will soon be joining Castle Crashers – the pink knight. She (or he) comes bundled with a lollipop and four other new weapons to form the Pink Knight pack, which will be available for $1.99 (ok, not so cool) from the PlayStation Store. All sales will be donated to Breast Cancer Research (ok, this is actually pretty cool). The DLC hits PSN on February 8th and XBL at a later date.

It’s great to see this game making waves, even three years after its initial release. Senior Editor Nicole Kline and I have been eagerly waiting throw down on some co-op in this beat ’em up ever since the PSN version was announced, but for some reason we never took the plunge. I’d be willing to bet money (and possibly my life) this announcement is more than enough to push her over the edge, as The Behemoth properly noted “Warning: Adorable.”

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