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Crimson Shroud Review: A Different Take on the RPG


Crimson Shroud is a downloadable RPG from the 3DS eShop that was created by Yasumi Matsuno, a well-known Japanese designer who worked on Vagrant Story, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, and some Final Fantasy games (Final Fantasy XII being the most prevalent). He created Crimson Shroud with Level-5 as part of the collaborative project Guild01, bringing his experience and creativity into the story and gameplay. The game is a traditional RPG, but plays more like a Dungeons & Dragons-style tabletop game than a typical video game RPG. With an all-star helming the project in conjunction with a studio like Level-5, did the experimental game work? (more…)

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Nintendo Download: Batman Arkham City, Adventure Time, Crimson Shroud, more

crimsonshroud-logoLevel-5 has taken over another Nintendo Download with their 3DS game Crimson Shroud. Called “a tribute to the tabletop RPG” by Level-5, dice rollers everywhere will want to give it a look.

Also new to the 3DS eShop this week is Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!! A demo version of the animation adaptation will also be available. And speaking of demos, bite-sized chunks of Art of Balance: Touch! (3DS), Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U), and Rayman Legends (Wii U) are also available beginning this week.

And speaking of the Wii U, the full version of Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition was added to the Wii U eShop today.

Hit the break for more details on this week’s “featured” downloads as well as an extensive list of additional games for the 3DS, DS, and Wii. (more…)

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