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Sony @ E3 2015: Four titles from Devolver Digital shine on PS4 and Vita

A video was shown during Sony’s E3 Press Conference showcasing a foursome of games from Devolver Digital for the PS4 and Vita, and they immediately caught my attention.

  • Ronin is a 2D action game starring a sword-wielding ninja. The game looks to be similar to Guacamelee! and Shank.
  • Eitr is an isometric action-adventure RPG. The dungeon crawler also features a very retro appearance.
  • The two that really looked good to me were Mother Russia Bleeds and Crossing Souls. Both titles have a distinctive Streets of Rage-style look, with the former being hyper-violent amd almost Splatterhouse-like in appearance. I’m not sure what to expect with Crossing Souls, but the animation interludes looked liked the classic Don Bluth games Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair.

More on these four will be revealed at a later date.

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