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Frank West goes back to the mall in two new Dead Rising 4 trailers

Poor Frank West. He’s covered wars, but he’ll always be remembered as the photojournalist who got caught in a mall with a horde of zombies. So ten years after the original Dead Rising, he’s decided to embrace his ridiculous claim to fame and return to the Willamette Mall. Unfortunately, the shops have once again been overrun by a zombie uprising.

The Capcom-Unity blog has the lowdown on the latest Dead Rising 4 trailer, which focuses on Frank’s many creative ways to kill a zombie:

Frank West is back and in cracking form, as today Microsoft and Capcom Vancouver revealed the new gameplay trailer for Dead Rising 4. Titled “Return to the Mall,” the trailer brings fans back to Willamette Mall, where a recon mission quickly goes awry. From cleaving through zombies in the food court to pausing for a few creative selfies, Willamette Mall is a key piece in Frank’s search for the truth behind a government conspiracy responsible for the outbreak. Check out the action for yourself in the video above!

If you’re looking for even more Christmas cheer on this final day of Summer, Microsoft and Capcom have also released an animated Cinematic Trailer for Dead Rising 4, and you can find it after the break. Dead Rising 4 will be released for the PC and Xbox One on December 6 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title. (more…)

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Relive a behind-the-scenes tour of Dead Rising 4 from Comic-Con 2016

Frank West is back, and the developers at Capcom Vancouver don’t have good things to say about him. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. They have plenty of good things to say about him, but more than a few of them also admit that he’s an “***hole.” Like John Amos in Die Hard 2, he’s our kind of ***hole. But after artfully slinging some profanities, the developers get down to the real business of offering the Comic-Con crowd (and now, everyone) a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Dead Rising 4.

They rush through the game’s Willamette Mall setting, as well as examining some of the new weapons, and the three different types of zombies. If you ever wanted to use a slushie machine to flash-freeze a zombie and then smash it to bits with a massive chunk of concrete, Dead Rising 4 might be the game for you.

Dead Rising 4 will be released for the PC and Xbox One as an “Xbox Play Anywhere” title on December 6.

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Every game published by Microsoft will be released with an Xbox Play Anywhere option


Way back in 2003, Microsoft released Halo: Combat Evolved for the PC, and followed it up with a PC port for Halo 2 in 2007. Not counting the Spartan spinoff games, these are the only two titles in the Halo franchise to ever be released for the PC. But it looks like PC players might get to revisit the franchise again in the not-too-distant future.

Yusuf Mehdi, the Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group, knows that fans want the franchise to continue on the PC, and he might just grant them their wish. In a new post on the Windows Blog, Mehdi has confirmed that all future Microsoft-published games will be released as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program, meaning that purchasers will receive a copy of the game for the Xbox One and Windows 10.

With the Xbox Play Anywhere program, you can buy a game once and play on your Windows 10 PC and Xbox One with shared progress, shared game saves and shared achievements. Every new title published from Microsoft Studios will support Xbox Play Anywhere and will be easily accessible in the Windows Store.

Halo 6, the next mainline entry in the franchise, was announced in 2011 as part of a “new trilogy” alongside Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians. It’s unknown when it’ll be released (or even re-announced), but unless Microsoft exempts it from the Xbox Play Anywhere program, we now know it’ll be available for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

In the more immediate future, Microsoft has a number of Xbox Play Anywhere titles planned for the Fall including Gears of War 4, Dead Rising 4, Forza Horizon 3, and ReCore.

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Dead Rising 4 will be released on December 6


Dead Rising 4 was announced earlier this week at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference with a Christmas-themed trailer and the promised of a “Holiday 2016” release date. Yesterday, an update to the horror game’s listing on the Xbox Games Store outed the official release date as December 6.

Rather than bury their head in the sand and pretend it never happened, Microsoft confirmed to IGN that Dead Rising 4 will indeed be released for the PC and Xbox One on December 6.

Welcome back, Frank.

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Frank West goes back to the mall in Dead Rising 4 this Christmas

Nowadays, the average mall is a pretty desolate place filled with just a few lethargic customers, but a really good shopping center can still knock ’em dead. And that’s just the way Frank West likes them.

Frank is back this Fall in Dead Rising 4, which was officially announced for the PC and Xbox One today during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference. While rumors have pointed to Frank’s return for a few weeks now, it’s nice to know for sure.

In addition to the announcement trailer embedded above, the Capcom-Unity blog shared a few details about Frank’s new assignment and the new zombies he’ll face:

Frank is back in Willamette, Colorado sixteen years after the events of the original Dead Rising. A mysterious outbreak has overrun the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall and surrounding town with deadly predators and Frank soon realizes that what’s dead doesn’t always stay that way.

As Frank seeks to uncover the truth behind the outbreak, he will face new undead enemies, including the Fresh – newly zombified victims that will turn in front of his eyes and exhibit superior speed and ferocity, and the Evo – zombies with superior strength and mobility that mimic the behavior of predatory hunting animals.

He’s covered wars, and Frank will be able to become a one-man-army in Dead Rising 4. In addition to his weapon creation skills, Frank can don an EXO Suit and deliver a superpowered punch to the undead.

Dead Rising 4 will include online cooperative multiplayer for up to four players when it launches this Fall, but Capcom has promised we’ll learn more about the game this Summer.

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