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Descenders is a downhill biking game now available in Early Access on Steam and it’s coming to Xbox One this Summer

RageSquid has announced that Descenders, their procedurally-generated downhill biking game, is now available to download for Steam through the storefront’s Early Access program. The developer also confirmed that Descenders will be released for the Xbox One this Summer.

So what is Descenders? Glad you asked, because RageSquid has you covered…

What to expect from Descenders: A deep physics system and full controller support allow players to string together incredible trick combos, as you make your way down the mountain and attempt to reach the bottom with as few scratches as possible.

Procedurally generated worlds mean that no two runs are ever the same, while nerve-racking Boss Jumps truly sort the casuals from the pros. There are no upgrade modifiers and power-ups in Descenders — instead, players must progress through skill alone, if they want to lead their team to glory, and become the next legendary Descender.

Jumping out of a helicopter and hurtling down a mountain on a bicycle seems like a bad idea in real life. But the good news is that RageSquid will regularly update Descenders with new content including “new tweaks, bikes, kits, challenges, modes, features and worlds.” They’ve also put out a Launch Trailer for the game, and it’s been embedded above.

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