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Deus Ex: The Fall comes to PC next month

deusexthefallSquare Enix has announced that their mobile game in the Deus Ex series, Deus Ex: The Fall, is coming to the PC. It will be released on Steam for $9.99 on March 25. It will have Steam achievements (28 total), the popular Steam Trading Cards, updated AI, and keyboard and mouse functionality, among other things.

If you pre-order Deus Ex: The Fall on Steam, you will get a digital copy of Deus Ex – Game of the Year Edition as a bonus for free. Steam is already taking pre-orders.

Deus Ex: The Fall was created with Eidos Montréal and N-Fusion, the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Team. In the game, governments have lost power to corporations, who are in control of the drugs that augmented humans rely on. An augmented, former British SAS mercenary named Ben Saxon is on the case, fighting against his private military employers named the Tyrants, wants to get to the bottom of the conspiracy.

You can find out more when Deus Ex: The Fall releases on PC on March 25.

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Square Enix to unveil “next-generation of Final Fantasy” at E3 2013


Square Enix is bringing the Final Fantasy franchise to this year’s E3 Expo in a big way. The publisher plans to have not just one or two, but four Final Fantasy games on display at the show. In addition to the three previously announced games (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster), Square Enix will unveil a first look at “the next-generation” of the franchise. Square Enix executives have previously hinted that this new game may be connected to Agni’s Philosophy, the technical demo they presented at last year’s E3 Expo.

In addition to a quartet of Final Fantasy titles, Square Enix will also show off a few of their co-productions with western developers including Murdered: Soul Suspect, Thief, Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut, and Deus Ex: The Fall. Rounding out Square Enix’s E3 offerings is Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix, a PS3 exclusive set to release this September.

More details on all of these titles can be found after the break and be sure to check out the Square Enix Presents YouTube Channel next week for a ton of Square Enix videos from the show floor. (more…)

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Deus Ex: The Fall is an iOS exclusive action RPG

As promised, Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have lifted the curtain on Deus Ex: The Fall and it’s not at all what you’d expect. Instead of a full-fledged sequel to 2011’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution, The Fall is an iOS-exclusive sequel to the Deus Ex: Icarus Effect tie-in novel, which starred a new protagonist named Ben Saxon:

Deus Ex: The Fall is set in 2027– a golden era for science, technology and human augmentation, but also a time of great social divide and global conspiracy. Powerful corporations have seized control from governments and command the drug supply needed by augmented humans to survive. In this chaos Ben Saxon, a former British SAS Mercenary who underwent physical augmentation, is desperate for the truth behind the drug conspiracy. Betrayed by his private military employers, the Tyrants, not only is his own life at risk, but for all augmented humans, time is running out…

Deus Ex: The Fall will be developed at Square Enix Mobile, with assistance from Eidos Montreal and Executive Game Director Jean-Francois Dugas. Owing to its new home on iDevices, The Fall will eschew the franchise’s traditional FPS feel and play more like an action RPG.

You can listen to Dugas and Executive Producer David Anfossi discuss Deus Ex: The Fall in the video above. Square Enix will reveal more information about their major mobile project next week during the E3 Expo.

Deus Ex: The Fall will be available to download for $6.99 this Summer.

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Deus Ex: The Fall reveal coming tomorrow, June 5


Square Enix and Eidos Montreal will unveil Deus Ex: The Fall tomorrow, June 5. The news was delivered courtesy of a seven-second teaser trailer on the official Deus Ex YouTube Channel, which asks, “Are you ready to begin?”

Yes, we’re ready. Did you really need to tease this twice, Eidos Montreal?

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Eidos Montreal wants to know if you’re ready for “Deus Ex: The Fall”


Back in March, Square Enix registered several domains related to a Deus Ex project known as “Deus Ex: The Fall.” Today, Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal tweeted a cryptic message asking fans if they’re ready for “The Fall.” Hmm, I wonder if they’re connected?

With the 2013 E3 Expo kicking off next week in Los Angeles, I’d say it’s likely we’ll learn more about Deus Ex: The Fall very soon.

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“Deus Ex: The Fall” domains registered by Square Enix

deusex3-1Here we go again. Superanuation is back with another round of domain registrations related to the Deus Ex series.

The enigmatic blogger recently put the kibosh on hopes that Deus Ex: Human Defiance was being set up as a sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Sadly, it looks like that’s the name of the CBS Films adaptation and not a new game. So let’s try again.

This time, Square Enix’s UK arm has registered the domains,, and Hmm…

Hopefully this is a Human Revolution sequel and not just an alternate title being considered by CBS Films.

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