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Add two new courses to Doritos Crash Course on January 2


Microsoft has announced that they plan to release an expansion for Doritos Crash Course on January 2. You remember Doritos Crash Course, right? It was a freely available advergame that was added to the XBLA in 2010 and one of the most-downloaded XBLA games of all time.

The Crash Course add-on will be priced at 160 Microsoft Points ($2) and it’ll include two new locations (London and Vegas) as well an Easy Mode for the Japan courses, new Achievements, and two new Avatar Awards. Each location will include ten courses, almost doubling the size of the game.

Not bad for $2.

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Doritos Crash Course Review: John Henson Would Be Proud

Doritos Crash Course is, unsurprisingly, this year’s Doritos-sponsored Xbox Live Arcade freebie (along with Harm’s Way, a driving game/tower defense hybrid). The game takes the form of an extreme obstacle course that mashes together elements of Wipeout, Nickelodeon’s Guts and The Eliminator from American Gladiators. Best of all, the character you control on this side-scrolling course is your own Avatar. (more…)

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