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Check out the final Dragon Age: Redemption episode

Felicia Day’s “Dragon Age: Redemption” has reached it’s epic conclusion as the band of assassins, adventurers, and reavers have caught up to the Qunari named Saarebas. How does it all end? Well, you’ll have to watch the episode above and find out for yourself!

Did you miss any of the previous “Dragon Age: Redemption” episodes? If so, catch up with our “Dragon Age: Redemption” page.

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Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 5 brings the mercenaries together

Episode 5 of Felicia Day’s “Dragon Age: Redemption” webseries is here and it finally brings all of the mercenaries together in an episode titled (what else?) Mercenaries. Watch as the four bring down the house in an early battle sequence and continue their adventure looking for the rogue Saarebas.

And in case you missed it, the fourth episode, “Nyree,” is available after the break. (more…)

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Dragon Age: Redemption episode 3 is here

Felicia Day’s Dragon Age: Redemption webseries continues with episode 3, “Josmael.” Josmael is a mage who is helping Day’s character, Tallis, search for the rogue Qunari Saarebas. I’m sure that alphabet soup of fantasy names means something to fans of Dragon Age II. But even after watching it, I’m still in the dark.

And in case you missed it, the second episode, “Cairn,” is available after the break. (more…)

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Watch episode 1 of Dragon Age: Redemption now; Mark of the Assassin DLC also available

At long last, EA and BioWare have unleashed the first episode of the Dragon Age: Redemption webseries. Telling the tale of elf assassin Tallis, the series was written and produced by Felicia Day, the commonly accepted Queen of All Nerds and creator of The Guild. Oh, and she also donned a pair of elf ears to play Tallis.

If you watched Mortal Kombat: Legacy, you’ll know what to expect from Dragon Age: Redemption. There’s the low budget and the effects-obscuring camera angles, but there’s also a spark of a fun time here. And who doesn’t like that? Episode two will be available next week.

However, if you can’t wait that long to experience the further adventures of Tallis, BioWare has also released the Dragon Age II: Mark of The Assassin DLC pack on the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Marketplace.

And in case you were wondering, Day voiced the character in the expansion as well.

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First look at Felicia Day in Dragon Age: Redemption

Dragon Age II will be released on March 8th and BioWare plans to follow up the RPG sequel with a webseries titled Dragon Age: Redemption. The webisodes will star The Guild creator Felicia Day as an elf assassin named Tallis.

BioWare has released a teaser trailer for Redemption showcasing Day’s ninja-like moves, which you can watch above. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a feeling Redemption will quickly gain a reputation as “Felicia Day: Warrior Princess.”

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Felicia Day to star in Dragon Age webisodes

It seems like releasing webisodes to promote a new game is the cool marketing trend as of late, and all of us at Warp Zoned are extremely excited for the Mortal Kombat series accompanying the game. BioWare is the next developer jumping on the opportunity, as a six-episode series for Dragon Age II, titled Dragon Age: Redemption is already in post-production and will be hitting the net this year. The project is under the creative direction of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and The Guild star, Felicia Day. Day, a self-proclaimed “organic gamer” (?) wrote the story for the heroine she portrays, Tallis (the same name as the production company), and chronicles this Elven assassin’s quest to capture a renegade magician. Directing is Independence Day associate producer Peter Winther and cinematography is being handled by John Bartley, who also worked on “Lost.” Day commented, “They are going to take this a step above what we have seen on the Web before,” so hopefully this won’t look like recorded footage of Day and crew awkwardly LARPing.

“Tallis is headstrong, she fights dirty, and she has a really sarcastic sense of humor… I wanted to bring a modern sensibility to a fantasy character in a fantasy world.” Expect Tallis to be like every hipster chick you know who’s constantly seeking male approval.

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