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XBLM Extreme Shopping sale now live

There’s a huge sale going on right now on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Heavy hitters like Monday Night Combat and Shank are on sale for 600 Microsoft Points/$7.50, while two of my personal favorites, Housemarque’s Outland and Twisted Pixel’s The Maw, are down to 400 Microsoft Points/$5.

If you’ve been waiting for these games to go on sale, now’s your chance to grab them up. Hit the jump for the full list of delicious savings. (more…)

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Rolling With Kierin Chase: Talking the Past, Present and Future of Dungeons & Dragons

Warp Zoned editors Nicole Kline and Mike Gutierrez recently got a chance to sit down with Kierin Chase, Brand Manager for Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards of the Coast. As former dice rollers themselves, they were eager to see what 4th Edition has to offer and how it has progressed in the two years since its launch. Kierin was more than happy to detail all of the new D&D supplements, product lines, video games, and everything overall that makes now a better time than ever to jump into “The World’s Greatest Role Playing Game.” Nicole even got to ask the million-dollar question: will we see a resurrection of Spelljammer? (more…)

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