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Dyad, Crysis 2, Resident Evil Chronicles added to PS Store

It’s a slow week for the PlayStation Network as only two new games (along with three re-releases) were added to the PlayStation Store yesterday.

The highlight of the week is Dyad, a psychedelic tube racer that’s also part puzzle game. If that description didn’t blow your mind, watch the trailer above. I can wait.

The second new addition to the PS Store, Record of Agarest War 2, is just as wild, but in a different way. The latest game in the sexy RPG series includes a revamped battle system and Move-based minigames.

Finally this week, Sony has added a trio of re-releases to the PSN. The two games included with the Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, are now available separately. And Crysis 2: Maximum Edition goes the other way, bundling the first person shooter together with its two DLC packs, “Retaliation” and “Decimation.”

More information on all of these games, as well as a list of this week’s new game add-ons, can be found at the PlayStation Blog.

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