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Star Fox 64 3D gets Arrange Mode; free 3D Excitebike download; Mario Kart 3DS in 2011

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed a little bit more about the upcoming 3DS remake Star Fox 64 3D during the publisher’s quarterly financial briefing.

According to Iwata, Star Fox 64 3D will include a new Arrange Mode to give gamers a new take on a classic game: “[W]e are planning to release […] a newly-arranged version of Star Fox 64, the most well-known game of all the 3D shooting games in the time of Nintendo 64.” He also revealed that the game will include motion controls for piloting an Arwing, though how this’ll square with the 3D display (which really needs to be steady) remains to be seen.

The President also revealed that Nintendo will have a free gift for gamers when the 3DS eShop opens in May, a downloadable “3D Classics” version of Excitebike.

Finally, Iwata reconfirmed that Mario Kart 3DS will be released in 2011. Presumably, we’ll learn more at E3.

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