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New Releases: Dishonored, XCOM Enemy Unknown, Just Dance 4, More

This week’s new releases will sneak up on us like a ghostly assassin in a steampunk setting. If that analogy seems oddly specific to you, might I point you towards Dishonored (PC, PS3, Xbox 360), a stealth game that has more than a few gamers giddy with anticipation.

Speaking of stealth, this week also sees the release of 2K’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) reboot. Developed by Firaxis, sneaking up on some aliens and giving them the “Welcome to Earth” treatment should be a hoot.

Also available this week is the dancefloor shenanigans of Just Dance 4 (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360) and a trio of Kinect adventures for the Xbox 360: Harry Potter For Kinect, Dragon Ball Z For Kinect, and Fable: The Journey. Maybe I’m just not seeing the big picture, but why would publishers release four of the biggest Kinect games of the Fall on the same day?

Finally, for those looking for a little handheld excitement, Atlus is bringing the action RPG Code of Princess to the 3DS.

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MS @ E3 12: Fable: The Journey makes an appearance

The Kinect is getting a lot of airtime at this press conference, especially with Fable: The Journey.

Announced at last year’s E3 Expo, the new trailer showed a fantasy setting interspliced with a live-action player casting spells at enemies. It looks like players are going to get a major workout here, tossing fireballs at enemies and just generally getting their Harry Potter on.

Fable: The Journey will be available this Fall.

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Lionhead Studios is counting down to a big Game Developers Conference announcement tonight, but it looks like spoiled things a might early. Microsoft’s site for all things Xbox has revealed a release date for Lionhead’s Kinect-powered Fable: The Journey (September 4, 2012) as well as a product page for Fable Heroes. What is Fable Heroes you ask, read on young adventurer

Fable Heroes is a fresh spin on the beloved Fable franchise in which up to 4 players play both cooperatively and competitively in this hack-and-slash adventure. Work together as heroes of Albion to defeat familiar foes and new enemies while collecting as many gold coins as possible to unlock upgrades, characters, and items in both this game and Fable: The Journey for Kinect for Xbox 360.

From the description, the game doesn’t sound too far afield from what the Fable series is known for. That is until you realize that Fable Heroes is a cartoony, four-player beat ’em up planned for release through the Xbox Live Arcade. There also appears to be a board game component akin to Mario Party. Say what?

Don’t believe me, check out the first screenshots after the break. (more…)

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Lionhead Studios counting down to GDC announcement

Lionhead Studios plans to launch a new version of their website at 7 PM (Eastern Time) on March 5. But the developer is also being a bit of a tease by also saying “Who knows what other surprises are coming…”

Oh, did I mention March 5 is the first day of the Game Developers Conference? Coincidence, I think not!

So what’s your guess? Will Peter Molyneux and company announce Fable IV? Or will it just be a status update on the previously announced Fable: The Journey? Or are we looking at something else entirely?

My money’s on the return of Milo & Kate! (Not really).

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Peter Molyneux is unhappy with Fable: The Journey E3 demo

The next game in the Fable series, Fable: The Journey, made its worldwide debut during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference to an audience that wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. The game appeared to be an on-rails shooter where players controlled a wizard in the kingdom of Albion. Making arm gestures towards the Kinect sensor created magical spells that blasted a group of trolls on the screen.

But according to Fable-creator Peter Molyneux, that’s not an accurate representation of the game. He told OXM UK that showing that version of the demo was a “horrendous mistake” and that the final version of the game will not be on rails. If the game isn’t on rails, the famed developer didn’t reveal how players will control the movement of their character in the game.

It’s possible that Fable: The Journey is one of the “hybrid” games that makes use of a Kinect sensor and a standard controller that Microsoft has hinted at before. But I guess we’ll find out for sure next year as Fable: The Journey is currently scheduled for release in 2012.

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MS @ E3 11: Kinect-based Fable: The Journey revealed

Microsoft is continuing with the Kinect as Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux has taken the stage to reveal Fable: The Journey, a Kinect-powered first person take on the Fable franchise. All of the attacks look to be magic-based as our hero blasts monsters with hands motions. The game is powered by the Unreal Engine 3 and looks stellar.

Fable: The Journey will be released in 2012.

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