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Final Fantasy: All the Bravest brings massive battles to iOS tomorrow

Square Enix’s next mobile game set in the Final Fantasy universe will be available tomorrow! Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is all action as the app has jettisoned the heavy plot threads that the series is known for and instead focuses on the Active Time Battle system first introduced in Final Fantasy IV.

Players will be able to build massively huge parties as they battle a succession of monsters, behemoths, and bosses from throughout Final Fantasy’s history. More than 20 classes of characters will be available including White Mages, Fighters, Monks, Black Mages, and more. DLC packs will allow players to add 35 additional characters to the game including favorites such as Cloud.

Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is currently available on the iTunes App Store in New Zealand and will be released in the rest of the world tomorrow. It’ll likely be priced around $4.

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