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“Authentic” new Brothers in Arms game in development at Gearbox

gearbox-logoRandy Pitchford has been having a busy week. After confronting fans and critics alike during his Develop Brighton keynote address earlier this week, Pitchford revealed that Gearbox is working on Duke Nukem 5. But who cares about that, because he also said Gearbox is working on an “authentic” new Brothers in Arms sequel.

Speaking to IGN, Pitchford confirmed that work has begun on a new entry in the franchise:

“I feel we have unfinished business there with both the fiction and the history and I’d like to get into that. I spend a lot of time thinking about it,” he said. “I think the next Brothers in Arms game has to be authentic and we have been working on that.”

The last Brothers in Arms game, Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, was released in 2008. Three years later, Gearbox announced Brothers in Arms: Furious 4, a Tarantino-inspired spinoff, at E3 2011. Eventually, the “Brothers in Arms” title was dropped and the game morphed into Furious 4… which further transformed into Battleborn:

“So the thing about that… Furious 4 is not a thing anymore, right? Creative development is a trip. The idea that something that started as a Brothers in Arms game through some absurd convolution ended up as Battleborn is evidence of what’s possible.”

Much like with the proposed Duke Nukem game, Pitchford says the team will need help in order to make it happen:

“Sadly it takes a lot of resources, energy and money to do what must be done, so it’s not something I feel I could completely do alone,” he said. “I need good partners for it, so we’ve been talking to great folks but it’s really putting all that together that’s the limiting factor. Once we put all the partnerships together in terms of publishing, collaborators and creatives, we can talk about it.”

I’m glad we’re finally getting another Brothers in Arms game, but I’m not sure if 2015 Gearbox is the same team as 2008 Gearbox. And it might not even happen at all given the company’s need for a development partner. So keep your fingers crossed and your helmets strapped.

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Gearbox is working on two original games for next-gen consoles

gearbox-logoThe developers at Gearbox Software are just busy little bees aren’t they? In addition to even more downloadable content for Borderlands 2 (the “Ultimate Vault Hunters Upgrade Pack 2” will be available tomorrow and the “Headhunter Pack” drops in October), the company has confirmed they have two original games in the works for next-generation consoles.

One of those games is surely Furious 4, the developer’s Tarantino-esque World War II shooter. Originally announced as Brothers In Arms: Furious 4, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed (at last year’s PAX Prime, it turns out) that the game would drop any connection to the Brothers In Arms series and go it alone as a brand new franchise.

Pitchford wouldn’t say what’s in the hopper after Furious 4, but my guess is it’ll be funny. Only time will tell if it’s intentionally funny (Borderlands) or not (Duke Nukem Forever, Aliens: Colonial Marines).

[Source: Eurogamer]

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Brothers In Arms: Furious 4 will drop the Brothers In Arms name

Last month, Gearbox Software President Randy Pitchford promised that the company was still toiling away at Brothers In Arms: Furious 4. This weekend at PAX Prime, he revealed that while the game still hasn’t been canceled, it’ll no longer carry the “Brothers In Arms” name.

“I wanted to let everyone know that that game’s no longer going to be a Brothers In Arms game. It’s going to be an all-new IP,” Pitchford said.

First revealed at E3 2011, Furious 4’s comic tone was at odds with the franchise’s formerly serious structure. Instead, the co-op shooter seemed to be taking its cues from Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.

The all-new Furious 4 will be re-announced at a Gearbox Community Day event later this year.

[Source: The Verge]

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Gearbox still grinding away at Brothers in Arms: Furious 4

For those who were hoping for a Gearbox double bill of Borderlands 2 and Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 this year, you will be slightly disappointed, as the latter has now been pushed to 2013. However, it is not all bad news, as that means the game hasn’t been cancelled, as previously rumoured. According to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, Furious 4 is still in development, and has “evolved” from what people are expecting:

“I think people are going to be surprised by what they’ll see, and it’s still evolving. One of the reasons why we’re not talking about it now is that it’s evolving and we need to make further changes before we can start talking about it.”

The premature speculation surrounding the game’s alleged demise seems to have been caused by a trademark application for the game was rejected. It has now been clarified that the initial rejection was granted to a joint application by both Gearbox and publisher Ubisoft. Gearbox has since filed for an individual trademark, which will hopefully pass through unhindered.

The World War II shooter is said to differ from its predecessors by injecting a hint of Borderlands craziness, with four zany soldiers tearing across Germany on a mission to take out Hitler. Whether or not the influence of Inglorious Basterds will still be there after the game’s “evolution” is something we will have to wait and see.

[Source: CVG]

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Brothers In Arms: Furious 4 is full of basterds

There’s a thin line between “delightful homage” and “copyright infringement” and Gearbox’s next game, Brothers In Arms: Furious 4, dances right along it. Furious 4 brings the Duke Nukem Forever developer back to World War II with a squadron of soldiers who use some rather… unorthodox… methods when fighting Nazis behind enemy lines.

The game will offer a four-player co-op allowing you and all your friends to play as Stitch, a crazed guy who employs a tazer; Crockett, a Texan who carries a six-shooter and a cattle brand; Chok, a Native-American who throws a mean hatchet; and Montana, the big bruiser with the minigun (every game’s gotta have one). Their mission is to track down Hitler himself while battling a “secret” army full of Nazi “experiments.”

So yeah, it’s basically Inglourious Basterds: The Game.

Ubisoft will release Brothers In Arms: Furious 4 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2012.

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