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Gigantic’s Open Beta will begin on December 8 on Xbox One and Windows 10


Motiga and Perfect World have announced that an Open Beta for their free-to-play MOBA, Gigantic, will begin on December 8 for Xbox One and Windows 10 players.

Gigantic is a 5v5 game where players attack their opponent’s massive Guardian while attempting to defend their own. The Open Beta will offer cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 players, as well as three maps (“Siren’s Stand,” “Ghost Reef,” and “Sanctum Falls”) and a weekly rotation of six heroes (out of 16).

“With Gigantic, we are trying to create an entirely new competitive experience. Throughout development, Gigantic has gotten attention for its unique art style, whimsical setting and fast-paced gameplay, but our goal has always been something more,” said James Phinney, the Vice President of Product Development at Motiga. “We’ve sought to build a game full of intense moments and meaningful strategic choices, where there are many paths to victory and it’s always possible to come back and win.”

One final Closed Beta test will be held this weekend, and participants can join a match from Thursday, December 1 at 12:00 PM (Eastern Time) through Monday, December 5 at 3:00 AM (Eastern Time).

Users of Perfect World’s Arc Games platform will be able to join the Open Beta at a “to-be determined date” sometime after December 8.

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Motiga partners with Perfect World to publish Gigantic later this year

Motiga relentlessly crisscrossed the country last year to promote Gigantic, their third-person 5×5 arena fighter. But after some money troubles forced the game to miss its planned Late 2015 launch, the developer went quiet.

But like an ancient god awakening from a lengthy slumber (hey, just like the Guardians at the center of Gigantic), Motiga is back, and they’ve got big plans for Gigantic. Partnering with Perfect World, Motiga will expand Gigantic’s reach beyond its originally-announced platforms. The game is still on track for Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox One, but it’s now also in development for 64-Bit users of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. The 64-Bit version of Gigantic will be available as a standalone launcher and through Perfect World’s Arc Games service.

“Our team is thrilled to work with Perfect World Entertainment who shares our vision for our game. This partnership will enable us to focus on creating the best experience possible.” said Chris Chung, the CEO of Motiga. “Motiga has always thrived off of the excitement of our players, and the continued success that Perfect World Entertainment has had in the free-to-play space has solidified our desire to partner with them for our upcoming launch.”

This is all good news, but we still don’t know when Gigantic will be released. Though it is expected to be out sometime this year.

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Motiga delivers a new Gigantic gameplay trailer for the new year

Motiga has been laying low since the announcement of Gigantic‘s delay late last year. But the developer is getting ready to roar back to life in 2016 with a new version of their arena brawler (which they’re calling “Beta 2.0”) and a steadier stream of updates. To prepare fans for this next generation of Gigantic, Motiga has released a brand new gameplay trailer that shows highlights from a match with “expert players from Team Synergy.”

Gigantic’s Beta 2.0, which should be available later this month, will be exclusive to Windows 10 and Xbox One. It’s a blow to Windows 7 and Windows 8 players, but this new edition of the game will offer cross-platform play between all players and 24/7 access to the test servers.

If you’re interested in joining for the Gigantic beta, head over to to sign up for a chance to receive a key. Or let us know that you need one in the comments below… we’ve got a few spare keys lying around.

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New trailer confirms Gigantic beta for PC/Xbox One will begin in August

Motiga has announced that a multiplayer beta test for Gigantic will take place this August. Gigantic is in development for Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox One and the team is looking for testers on both platforms. You can sign up for a chance to join the closed beta test at

Motiga also released a new trailer, during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, that shows off many of the unique personalities available in their 5v5 team-based action game (Motiga hates it when you call it a MOBA). And with 16 different characters to choose from, Motiga is hoping to create enough options to fit every player’s style. If you prefer to go in guns blazing, you can. But if you’d rather hang back and set traps, you can do that too. The developer wants players to feel like the choice is theirs.

The full version of Gigantic should be available for the PC and Xbox One sometime later this year.

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Motiga is collecting names for a Gigantic playtest on Xbox One


Motiga will bring Gigantic to the Xbox One later this year alongside the PC/Windows 10 version, which is currently in Alpha. But releasing a massive online multiplayer game like Gigantic requires testing, which the developer will launch sometime soon.

To that end, Motiga has launched a survey to gauge interest in a Gigantic playtest on the Xbox One. If you’d like to add your name to the waiting list, visit the survey link and answer two very short questions about your interest in Gigantic and the status of your Xbox Live Gold subscription. However, bear in mind that Motiga has stressed that signing up for the waiting list will not guarantee you a spot in the upcoming playtest.

We were big fans of Motiga’s team-based action game at this year’s PAX East expo. In fact, we liked Gigantic so much that it earned a spot on this year’s PAX East PAXpocalypse List.

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The PAXpocalypse List: The Best of PAX East 2015


Most of the big publishers chose to skip the 2015 edition of PAX East and even those that did attend (like Nintendo and Microsoft) kept their most anticipated projects home. But that didn’t stop a wide variety of indie developers from setting up shop in the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center to wow the assembled masses. These developers set the tone for this year’s expo, which featured a heavy focus on games that attempted to reinterpret classic gameplay concepts for a new generation of players. And the crazy thing is that many of the developers hyping these games looked like they would have been in diapers the first time I fired up an SNES.

It was a welcome sight with the rest of the industry pivoting away from those types of games and towards a competition to see who can push the most polygons. So if you were a fan of gaming in the NES, Super NES, and Genesis days, this PAXpocalypse List is for you. Because these are the games we would have played over and over again if some horrible snow storm had trapped us inside the convention center beyond the last day of the expo. (more…)

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Giant monsters battle it out in Gigantic’s PAX East 2015 trailer

Motiga erected a massive installation to promote Gigantic at this past weekend’s PAX East expo and it paid off. The 5v5 third-person MOBA was the hit of the show, especially after the developer partnered with Microsoft an Xbox One edition of the game earlier in the week at the Game Developers Conference. For those who weren’t able to attend the show, Motiga has released a brand new trailer highlighting the player-versus-player combat as well as the monster-versus-monster carnage that these too factions are trying to trigger.

A closed alpha of Gigantic is currently underway and a beta test of the free-to-play game will take place sometime in the near future. The final version of Gigantic should be released for the PC and Xbox One by the end of the year.

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