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4/1: Guild Wars 2 is NOT crossing over with Minecraft

Guild Wars 2‘s “Super Adventure Box” update isn’t real, but the Minecraft-like graphical overhaul does make good on its promise to bring back the 80s with the awesome trailer/commercial above.

Here’s what else you’ll be able to find inside the “Super Adventure Box“:

  • Super-Hot Graphics: Featuring ‘cutting-edge’ graphics with more than 256 colours, the Super Adventure Box is a visual feast for the gaming connoisseur. Your character has never explored a world like this.
  • Awesome New Levels: Three levels full of pogo mushrooms, platform puzzles, bunny tornadoes, and more. Don’t worry about taking a tumble – we’ve turned off the falling damage and turned up the fun!
  • Big Fun, Big Rewards: You’ll earn “baubles” by slaying varmints and exploring the virtual world of the Super Adventure Box. Exchange baubles for weapons and skills by talking to the shopkeepers inside the Box, or redeem your baubles for special Super Adventure Box weapon skins from asuran inventor, Moto.

Gag Reflex: I think I’d play a lot more MMORPGs if they looked like this. And like Deus Ex: Human Defiance, I have to give points for the expertly-crafted website/trailer combination.

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Madden NFL 13, Borderlands 2 lead all September bestsellers

Boom! The annual juggernaut that is the Madden NFL Football has once again taken the top spot for September sales as Madden NFL 13 reigned supreme last month.

Gearbox’s Borderlands 2 followed close behind with strong sales of its own. In fact, they were so strong that the sequel managed to top the first month sales of the original Borderlands by 234%. That is just an insane number.

New releases controlled much of the top ten with FIFA Soccer 13 (#3), Guild Wars 2 (#5), NHL 13 (#6), and World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (#7) also performing well.

The full top ten for September 2012 can be found after the break. (more…)

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Pre-order Guild Wars 2 for early access and exclusive in-game gear

Starting April 10, players will be able to pre-order one of three editions of Guild Wars 2 and not only guarantee themselves a spot in beta weekend events, but also get a three-day head start before launch to rub into their friend’s faces.

But wait, there’s more! As a bonus, early birds will also receive a “Hero’s Band”, an exclusive item that will provide characters with a range of power boosts.

If you have the $149.99 to blow, you can get your hot little hands on a hand-painted 10-inch statue of the bestial warrior Rytlock Brimstone, a custom frame along with five Guild Wars 2 art prints, a 112-page Making of Guild Wars 2 hardback book, a “Best of Guild Wars 2” soundtrack CD, and five in-game items, including a Mistfire Wolf and a miniature Rytlock who will accompany players on their travels through Tyria.

If that seems a little pricey, you could always go for the “Digital Deluxe Edition.” It’s a slightly more affordable $79.99, and you’ll get the five in-game items that the Collector’s edition has.

For the complete scoop on the various Collector’s Editions, head over to the Guild Wars 2 website.

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Guild Wars 2 beta signups gone wild

In an effort to keep gamers from ever seeing their friends or family again, NCSoft and ArenaNet opened the signups for the Guild Wars 2 closed beta on February 22nd for a mere 48 hours. In that short time, they received over one million signup requests.

For those of you that missed out, the next closed beta is scheduled for sometime in late March, and will provide you the opportunity to experience Guild Wars 2’s RPG elements, World vs. World battles and social gameplay before any of the slow pokes who can’t click the signup button fast enough.

If you want to see what all the hubbub is about, check out the official Guild Wars 2 website for more information!

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