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Threes creator announces Guildlings, a fantasy adventure for mobile devices


Asher Vollmer was on top of the world in 2014 after he released Threes for mobile devices. The fiendish puzzler was an instant hit, and it allowed Vollmer to found Sirvo Studios last year with Ryan Sullivan and Jamie Antonisse. Today, the trio revealed their first project, a fantasy adventure game for mobile devices known as Guildlings.

Set to launch in 2017, Guildlings takes place in “a world of wizards and wifi” and asks players to join its still mysterious world with a short invitation:

We know a place where mages run raves,
harpies haunt the suburbs,
and a road trip can save the world.
Follow us.

The development of Guildlings will be funded by the FundPlus Foundation, a brand new investment fund that aims to identify and support “people that will define [the video game] industry” in the indie gaming scene.

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