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Piece of Cake Studios will launch a Closed Beta for Hacktag on May 11

Hacktag is an online and local multiplayer stealth game, centered around an anthropomorphic mercenary in the year 2029. The game challenges players to complete missions by either physically infiltrating corporations, or by virtually hacking the level. Aside from cooperative gameplay, Hacktag also offers procedurally-generated levels, online rankings and leaderboards, character customization, a unique Story Mode, and multiple minigames.

These features have helped Hacktag win number awards for developer Piece of Cake Studios including the Indie Prize at Casual Connect 2017 and the Audience Choice Award at IndieCade Europe 2016.

But before Hacktag enters via Steam Early Access on May 18th, players will be able to sign up for a Closed Beta, which begins on Thursday, May 11. Interested players can sign up now at the game’s official website.

But in the meantime, why not enjoy a few awesome screenshots from Hacktag after the break… (more…)

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