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343 Industries has “a great plan” for Halo at E3 2014


Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has confirmed, via Twitter, that the consolemaker has big plans for the Halo franchise at this year’s E3 Expo:

Interestingly, what Spencer did not do was confirm that Halo 5 would make an appearance at E3 2014. A persistent rumor continues to circulate among industry insiders that states Halo 5 will miss its planned 2014 launch. Instead, so the rumors says, the currently unannounced Halo 2 Anniversary would take its place on the release calendar. Halo 5 would move to 2015, or possibly beyond.

Of course, Spencer could also be referring to that live-action Halo series that Steven Spielberg is involved with. Microsoft has been uncharacteristically mum about their original programming initiative and we haven’t heard anything about Halo: The Television Series since last May.

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Microsoft Store leaks Halo 5 story details


This morning, a listing for Halo 5 was added to the Microsoft Store, giving us our first glimpse at the game’s story. A mysterious MacGuffin data chip is at the center of a story where the Master Chief is running for his life from a group that hates “sentient life.” Optimus Prime won’t like the sound of that.

The Microsoft Store listing was quickly deleted, but thankfully, Destructoid was able to save a copy:

Halo for Xbox One takes the now-legendary saga to new heights and is one of the most anticipated games for the new console. In possession of a mysterious data chip, Petty Officer John-117, aka Master Chief, confronts a new battery of challenges and tests in a Herculean effort to stay alive in a galaxy where sentient life is mercilessly hunted. Pre-order the next chapter in the wildly popular Halo series designed exclusively for Xbox One.

Halo 5, which is still officially known as “Halo for Xbox One,” will be released in 2014.

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Halo “Reclaimer Trilogy” is now considered a “Saga” by Microsoft


During PAX Prime 2011, Creative Director Josh Holmes referred to Halo 4 as the start of the “Reclaimer Trilogy,” mapping out the Master Chief’s future in the then-upcoming game and two further adventures: Halo 5 (due in 2014 for the Xbox One and officially known as “The Next Halo Game”) and Halo 6. According to a Microsoft representative (speaking to GameSpot), “trilogy” is no longer the correct word for the next two games in the Halo franchise:

“While we originally said trilogy, we’ve actually expanded this to more of a saga, so we don’t want to limit the Reclaimer story within a trilogy.”

Will the “Reclaimer Saga” include more than three AAA console shooters? Or is Microsoft counting things like the recently announced Halo: Spartan Assault for mobile devices as part of the saga? The Microsoft representative didn’t clarify, but I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about Halo 5 (and Halo: The Television Series, which may also be part of the saga) in the coming months.

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Master Chief is Lawrence of Arabia in Halo 5 E3 2013 trailer

Here it is, the epic trailer for Halo 5 where the Master Chief is Lawrence of Arabia and the giant spaceship that emerges from the desert floor is his… I’m not sure… it’s been a while since I watched Lawrence of Arabia.

Halo 5 is in development at 343 Industries and will be released for the Xbox One in 2014.

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MS @ E3 13: Halo 5 coming to Xbox One in 2014


Are you surprised? No, of course you’re not. But Microsoft and 343 Industries announced Halo 5 today during their E3 Press Conference courtesy of a truly epic trailer.

343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross has confirmed the game will run at 60 FPS and use the Xbox One’s cloud computing features to enhance gameplay in new ways.

Halo 5 (though currently not referred to as Halo 5) will be released in 2014.

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Microsoft: Halo 5 is currently “technologically agnostic”

Frank O’Connor, the Franchise Development Director at 343 Industries, recently sat down with The Seattle Times to discuss next week’s launch of Halo 4. Towards, the end of the interview, the conversation naturally turned to Halo 5. O’Connor was not shy about revealing that development on the game has already begun, but he was less clear on if it’s coming to the Xbox 360 or the (still unannounced) Xbox 720.

Seattle Times: You’re presumably working on the next version — “Halo 5″ or whatever it’s going to be called will be the anchor tenant on the next version of the Xbox, right?

O’Connor: We’ve done as much prototyping and storytelling [on] the future arc of the universe as we have on technology. So we’re definitely working on the future but in some ways it’s technologically agnostic at this point.

Halo 5′s existence was first revealed at E3 2011, when O’Connor himself announced that Halo 4 would mark the “dawn of a new trilogy for the Xbox 360.” If Halo 5′s status is truly “technologically agnostic,” it might actually be in development for both the Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s next generation system. A dual Xbox 360/Xbox 720 release wouldn’t be the craziest idea ever and actually makes a lot of sense from a business standpoint.

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MS @ E3 11: Halo 4 announced, coming in 2012

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary isn’t the only Halo game Microsoft was ready to announce at this year’s E3 Expo. The publisher has just confirmed that Halo 4 is in development at 343 Industries and will be released near the end of 2012.

The teaser trailer is short, just a few seconds of Cortana waking the Master Chief from cryostasis before his ship explodes. Halo 4 is described as the “dawn of a new trilogy for the Xbox 360,” so you can be sure the Xbox 360 will be around for a long time. And, if you think about it, this is also an announcement for Halo 5 and Halo 6.

But that’s the end of the show. Hope you enjoyed the 2011 E3 Press Conference from Microsoft.

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Halo 5, Project Gotham Racing spotted in the wild

Ok, this is legitimately weird. Apparently Eurogamer caught a “Channel 4″ news report with Jonathan Cluts from Microsoft interacting with “hidden Kinect-like technology to change the appearance of a wall” at the company’s secret home of the future, Microsoft Home. Navigating through icons on the wall, he selected “Grandma’s Room.” What was more notable was that granny’s quarters were sandwiched between Project Gotham Racing and Halo 5, as pictured left. Other than displaying “Inside Halo 5″ underneath the Icon, that’s all there really was mentioned of the games.

Microsoft Home is known as a showcase for future consumer products, and I think it’s safe to say everyone expects another Project Gotham Racing and certainly another Halo to be in development. While this is the first we’re hearing of the sequel to Halo: Reach (the now-presumed “Halo 4″ in spirit), there have been strong indications that the original Halo: Combat Evolved will be remade this year. Some have speculated Bizarre Creations will return to Microsoft to work on PGR, but nothing has been heard of the studio since their parent company Activision recommended them for closure.

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